10 Best Dog Diapers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dog diapers are useful for a variety of reasons. They can be used to assist in potty training, preventing marking from both males and females, excitement urination, incontinence, and reducing messes associated with females going into heat.

In our guide, we’ll show you the best of the best and the features of each. Our buyer’s guide will simplify the process of choosing the right diapers for the right reasons.

Best Dog Diapers

Here are our dog diaper reviews.

1. Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers

The Washable Male Dog Diapers from wegreeco are a soft and comfortable washable 3 pack of dog diapers. They are made from a soft jersey inner layer with a soft, leak-free outer layer. They are available in seven sizes for waist sizes from 7.4” up to 33”, and several colors and patterns.

  • Available both with and without a pocket for extra absorbency pad
  • With regular usage, washable diapers pay for themselves in two months, on average
  • Comfortable elastic bands with secure hook and loop closures
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2. Pet Magasin Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers

The Pet Magasin Washable Dog Diapers are an eco-friendly way to reduce indoor pet messes. They are designed specifically for female dogs and come in four sizes. The absorbent inner layers and waterproof outer layer combine to eliminate leaks and messes.

  • The soft, comfortable fabric has no “crinkle” feeling or sound that pets dislike
  • Available in several colors and patterns
  • Economical and sustainable diaper solution
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3. Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands

Et Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands are a great option for stopping messes from your male puppy or dog. They are made from a soft, comfortable, wicking fabric that is non-abrasive so it won’t cause chafing. The quality stitching and durable materials stand up to wash after wash.

  • Fits waist sizes from 9” up to 34”
  • The stylish design is easy to put on and secures with velcro
  • Sewn-in pad eliminates the need to buy additional disposable pads
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4. Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

The Washable Female Dog Diapers from wegreeco is a soft and comfortable option for stopping indoor messes from your little lady. They are easy to put on over the tail and fasten at the waist with velcro. Each 3 pack is available in one of six color or pattern combinations.

  • Fits waist sizes from 9” up to 33”
  • Waterproof outer layer, with sewn-in pad and wicking inner layer
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
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5. AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap

Amazonbasics Male Dog Wrap

The AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap is a disposable diaper for male dogs. They are made with breathable outer layers and an absorbent core. They are available in four sizes.

  • Color changing indicator lets you know when the wrap is wet.
  • Fasteners are fur resistant for comfort, and repositionable for the best fit
  • Four sizes fit waists from 8” up to 31.5”
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6. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

The Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers are a great unisex diaper option. They are soft and comfortable, with no uncomfortable textures to bother your dog. They come in a 3 pack of black washable diapers.

  • Fits male and female waist sizes from 4” up to 35”
  • Closes securely with fur safe velcro
  • Sewn-in super absorbent pad eliminates the need for additional disposable pads
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7. Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers for Female Dogs

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers For Female Dogs

The Disposable Dog Diapers from Simple Solution offers an easy to use disposable diaper for your female dog. They are made with an absorbent core, with leak-proof barriers. They have a comfortable, stretchable fabric with a comfortable elastic waistband.

  • Fur-Friendly Fasteners ensure a good fit without sticking to your dog’s fur
  • The leakproof design allows stretchable, breathable dryness without restricting movement
  • Sizes fit female dog waists from 15” up to 23”
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8. Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

The Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers are a washable and eco-friendly option for a female dog diaper. They are designed with a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer that wicks moisture away from the dog’s skin. They are easy to put on and fasten securely with a hook and loop closure.

  • Flexible velcro closures will not stick to fur but will keep the diaper closed securely
  • Soft texture and quilted stitching for a unique and comfortable fit
  • Available in several color combinations
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9. Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers

Paw Inspired 32ct Disposable Dog Diapers

Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers are a great quality disposable diaper for female dogs. They have a super absorbent core, with a leakproof and secure fit. Available in sizes from XS to Medium Plus, they are best suited for dogs with a waist size of less than 24”.

  • Gathered, leakproof edges to keep messes contained
  • DrySpeed technology converts urine to gel for ultimate leak prevention
  • Can be used for liquid and solid waste, depending on the measurements of your dog
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10. All-Absorb Male Dog Wrap

All Absorb Male Dog Wrap, 50 Count

The All-Absorb Male Dog Wrap is a great way to keep your dog dry, whether indoors, outdoors, or traveling. These disposable male wraps have an indicator to let you know when they are wet. They provide a breathable, comfortable fit, even for the most active dogs.

  • Fur-safe and adjustable fastening keep the wrap snug, and your dog safe.
  • 360-degree leakproof protection barriers keep wetness inside the wrap
  • Designed to be comfy and breathable without chafing, even in the heat
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Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Right Dog Diaper for You

Best Dog Diapers ReviewThe two biggest factors you will need to consider when choosing a dog diaper are the sex of the dog they are designed for and choosing between disposable or washable.

Male, Female, or Unisex?

The first, and arguably most important factor to consider, is the sex the diaper is tailored for since the effectiveness will greatly depend on a proper fit. Most diapers are designated as either male or female, with a few that are a unisex design.

Male diapers are generally a simple wrap that covers the area of the stomach where the genitals attach, in order to catch the urine. Female diapers are more akin to a pair of shorts with a hole for the tail and attach in a manner similar to how a baby’s diaper would, with tabs that fasten around the waist. There are also unisex diapers that cover the entire bottom, and also have a taller waist to catch male urination.

If the issue is unwanted urination, then picking a diaper based on the sex will work just fine. However, if there are issues with solid waste, you will certainly want to pick a unisex type. Unisex diapers would also be a great option for the rare occurrence that you have a dog of each sex and both are having issues, this way you would only need to buy one type of diaper in sufficient quantity.

Disposable or Reusable?

The second factor to consider in choosing a dog diaper is whether to use a washable, reusable diaper or a disposable type.

Disposable diapers are the most common. They can be used for either short term or long term issues. Just as the name implies, once they’ve been used, you simply throw them away at changing time. They offer convenience for both home use and traveling. The drawbacks to disposable diapers are that you will need to buy them constantly or you will run out.

Reusable diapers are gaining popularity, particularly as more and more dog owners become environmentally aware. They allow the same coverage and protection, though once used, they need to be washed and dried. This can present a challenge if away from home, as you will need to store the used diaper and bring it home to launder. One of the biggest benefits of using them, however, is that once you buy them, they’re yours, and you don’t need to replace them unless they become damaged. Many people buy a few sets, and never need to buy another diaper again, saving money after just a few months of use. They also reduce the amount of waste that eventually needs to end up in a landfill.

There is also the possibility of using both types, in various circumstances. Some dog owners will use the washable diapers at home and will switch to wearing a disposable when leaving the house with the dog, just in case a change is needed while away, so they do not have to worry about babysitting a dirty diaper until back at home.

Dog Diaper Review Conclusion

We sincerely hope that our guide has simplified the task of choosing a diaper for your dog. There are many great options, and as long as you take into account how you’ll be using the diaper, and whether you prefer washable or disposable, you will be able to make an educated choice that will be best for you and your dog.

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