30 Best Dog Ear Cleaners (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Keeping your dog’s ears clean is a very important part of proper grooming. Like humans, a dog’s ears can accumulate dirt and debris, which can cause a number of problems, including discomfort, hearing loss, and infections.

By making ear cleaning a focus of grooming, you can ensure that your pet has healthy ears and avoid serious problems. But how do you go about cleaning your furry friend’s ears? – Sure, you can wash them out with dog shampoo while you’re bathing him, but if you want to get the best results, then you’re going to want to use a specially formulated ear cleanser for dogs.

There are a lot of dog ear cleaner products on the market, so how do you know what the best options are? We’ve assessed countless products and read through thousands of dog ear wash reviews. Our research has lead us to select what we consider the best dog ear cleaners on the market.

Best Dog Ear Cleaners


1. Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

Virbac Epi Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner Product ImageFirst up on our list of the best dog ear cleaner products is Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner. What really sets this product apart from the crowd is the formula won’t adhere to your dog’s ears. A lot of products can get stuck in the ears, which prevents effective flushing. This ear cleaner, however, will effectively remove dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and anything else that collects in your pup’s ears because it won’t stick to the surface of his ears. The formula also contains ingredients that offer antiseptic qualities, which helps to combat ear infections.

In fact, this cleanser is specifically designed to prevent and manage conditions that affect dogs’ ears, such as otitis externa, an inflammation of the external ear. The formula is also has a low pH level of 2.2 , which allows it to neutralize your dog’s ears and maintain proper pH balance, thereby further preventing infections. It’s free of harsh chemicals, like alcohol and chlorhexidine, ingredients that can cause severe irritation.

What We Like About It

  • Low pH level of just 2.2, so it maintains proper chemistry in your dog’s ears.
  • It’s free of harsh chemicals, such as alcohol an chlorhexidine
  • It won’t stick to the inner surface of your dog’s ears, which means that it washes away dirt and debris and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria
  • It’s easy to use
  • The price is just right
  • It’s gentle enough to use on a regular basis

Reasons to Complain

  • Some users have said that this product irritated their dogs’ ears, but that is likely the result of improper use

Final Verdict: Overall, we are very impressed with this dog ear cleaner. It’s specially formulated for regular uses, effectively removes all types of dirt and debris, and prevents infections. We were also impressed by how easy it is to use.

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2. EcoEars All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

Ecoears All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner Product ImageThis All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner from EcoEars claims to be the #1 multi-symptom treatment for dog’s ears. It is specially formulated to combat a wide range of ear issues, such as itching, dirt buildup, and infections. It helps to restore the health of your dog’s ears in up to 10 days. It’s just as effective as a prescription dog ear medication, but without the high price tag. And best of all, you don’t have to go to the vet to get it!

The ingredients are all- natural. It is completely free of harsh chemicals, such as alcohol, dye, steroids, and other ingredients that are commonly found in many dog ear cleanser products. With this product, you will be able to wash away dead skin cells, bacteria, and even the toughest buildup of dirt and debris. Users are very impressed with the 100 percent money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are no satisfied with the results, the manufacturer will issue you a full refund with no questions asked.

What We Like About It

  • This dog ear cleaner is designed to combat all types of issues that dog’s often experience with their ears, such as dirt buildup, bacteria, infections, smell, and itching.
  • The formula is all-natural and completely free of harsh ingredients, so there’s no need to worry about irritation.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s guaranteed to offer results, and if it doesn’t, you will receive a full refund.

Reasons to Complain

  • Some users have said that this cleanser is difficult to use, but that is likely because they weren’t following the instructions.

Final Verdict: Overall, we were very impressed with this high-quality dog ear cleanser. We found that it is quite mild and that it doesn’t cause any irritation. It’s also affordable and offers fast results for all types of issues.

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3. Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser with Bio-Active Enzymes

Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser Product ImageThe anti-adhesive property of this Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser with Bio-Active Enzymes is why users are so impressed with this dog ear cleaner. Since it doesn’t adhere to the inner surface of the ear, it effectively flushes out dirt and debris, which means that there’s no need to worry about the buildup of bacteria. Bacteria is the leading cause of ear infections in dogs, so it’s important to choose a formula that can help to prevent the buildup of these harmful contaminents.

