The 10 Best Dog Diapers (Updated 2023)

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Best Dog DiapersDog diapers are a must when it comes to urinary tract infections, potty training, excitable urination, and fecal incontinence. Luckily, there are different types of dog diapers for you to choose from to ensure that your dog will stay comfortable while preventing potential leaks. In this comprehensive guide, we share the 10 best dog diapers that will help keep your dog dry along with your peace of mind. 

What Are Dog Diapers?

Dog diapers are exactly what they sound like — these are diapers made for dogs, which are particularly helpful for puppies and elderly dogs. Much like baby diapers, these come with absorbent padding that helps to catch feces and urine from dogs. However, they have a different fit and will likely have a hole where the dog’s tail should be. 

It’s important to remember that dog diapers should only be used on dogs with a medical condition such as incontinence instead of a part of house training so that they don’t get used to wearing diapers all the time. This is because doggy diapers will make it much harder to monitor your pooch’s bathroom habits. Having too much freedom for when they can go inside the diaper will keep them from learning the right time and place to go. 

Best Dog Diapers

To help pet owners find the best fit for their dogs, here are some of the best doggie diapers available in the market. Make sure to do some research or use a size guide to ensure that you pick the right size for all dog breeds.  

1. All-Absorb Disposable Male Dog Wraps   

All Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap


  • These disposable diapers have been specially designed to prevent male dogs from marking furniture and walls
  • With a breathable outer layer for the comfort of your pet
  • Features a leak-proof barrier and an absorbent core  
  • Has fur-friendly fasteners that won’t stick to fur

If your furry friend loves to leave a mark, then the All-Absorb Disposable Male Wraps is a good option to look into. This simple solution works by tucking securely in place around your dog’s waist to stop him from marking throughout your home. It comes with a color-changing wetness indicator that lets you know when it’s time for a change; at the same time, the leak-proof design stops urine in its tracks. 


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2. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers


  • With a waterproof outer layer and a hole for your dog’s tail
  • Comes in a larger size with a soft and comfortable inner lining
  • This reusable diaper can be washed again and again
  • Available in different colors for extra flair  

With the Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers, your pooch can stay active all day even with bladder control problems. It uses an absorbent pad that’s been sewn in to keep your fur baby dry, keeping it safe from urine burn and diaper rash. Moreover, it features fur-safe fasteners, a waterproof and elastic outer shell, and are easy-to-wash while being an eco-friendly option for disposal. 


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3. Hartz Disposable Male & Female Dog Diapers   

Disposable Dog Diapers With Flashdry Gel Technology


  • With advanced technology that turns urine into gel 
  • A great option for traveling dogs 
  • Comes with adjustable tabs like human diapers
  • Features an adjustable tail hole for dogs of different sizes 

Hartz’s Disposable Dog Diapers can help you manage any mess made by incontinent dogs and is a good fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Its FlashDry technology helps to keep your pup dry for as much as 6 hours by instantly turning urine into a gel, while these disposable diapers also follow the shape of your dog’s back legs and waist for a secure and comfortable fit. Dog owners will also appreciate that it can help with dog incontinence, a medical condition that makes it hard for pups to control their bladder. 


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4. Pet Magasin Washable Female Dog Diapers

Pet Magasin Reusable Female Dog Diapers


  • These female diapers have been created with a soft and absorbent liner
  • Comes with a leak barrier to help prevent leakage even with a full diaper
  • Contains 3 washable diapers so you won’t have to throw them away
  • Provides a convenient hole for your dog to wag its tail freely

Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers aim to give your canine pal with a layer of extra protection from a soiled diaper and a huge mess at home. Lined with absorbent material and with a waterproof exterior, these reusable dog diapers can be made clean again through a cycle inside your washing machine. This type of diaper is eco-friendly and is made with a soft and comfortable fabric that’s completely different from disposable diapers. 


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5. Paw-Inspired Disposable Female Dog Diapers

Paw Inspired 32ct Disposable Dog Diapers


  • Works for both female dogs and cats in their heat cycle
  • Provides the perfect fit for small dogs to large dogs 
  • Repositionable fasteners that are pain-free and won’t catch their fur
  • With leak-proof edges and an ultra-absorbent padding

When your puppy is in heat, try using Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Disposable Female Dog Diapers to avoid messes and potential accidents. These disposable diapers add a layer of protection around your home from excitable urination, incontinence, potty training accidents, and more. It also has adjustable and pain-free fasteners that are resistant to sticking on fur, while the padding has been designed to convert liquids into gel, making cleanup much easier. 


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6. OUT! Disposable Male Dog Wraps

Out! Pet Care Disposable Male Dog Wraps


  • Designed with easier movement and absorbency in mind
  • Guarantees 360 degrees of protection against leaks
  • With baking soda to provide more odor neutralizing
  • Designed for male dogs with a girth between 18 to 25 inches

With OUT! Disposable Male Dog Wraps, you can protect your floors and furniture from all kinds of liquids using these simple cloth dog diapers. Featuring Sure Seal Technology, it gives 360 degrees of reliable protection as well as a secure fit. It also has an Edge Guard moisture-locking system that absorbs leaks before they spill out and provides comfort at all times, making this an excellent option for everyday use.   


