5 Best Dog Foods for Beagliers (Reviews Updated 2021)

A mix between a Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Beaglier is a perfect dog for those looking for an affectionate, portable dog that interacts well with children and other dogs. A Beaglier needs less exercise than larger breeds and can adapt to small spaces such as apartments in highly populated areas. With a lifespan of over ten years, it is essential to find the right dog food for your Beaglier to ensure the Beaglier has a long and prosperous life.

Best Dog Foods for Beagliers

Here are our Beaglier dog food reviews.

1. Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food Grilled Steak & Vegetable

One of the best selling dog foods on the market today is the Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition. Pedigree Complete Nutrition is designed for dogs of all sizes. It provides optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acids. The optimal composition of the dog food helps keep a Beaglier’s coat shiny and healthy, a great sign of a healthy and happy dog.

  • Affordable
  • Grilled steak flavor
  • No artificial flavors or sugars
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2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natura (1)

If a Beaglier owner is looking for higher-end dog food, Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Dry Dog Food may be a good choice. The higher price tag for Blue Buffalo is primarily based on providing real meat as their first ingredient, not artificial flavors like in other less expensive brands. Blue Buffalo also has created a “Lifesource Bits” design, a smaller food, easily consumed by all sized dogs. The composition of Blue Buffalo blends antioxidants and minerals that support a Beaglier’s immune system, a sure way to ensure your Beaglier remains healthy and active even as they approach old age.

  • All-natural dog food
  • Contains essential proteins and carbohydrates
  • Contains no chicken by-product or artificial flavors
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3. Iams Proactive Health

Iams Proactive Health Minichunks & Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Lamb Flavor

For those Beaglier owners looking for a less expensive but high-quality option, the Iams Proactive Health Brand is a suitable choice. Iams’s first ingredient is farm-raised chicken with a heavy balance of nutrients that focus on building strong muscles. To assist in a Beaglier’s metabolism to ensure it remains a healthy weight throughout its life, Iams formulates its food with an L Carnitine that boosts the dog’s metabolism.

  • Vet recommended
  • Mini Chunk formula makes it easy to consume
  • Quality protein to build healthy muscles
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4. Purina Pro Plan Focus

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Focus brand is designed for dogs with a more sensitive digestive tract. Salmon is the number one ingredient for the Pro Plan, which combines with rice to provide a solid composition that all types of dogs can digest. The Purina Pro Plan also contains no corn or wheat and no artificial colors or flavors.

  • Available in smaller breed salmon flavor
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No poultry products
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5. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

For those dog owners looking to go 100 percent natural and are willing to pay a little extra for it, the Rachael Ray Nutrish brand is an ideal selection. With US farm-raised beef as their top ingredient, the natural composition of the Nutrish brand focuses on providing its consumers with U.S. ingredients. This can give Beagline owners more peace of mind, as they know that the ingredients they are giving their dog are fresher and more direct, then some other less expensive brands.

  • Cooked in the USA
  • Natural prebiotics to assist with digestion
  • No artificial preservatives
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Beaglier Dog Food Buying Guide

Everyone is excited when they bring home their Beaglier for the first time. A Beaglier will provide years of companionship and happiness if they are treated right. However, the owner must start this relationship the right way by choosing the correct dog food to meet their Beaglier’s needs.

Dog food characteristics

Beagliers will only reach a maximum of 20 pounds. Finding a dog food designed for smaller breeds is the first step in ensuring overall healthiness. Looking at the size of the individual food and the major ingredients is the first step in finding the right Beaglier dog food.

Focus on health

Each dog food brand focuses its design on certain aspects of a dog’s health. Understanding your Beaglier’s individual health needs will assist in finding the right dog food. If a Beaglier’s stomach is more sensitive, this is an important consideration in finding a dog food that is designed to treat this condition.  Review carefully the nutritional information that should be printed on the dog food bag itself.  This will give valuable information on the ingredient composition, calorie intake, and suggested serving size of the dog food.

Beaglier’s lifestyle

What type of life do you envision for your Beaglier? Will it be lounging around most of the day and going for short walks without expending much energy?  Then perhaps a lower calorie dog food that focuses on weight control is the right choice.  On the other hand, if your Beaglier is expending a lot of energy, running off their leash outside most of the day, a dog food high in protein may be a more suitable option. Understanding the energy your Beaglier will spend each day will assist in finding a dog food that will support such a lifestyle.

Individual likes and dislikes

Each Beaglier will have a unique taste preference for its dog food. Testing out different brands to see what type of dog food best fits your Beaglier’s individual preferences will ensure they consume a healthy amount of dog food each day. Be sure to check the ingredients carefully each time you test a new type of dog food.  Chart the food that you give your Beaglier and take notes on their reaction.  Do they leave food in the bowl at the end of their meal?  Do they sniff the food for a significant period of time before eating?  These reactions may give you information on your Beaglier’s preference for each individual food.

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