This dog ear cleaner is made specifically to manage otitis externa, which is an inflammation of the external ear (as noted above). The non-toxic chemicals mean that it’s completely safe for regular uses. It’s also free of harsh chemicals and cleansers that are found in so many other dog ear cleaner products, such as alcohol, dyes, and perfumes. That means that you don’t have to worry about irritation, which is a major bonus, especially if your pup has sensitive ears. Users say that they like how easy this product is to use, and that they noticed a major difference in the ear health of their dogs’ after using the product for just a short period of time.

Reasons We Like It

  • It’s a gentle formula that can be used on a regular basis
  • It combats all types of ear problems, including odor, infections, and the buildup of dirt and debris
  • It prevents bacteria formation
  • It leaves the ears smelling noticeably fresh
  • The price tag is very affordable

Reasons to Complain

  • Some users say that this formula is too runny, which can make it difficult to use
  • Other users said that the applicator was poorly designed

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality ear cleaner for your dog that is free of harsh chemicals, than we think that you will be quite impressed with Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser.

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4. Curaseb Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Curaseb Dog Ear Infection Treatment Product ImageThere is nothing worse than discovering that your pup is afflicted with an ear infection. It causes a lot of discomfort and can lead to serious issues if it’s not treated properly, such as hearing loss. If your pup is prone to developing infections in his ears, than Curaseb Dog Ear Infection Treatment is something that you are definitely going to want to have on hand in your grooming supply kit.

This dog ear cleanser is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-yeast, which makes it highly effective for treating a variety of ear issues, including infections. It contains prescription grade ketocanazole and Tris-EDTA, which are ingredients that are commonly found in high-priced ear cleansers. Since it’s free of alcohol, it won’t irritate your dog’s ears, and it’s also antimicrobial, so it will help to treat a variety of problems, such as scaly patches, rashes, and even acne. This formula also contains aloe, which provides soothing relief.

Users love how easy this ear cleanser is to use. The water-based formula effectively flushes the ears quickly and easily. It also helps to successfully wash away debris and deodorizes the ears, which will make snuggling with your pooch a lot more enjoyable.

Things We Like About It

  • The formula is very gentle and is free of harsh chemicals
  • It contains prescription-grade ingredients, but without the high price tag found on prescription ear cleansers
  • It can be used to combat a number of ear problems that dog’s experience, including acne, rashes, and patches.
  • It effectively treats ear infections

Reasons to Complain

  • There were some complaints about the smell; some people were not to found of the cucumber melon scent of this ear cleanser

Final Verdict: For an easy to use, highly effective, and gentle dog ear cleanser, this formula from Cursab is a great option to consider. While some people did complain about the scent, we chalk that up to the fact that not everyone has the same sense of smell. However, in terms of effectiveness and quality, users across the board agree that this product is great.

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5. Burts Bees Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs

Burts Bees Ear Cleaning Solution For Dogs Product ImageLast up on our list of the best ear cleaners for dogs is Burts Bees Ear Cleaning Solution. Burts Bees is a highly acclaimed manufacturer of a variety of health and wellness products for both humans and pets, and this ear cleanser definitely lives up to their name.

Specially formulated to cleans, sooth, and remove excess moisture from the ears, this ear cleanser is great to use with all breeds, but particularly those that like to swim, such as Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Just apply some of the solution to your pup’s ears when he gets out of the water and it will instantly remove any water that has collected in them. Made of all-natural ingredients, this product is great for everyday use. Witch hazel offers high powerful antiseptic qualities to prevent infections; it’s also soothing, so it will help to ease any irritation that your dog may be experiencing. Peppermint oil and tea tree oil also add to the soothing properties that this ear cleanser offers. You’ll also like that it’s free of harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and dyes. It’s also made in the USA, so you can be sure that it meets stringent quality assurance regulations.

What We Like About It

  • Made by a highly trusted manufacturer, Burts Bees
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains all-natural ingredients, such as witch hazel, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil
  • Free of harsh chemicals, like sulfates and dyes
  • Helps to remove excess moisture from the ears
  • Soothes the ears
  • Treats and prevents infections

Reasons to Complain

  • Some of the reviews on Amazon said that this product did little to combat ear odors
  • Other users said that while they like Burts Bees for humans, they weren’t impressed with this canine product

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for an all-natural solution to cleanse your dog’s ears and prevent infections, than we think that you will find that Burt’s Bees Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs is a great choice. It’s affordable and contains natural ingredients.