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7. Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps  

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers


  • Equipped with wetness indicator and leak-proof barrier
  • Comes with repositionable closures and fur-friendly fasteners
  • With multiple sizes to choose from to ensure the right fit
  • Made specifically for male dogs to keep them comfortable and dry

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps could just be the new diaper you’re looking for! If your puppy is struggling with marking issues, excitable urination, or incontinence, this solution offers a snug and safe fit while providing protection from skin irritation. This disposable dog’s diaper was made to keep a good boy dry and comfortable with a wetness indicator and leak-proof barriers for extra protection. 


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8. FinNero Ballerina Washable Female Heat Dog Diaper

Finnero Washable Female Dog Diapers


  • Opening on both sides to provide easier access
  • With a pocket to hold towels or disposable sanitary napkins
  • Velcro fasteners to make the dressing process easy
  • Large tail opening for long and bushy tails

These Washable Ballerina Heat Pants by FinNero provide a great way to keep your pooch dry and clean. These easy-to-use ruffled pants are machine washable, making cleanup really easy while allowing you to protect your floors, furniture, and rugs from all kinds of fluids. It also features a pocket to hold other accessories, while the large tail opening allows for comfort even for long-tailed dogs. 


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9. Simple Solution Washable Male Dog Wrap

Simple Solution Washable Male Dog Diapers


  • Made using microfiber fabric with adjustable straps 
  • With a moisture-wicking liner to protect the coat and skin
  • Offers long-lasting and super-absorbent protection for male dogs
  • A simple solution that’s washable for continued use

There are a variety of reasons why you would need the Simple Solution Large Washable Male Dog Wrap, whether it’s for male marking, urinary incontinence, or excitable urination. This highly absorbent and long-lasting diaper was made for male dogs using lightweight microfibers. They also come with adjustable straps to provide comfort and security — be sure to use this with Simple Solution Disposable Diaper Liners for even more protection. 


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10. Hartz Disposable Male Dog Wraps 

Disposable Male Dog Wraps


  • With Japanese FlashDry technology that turns liquid into a gel
  • An intuitive design prevents bunching or slipping and a breathable fit
  • Made with a Comfort Hold Strip that can be adjusted for a customized fit
  • Soft disposable wraps with different options in design 

From the same company as the 3rd option in this list comes the Hartz Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps made specifically for your good boy. With the same FlashDry technology, it can quickly turn urine into gel to prevent leaks and spills for as long as 6 hours. Additionally, it features the Comfort Hold Strip that can be repositioned however you like, delivering a breathable and comfortable experience during play and travel. 


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How to Choose the Best Dog Diapers

The two biggest factors you will need to consider when choosing a dog diaper are the sex of the dog they are designed for and choosing between disposable or washable.

Male, Female, or Unisex?

The first, and arguably most important factor to consider, is the sex the diaper is tailored for since the effectiveness will greatly depend on a proper fit. Most diapers are designated as either male or female, with a few that are a unisex design. Male diapers are generally a simple wrap that covers the area of the stomach where the genitals attach, in order to catch the urine. 

Female diapers are more akin to a pair of shorts with a hole for the tail and attach in a manner similar to how a baby’s diaper would, with tabs that fasten around the waist. There are also unisex diapers that cover the entire bottom and also have a taller waist to catch male urination. If the issue is unwanted urination, then picking a diaper based on the sex will work just fine. 

However, if there are issues with solid waste, you will certainly want to pick a unisex type. Unisex diapers would also be a great option for the rare occurrence that you have a dog of each sex and both are having issues, this way you would only need to buy one type of diaper in sufficient quantity.

Disposable or Reusable?

The second factor to consider in choosing a dog diaper is whether to use a washable, reusable diaper or a disposable type. Disposable diapers are the most common. They can be used for either short-term or long-term issues. Just as the name implies, once they’ve been used, you simply throw them away at changing times. 

They offer convenience for both home use and traveling. The drawbacks to disposable diapers are that you will need to buy them constantly or you will run out. Reusable diapers are gaining popularity, particularly as more and more dog owners become environmentally aware. They allow the same coverage and protection, though once used, they need to be washed and dried.

This can present a challenge if away from home, as you will need to store the used diaper and bring it home to launder. One of the biggest benefits of using them, however, is that once you buy them, they’re yours, and you don’t need to replace them unless they become damaged. Many people buy a few sets and never need to buy another diaper again, saving money after just a few months of use. 

They also reduce the amount of waste that eventually needs to end up in a landfill. There is also the possibility of using both types, in various circumstances. Some dog owners will use washable diapers at home and will switch to wearing a disposable one when leaving the house with the dog, just in case a change is needed while away, so they do not have to worry about babysitting a dirty diaper until back at home.

Best Dog Diapers Conclusion

We sincerely hope that our guide has simplified the task of choosing a diaper for your dog, but be sure to look at size charts to find the right fit for your pooch. Depending on the type of dog diaper you need, take into account how you’ll be using the diaper, and whether you prefer washable or disposable. There are many great options to choose from — you should be able to take home a good dog diaper; you might even be able to get same-day delivery if you need them today.