5 Best Dog Foods for Anatolian Shepherds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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When purchasing dog food for your Anatolian Shepherd you may wonder what types would be the most healthy for them? Well, this breed thrives on lamb/rice flavored foods, chicken-based diets, or holistic diets to give them their best daily diet nutrients.

I have done the research and found the top five recommended dog foods for Anatolian Shepherds. Each product will have a short description underneath it to explain its features and why you would want to buy it.

Best Dog Foods for Anatolian Shepherds

Here are our Anatolian Shepherd dog food reviews.

1. Purina ONE Smartblend Dry Dog Food

Purina One Smartblend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The Purina ONE Smartblend Dry Dog Food comes in a wide variety of sizes and flavors with lamb and rice being a favored one, great for your Anatolian Shepherds. With real lamb as the main animal sourced protein, this food is great for your pooch. With additional antioxidants in it the food boosts your dog’s immune system.

  • Wide variety of sizes and flavors available for your needs
  • Lamb is the main ingredient, giving the food great animal source protein
  • Antioxidants are added to further boost your dog’s immune system

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2. Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Canidae All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food With Whole Grains

The Canidae All  Life Stages Dry Dog Food is made with Whole Grains for your Anatolian Shepherd’s health. With lamb and rice as the main ingredients, this food offers the best protein to your pup. With Probiotics, Antioxidants and Omega fatty acids this food is great for a daily diet dog food.

  • Whole Grains are used in the recipe for your dog’s health
  • Lamb and rice offer excellent protein, both animal sourced and not
  • Probiotics, Antioxidants and Omega Fatty Acids combine to help digestion

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3. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food Recipe

The Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food is made with no fillers and naturally dried to naturally preserve it without nasty artificial flavors for your Anatolian Shepherd. The food is made with limited ingredients, making it a safer dog food than most name brands. With three raw ingredients, this dog food is nutrient dense and filling for your pup.

  • No fillers or other potentially harmful ingredients such as artificial flavoring
  • Limited ingredient is great for dogs who have allergies
  • Three raw ingredients make for great nutrient dense dog food

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4. Wellness Core Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

The Wellness Core Dry Dog Food is made completely grain free for your Anatolian Shepherd with a sensitive stomach or allergy. With turkey and chicken as main ingredients, this food is high in animal source protein. The food contains only the best and highest quality of natural ingredients.

  • Completely grain free for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies
  • High source of animal based protein with chicken and turkey
  • All natural and high quality ingredients for safer dog food

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5. Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Adult Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food With Real Pasture Raised Lamb Protein

The Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food is made with real meat to ensure an animal sourced protein for your Anatolian Shepherd. The premium quality of ingredients is mixed with additional minerals and vitamins for healthier dog food. The food is made with no corn, wheat, filler, artificial flavors or preservatives for safe food for your pup.

  • Real lamb meat makes for a great animal source of protein
  • High quality of ingredients are added to minerals vitamins for a healthy dog food
  • No corn, wheat, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives are used

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog Food Buying Guide

As you can see from the above list there are many different types of dog food out there with each having their own benefits. When you are buying dog food for your Anatolian Shepherd you must be sure that the ingredients are all healthy and nonharmful to your pup’s health. Now that you have seen some of the various different features in dog foods I will go over what the terms mean.


Holistic dog food merely means that all the vitamins and minerals in the recipe are balanced. Now that may not seem so important, but think about what happens to a human who is one vital vitamin down from where they should be. A wide variety of side effects can come from it, some being more severe than others. It is the same for your dog. They have a daily nutrient intake they have to make to stay healthy, so Holistic dog food is very good for them.

Limited Ingredient

Limited Ingredient is exactly what it sounds like. Generally when a dog food is limited ingredient it will have less than six ingredients but there are cases where it goes up to ten. In either case a limited ingredient dog food is great if your dog is allergic to certain things. You can take a quick glance through the short ingredients list and know whether or not that food will work for your pup or not.


Hypoallergenic dog food means that every ingredient in it has been chosen for a single, common purpose. All of them have a low risk of setting off an allergic reaction in your pup. This is great for pups who are prone to allergies, have sensitive stomachs, or you just want to avoid certain ingredients.

Grain Free

Most people are rightfully confused when they hear grain free in terms of dog food. Some vets will tell you that grains are not just good for your dog, but necessary to their growth. If they say that, why is there such a thing as grain free? For much the same reason as some people live their whole life avoiding milk despite it being healthy for most of the population. Allergies. Some dogs aren’t allergic but simply have a more sensitive stomach that disagrees with grain in their food. Either way this food is perfect for those dogs and any others that need it.

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