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6. Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash

Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash

The Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash is formulated by Dr. Dawn Curie Thomas, DVM and is specifically designed to clean and protect your dog’s ears. The formula offers immediate relief for your pup’s irritated or sore ears. With all natural ingredients this cleaner is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

  • Contains witch hazel, chamomile, and tea tree oil among other things to soothe raw skin
  • This can be used daily or as needed without negative side effects
  • This formula has absolutely no chemicals or alcohol, guaranteeing no sting

7. VetWELL Cat and Dog Ear Cleaner

Vetwell Cat And Dog Ear Cleaner

The VetWELL Cat and Dog Ear Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean and protect your pup’s ears. On top of maintenance cleaning, this formula also works for a variety of other medical uses. It comes in either cucumber melon scent or sweet pea vanilla, whichever you’d like. The bottle is 8 oz for easy travel convenience.

  • This cleaner deep cleans and deodorizes, leaving your pup smelling great
  • Eliminates wax build up, dirt and debris to stop irritation in ears
  • Relieves infection caused by Mites, Yeast and Itching

8. Liquid Health for Animals K9 Ear Solutions

Liquid Health For Animals K9 Ear Solutions

The Liquid Health for Animals K9 Ear Solutions comes in a small and easy to carry bottle for traveling needs. While being an excellent cleaning agent, this also protects your pup’s ears from various infections. The formula is long lasting even after opening, no need to replace it after a few moths.

  • The bottle is twelve ounces and not available in other sizes
  • Available in a pack of one or two, whichever you need
  • Not to be used on anything but skin in ears

9. Petpost Pet Ear Cleaner Wipes

Petpost Pet Ear Cleaner Wipes

The Petpost Pet Ear Cleaner Wipes comes in either cat or dog variations. The container comes with one hundred pads that are soaked in coconut oil to soothe your dog’s irritated ears. This formula heals and protects ears from various infections as well as raw skin from scratching.

  • Cleans all dirt, wax, debris and ear mites from pet
  • Considerably less harmful chemicals than the average store bought treatments
  • The pads are made from soft cotton and are good for raw skin

10. Doggie Dailies Pet Ear Cleaner

Doggie Dailies Pet Ear Cleaner

The Doggie Dailies Pet Ear Cleaner is made from tea tree oil and aloe vera for the best result on your pooch. While the drops are advertised for dogs it can also be used safely on cats. On top of cleaning your dogs ears, it also reduces odors from dirt build up.

  • Aloe Vera is guaranteed gentle on your dog’s ears
  • The formula removes all irritants such as wax, dirt and debris
  • It comes in a eight ounce bottle and is safe for routine use

11. Arava Pet Ear Wipes

Arava Pet Ear Wipes

The Arava Pet Ear Wipes is a perfect cleaning wipe for everyday maintenance. This wipe is good for use on cats or dogs of any ages. The advanced formula cleans out wax, dirt and debris while protecting against future infections.

  • Wipes are soft to the touch and gentle on the ears
  • Pack comes with one hundred wipes
  • The wipes are great for sensitive skin and anti allergin.

12. Earthbath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes

Earthbath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes

The Earthbath Ear Wipes are made from all natural ingredients to remove painful sting from cleaning your dog’s ears. This product can be used on cats or dogs of any age, young to old, with no negative side effects. These wipes are soft to the touch and great for sensitive or aging skin.

  • Comes in a pack of one jar of six, for your choosing.
  • The dispenser is small and easy to travel with
  • Formula is designed to quickly clean animal ears with light swabbing

13. Lively Pets Dog Ear Cleaner

Lively Pets Dog Ear Cleaner

The Lively Pets Dog Ear Cleaner is made for cleaning out your dog’s ears and stopping infections. The formula is made to cover a spectrum of different ailments in your pooch. This can be used on either dogs or cats to clean and protect their ears.

  • This cleaner is antiseptic and antifungal to best fight a wide variety of infections
  • Good treatment of ear mites, yes and fungal infections alike
  • The product flushes the ear canal and reaches deeply to cleanse all dirt

14. ProEar Professional Medicated Ear Cleaners

Proear Professional Medicated Ear Cleaners

The ProEar Ear Cleaner is professional grade cleaner that also protects your dog’s ears against infection. The formula is safe to use on either cat or dog ears. This is used to loosen gunk and debris in the ears, allowing easy removal with wipes.

  • Comes in many sizes, from four ounces to two and a half gallons
  • Formula is gentle on the ears, including sensitive skin
  • Treatment gets rid of all sour odors in animal ears

15. Paws of Kerry Dog Ear Cleaner

Paws Of Kerry Dog Ear Cleaner

The Paws of Kerry Dog Ear Cleaner is good for a variety of ailments on top of being a basic cleaning solution for your pet’s ears. The cleaner is good for any pet, cat or dog, no matter what breed or size. All ingredients are natural with no harsh chemicals used.

  • Stops your pet’s Itching, Head Shaking and Discharge
  • It relieves Ear Mites, Yeast, Bacteria and other Ear Problems
  • The formula stops itching and irritation while removing odors

16. Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse

Nutri Vet Ear Cleanse

The Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse comes in a single eight ounce bottle or a three pack, at your choosing. The formula is designed to clean your dog’s ears without negative effects and leaves your pooch’s ears smelling clean. This formula was specifically designed by veterinarians for your pup’s health.

  • This is only to be used on dogs, no other pets.
  • It is good for any size or breed of dog
  • The formula is gentle on sensitive or aging skin

17. Project Paws Dogs Ear Wipes

Project Paws Dogs Ear Wipes

The Project Paws Dogs Ear Wipes are infused with Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus for maximum cleaning and soothing potential for you pup. The special design prevents mites, yeast and bacterial infections, itching and reduces odors. The gentle ingredients used allow for daily use without negative reactions.

  • Only for dogs over 12 weeks old
  • Swabs are degradable and environmentally friendly
  • Contains one hundred, alcohol free swabs

18. BotaniVet Ear Cleaner

Botanivet Ear Cleaner

The BotaniVet Ear Cleaner is guaranteed to clean and protect your pet’s ears from future infections. The bottle is small and easy to carry for travel purposes or on the go cleaning. It is made with certified organic oils and other gentle ingredients.

  • This formula works for both cat and dog ears
  • Do not use anywhere but their ears
  • It is made from completely natural ingredients for no stinging pain

19. Advanced Pet Ear Cleaner by Oxyfresh

Advanced Pet Ear Cleaner By Oxyfresh

The Advanced Pet Ear Cleaner by Oxyfresh comes in a small and easy to carry bottle for your convenience. This cleaner doesnt require any washing, making it easy to use anytime or anyplace. This formula offers immediate relief from raw or irritated skin.

  • It eliminates odors from your pet’s ears
  • The formula is alcohol free and guaranteed to not burn
  • Removes mites, dirt, wax and other debris from ears

20. Vet-Virtue Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

Vet Virtue Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

The Vet-Virtue Ear Cleaner Wipes is made specifically for dogs and cannot be used on any other pets. These wipes leave no scent behind after their use while removing any negative aroma. They also halt infections caused by yeast, mites, and bacteria.

  • The wipes are made from high quality cotton and soft to the touch
  • Each wipe is large while not being saturated in cleaning agent
  • Works as a preventative measure as well as maintenance cleaning

21. MedPal Professional Pet Ear Cleansing Wipes

Medpal Professional Pet Ear Cleansing Wipes

The MedPal Ear Cleansing Wipes are professional recommended for everything form infections to basic weekly cleaning. The advanced formula stops itching, prevents mites, yeast and ear infections. The ingredients used are ensured to clean your pup’s ears while not risking harsh chemical reactions.

  • Gently removes all dirt, wax, debris and mites.
  • Formula is anti itch and odor removing
  • Wipes are made from high quality cotton and soft to the touch

22. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Ear Therapy

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Ear Therapy

The Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Ear Therapy cleans, disinfects and deodorizes your pet’s ears. This formula treats bacterial, yeast and mite infections in cats and dogs. The antifungal ingredients reduce foul smells, redness and swelling.

  • Comes in a four once, travel sized bottle for on the go medical needs
  • This cleaner is alcohol free and good for sensitive ears
  • This can be used as often as needed without negative reaction

23. Espree Ear Care Cleaner

Espree Ear Care Cleaner

The Espree Ear Care Cleaner comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Made from all natural ingredients, this cleaner is good for everyday use without negative effects. It removes all dirt, debris and wax without pain from harsh chemicals.

  • Sizes come in: four ounces, twelve ounces and one gallon
  • Made from Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oils
  • It is safe to use with flea treatments

24. Mighty Petz Dog Ear Cleaner

Mighty Petz Dog Ear Cleaner

The Mighty Petz Dog Ear Cleaner is made of all high quality ingredients, such as aloe vera, to best heal or clean your pup’s ears. The formula is gentle on sensitive ears and leaves your pup smelling like fresh cucumber and melon. The Aloe Vera relieves pain from scratching or shaking constantly, on top of removing various irritants from the ears.

  • The formula stops all head shaking and itching
  • This is a four in one solution, made to clean out and protect your pup’s ears
  • Removes the smell of infection and begins repairing tissue within three days

25. Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner

Pet Md Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner

The Pet MD Ear Cleaner is both a wash and an infection treatment for you pup. It is especially effective against infections caused by mites, yeast and itching. Instead of a heavy chemical smell leftover, this formula leaves your dog smelling like Cucumber and Melon.

  • The bottle is eight ounces, easy travel size for convenience
  • This formula is made to not only clean, but to deodorize your dog’s ears
  • Eliminates build ups of wax, dirt or other debris

26. Stuart Pet Supply Co. Antiseptic Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Stuart Pet Supply Co. Antiseptic Dog Ear Infection Treatment

The Stuart Pet Supply Co. Treatment is designed for cleaning your pup’s ears and keeping them protected from future infections. This cleaner is recommend by vets for head shaking, itching, or just as a maintenance cleaning. The treatment comes in two sizes, for your convenience.

  • Product is Anti-Fungal, Anti-Yeast and Anti-Bacterial for your dog’s health
  • This product can be used on a weekly basis without negative side effects
  • While removing all debris, wax and dirt this product removes odors

27. Gold Medal Pets Clean Ears

Gold Medal Pets Clean Ears

The Gold Medal Pets Clean Ears thoroughly cleans ear canal of your pup without causing harsh chemical reactions. The formula is made to dissolve ear wax and other build ups in the ear, making removal easy with a single wipe. Aloe Vera is used to heal raw or cracked skin.

  • Comes in a four ounce bottle for traveling convenience
  • Cleans ears without leaving behind harsh odor
  • Works especially well before or after swimming

28. PetHonesty Dog Ear Cleaner

Pethonesty Dog Ear Cleaner

The PetHonesty Dog Ear Cleaner is a double function solution that washes your dog’s ears while also treating them for infections. The formula is advanced and made to cure itching, redness, odor, irritation and inflammation. The bottle is small and easy to travel with, for your convenience.

  • The formula is gentle on old or sensitive skin while curing most common ailments
  • The tip is a squirt top, easier for application
  • Usually sees results within seven to ten days

29. Espree Ear Care Aloe Vera Wipes

Espree Ear Care Aloe Vera Wipes

The Espree Ear Care for Pets is great for everything from maintenance cleanings to dealing with infections. It comes in three different forms for your convenience: powder, wipes and a kit. The wipes are quick and easy to use for cleaning out your dog’s ears.

  • The wipes are disposable and environmentally friendly
  • They leave behind a scent of peppermint
  • Made from completely organic aloe vera

30. Bark 2 Basics Dog Ear Cleaner

Bark 2 Basics Dog Ear Cleaner

The Bark 2 Basics Dog Ear Cleaner comes in a large bottle for long term usage. The formula is made from all natural ingredients, removing risk of reactions to harsh chemicals. The ingredients cut through wax, dirt and debris in ears with little difficulty.

  • Witch Hazel, Gentle Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract Base make it perfect for sensitive skin
  • Cleans your pup’s skin while protecting it against future infections
  • This is commonly used among professional veterinarians

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs

5 Best Dog Ear Cleaner ReviewsYour dog is more than just a pet; he’s a member of your family! That’s why you go out of your way to make sure that you provide him with the very best of care. His dog crate offers the den-like feeling that dog’s love, his dog bed is highly supportive and comfortable, his dog house keeps him safe when he spends a lot of time outside, his outdoor dog kennel offers plenty of space to run when you can’t take him on walks, and his dog playpen gives you peace of mind when he’s playing, but you can’t keep your eyes on him. It’s also pretty safe to say that you’ve done extensive research regarding the other products that you use with your furry friend. For example, you probably feed him a dog food that is formulated to meet his nutritional needs, you offer him plenty of entertainment and exercise with the best interactive dog toys, and if he spends a lot of time outside in the heat, you might even use cooling pads for dogs or cooling vests for dogs to ensure that he is comfortable and safe.

Of course, you also make sure that your pup is well-groomed. After all, proper grooming is such an important part of pet care. You keep his nails neat and clean with the best nail clippers for dogs, keep him fresh and clean between baths with dry shampoo for dogs, and even brush his teeth with the highest quality toothpaste for dogs. But there may be one thing that you are overlooking when it comes to grooming and caring for your dog: cleaning his ears.

If you have never cleaned your dog’s ears before or you just added a pup to your family and don’t know much about the importance of ear cleaning, this section of our guide offers invaluable information. In our buyer’s guide, you’ll learn what a dog ear cleaner is, why cleaning your dog’s ears is so important, and the things that you should be looking for when you are shopping for a dog ear cleanser.

What is Dog Ear Wash?

As you can probably guess by the name, dog ear wash is a special grooming product. Essentially, it’s a solution that is formulated to remove dirt and debris from a dog’s ears. It also helps to prevent bacteria buildup and can clear up a number of conditions, such as itching, irritations, and rashes. It can also disinfect your dog’s ears and remove foul odors.

Why Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears is So Important

Just like people, and all other animals, a canine’s ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Their ears easily collect all types of dirt and debris, making them very hospitable for bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses. As you can imagine, if your pup’s ears aren’t cleaned, nasty problems can arise, such as irritation, infections, and odor.

The best way to avoid these problems is by cleaning your furry friend’s ears with a high-quality dog ear cleanser. Regular cleaning helps to:

  • Prevention infections. As mentioned, the bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can collect in your dog’s ears when they are dirty can cause serious infections. These infections are not only uncomfortable, but they can be highly painful and in severe cases, they can cause hearing loss.
  • Reduces odor. Have you ever noticed that your pooch’s ears are a bit smelly (or maybe a lot smelly)? If so, that’s another good reason to wash his ears out with the best dog ear cleaner. Regular cleaning will eliminate the smell and make those puppy cuddle sessions a lot more enjoyable.
  • Improved overall well-being. When your pup’s ears are clean, they won’t smell, and there’s less of a chance of irritation, infection, itching, and a number of other problems. In other words, cleaning your furry friend’s ears regularly will help to improve his overall health and well-being, which will make you both a lot happier.

Things to Look for in a Dog Ear Cleanser

There are a lot of dog ear cleaner products on the market; however, and unfortunately, many of the products are not as effective or safe as you would hope they would be. They can contain harmful ingredients that can irritate a pup’s sensitive ears. Additionally, they may not be able to effectively remove dirt and debris. And lastly, many dog ear cleaners can actually make your pup’s ears worse than they were before you cleaned them!

With that said, you want to ensure that you are using the best possible product. You can do that by looking for products with the following features:

  • High-quality ingredients. Dog’s have sensitive ears. That means that you want to make sure that the ingredients will effectively help to remove dirt and debris without irritating your pup’s ears. Look for formulas that are free of alcohol, sulfates, phosphates, and other manufactured ingredients. Instead, look for something that has natural ingredients, such as witch hazel and tea tree oil.
  • Gentle formula. Make sure you choose something that is formulated for regular use. While some products may contain safe ingredients, they may contain high amounts of those ingredients, which can cause serious damage to your pup’s ears.
  • Easy to use. Look for something that is easy to use. It should effectively wash out dirt and debris from your pooch’s ears.
  • Non-stick formula. Thin formulas wash out easily and prevent bacteria buildup, which can cause infections.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your dog’s ears is a very important part of grooming and overall care for your pet. By using one of the high-quality ear cleansers for dogs in our review, you will be able to ensure that your furry friend’s ears are healthy and that he is happy!



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