5 Best Dog Food for Boxers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Boxers have been one of the most popular breeds in the United States for many years, and the first Boxer Club was created in 1895. So, how do you know what to feed your boxer? There are lots of different dog food brands, flavors and types on the market, but when you have a boxer, you want the best possible food for them.

Boxers are one of the unique breeds, and they have a certain genetic makeup that requires a specific diet. That’s why we have chosen some specific dog food here that is perfect for the boxer breed, and will keep them healthy and active for many years to come.

Understanding how to choose the best dog food is important, but you also might want some recommendations on which ones to choose, especially if you were just looking for a great dog food for boxers. These are some terrific choices when it comes to organic dog food and the best dry dog food for boxers to fill up your dog bowl.

Best Dog Foods for Boxers


1. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food Product ImageThe first food that will be looking at is great for boxer dog food and is also one of the best dog food for boxer puppies. It starts with the huge amount of protein that is included with this particular food. Real meat is the number one ingredient in this dry dog food, which is all natural and optimized with the right amino acid profile to give your dog healthy, strong muscles and all of the nutrients needed to get through the day. Taste of the Wild dog food has added vitamins and minerals as well as some of the fruits and vegetables out there that are known as super foods. That gives this boxer puppy food a number of advantages over the competition.

For example, the super foods that are included with this dog food provide natural antioxidants and fatty acids that make for a very healthy coat. Plus, this dog food is easy to digest with probiotics that are perfect for boxers – ones that will survive in the G.I. tract and provide benefits to your dog. There are no filler ingredients like grain, wheat and corn, no artificial flavors or preservatives and this dog food is made of sustainable ingredients that are gathered directly from the source. This is truly the dog food for people that absolutely adore their boxers and want to give them the best dog food possible.

When it comes to the best dog food for boxers with allergies or sensitive stomachs, food like this that is a combination of bison and roasted venison, the best amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and prebiotic fiber is the best choice for your dog. There are plenty of dry dog foods on the market, but rarely do you get this perfect combination of high quality ingredients and nutrients.

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2. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Product ImageAnother great dog food currently on the market for boxers is just natural grain-free dry dog food from Wellness Core. A lot of dog foods out there have grain or wheat as a filler, because it allows them to make more money off of their dog food. But the best dog foods on the market do not have these fillers. This one is a perfect example of that. One of the first things that you will notice is how much meat is packed into every bite of this dog food. In fact, there is around 80 percent more meat here then with some of the competitors out there.

The reason for that is simple. In order to give your dog the diet that he or she needs, you have to go back to basics. Dogs evolved eating meat. That is what their body needs and contains all of the nutrients that keep them healthy. That’s why this dry dog food is based upon delicious proteins like turkey and chicken, followed up with combinations of real vegetables that make this completely packed with all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to live a healthy, active life. Other dog foods fill your dog’s belly with greens, which can cause gastrointestinal problems, but this dog food is almost straight protein from high-quality meat sources.

In addition, this dog food is all natural. There are no preservatives to worry about, just premium, all natural ingredients with no fillers. This food will give your dog abundant energy and avoid causing digestive problems that some of the other dog foods out there. Plus, there are several flavors to choose from so you are sure to find one that your dog will love. When it comes to following a boxer food guide for the best dry dog food for boxers, this one is definitely one of the few at the top of the list.

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3. EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food Product ImageThis dry dog food from EUKANUBA is really great when it comes to boxer breeds. There is no doubt that not every dog food fits every breed, but that’s why this dry dog food is specially formulated for boxers. EUKANUBA is a brand that has plenty of expertise in creating dog food for specific breeds, because that is all they do. Every dog food that they make is intended for one single breed, built from the ground up with exactly the nutritional profile that boxers or other breeds should be eating.

This dog food is made from high-quality proteins that are intended to build strong and lean muscles for the optimal body condition of boxers. It also helps to promote a healthy heart and contains L-carnitine and natural taurine for that reason. This is something that boxers in particular need to worry about. Adult boxers need extra nutrition to make sure that their hearts stay healthy. The nutritional makeup of this dog food is exactly what your boxer needs and when you have this food in your automatic dog feeder, you can relax knowing that they are getting all of the nutrients that they need.

This dog food is made up of real chicken and other high-quality proteins, making for a great tasting food that your dog will love to eat as well as providing all of the essential nutrients to live a happy healthy life. This particular dog food is specifically intended for boxers and Doberman pinschers. It is also specially formulated to support joint health and improve bone and muscle health around the hips, both of which are something that people with boxers need to be concerned about. If you are looking for a specific dog food for boxers, there isn’t going to be one that is much more customized than this one is and people that have tried it with their own boxers have had great results.

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4. Royal Canin BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Boxer Adult dry dog food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food Product ImageRoyal Canin makes another great dog food for boxers. This is the best food for adult boxers for a number of reasons. The first way in which this is perfect for boxers starts with the way that the kibble itself is design. It is created perfectly for boxer mouths to pick up. It also encourages your boxer to chew the food before swallowing, which solves one of the problems that people with boxers often experience. Boxers have what is known as a ”brachycephalic” jaw, which is a type of jaw that has a very short muzzle. This makes it difficult for them to pick up certain types of food, but when you get a dog food specifically for boxers, you get benefits like this.

The color varies depending upon the specific ingredients that were used, but they are all natural ingredients and contain all of the nutrients that your boxer needs for a healthy and active lifestyle. Boxers are one of the dogs out there that have powerful muscles, and that means that they need extra protein and nutrition in order to build those muscles. This Royal Canin dog food helps them to build those muscles and maintain muscle mass with a minimum of 24 percent protein content in each bag of food that you buy.

As far as cardiac function goes, boxers are known to have sensitive cardiac health, and need extra nutrients to ensure that their hearts work as well as possible. That’s why this food contains complex antioxidants as well as Taurine, EPA, and DHA to support a healthy heart. This is not the best food for boxer puppies, but for adult boxers who were at least 15 months or older, this is the perfect food. Plus it tastes great and your dog will love it.

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5. Orijen Regional Red Dog Food

Orijen Regional Red Dog Food Product ImageFinally, this red dog food from Orijen is another one of the top dog foods on the market right now for boxers. This 25-pound bag is perfect for boxers for a lot of reasons. As you may know, your dog is descended from the grey wolf, which means that evolution has tasked him to find food that is extremely rich in a lot of different proteins. What you do not want is a dog food that is rich in a lot of carbohydrates in starches, including fillers like wheat and grain that is present in so many different dog foods these days.

When you have a boxer, you want food that rivals the kind of food that they would find in nature if they went out hunting. There are no synthetic components to natural food, so dogs and wolves have been able to get all of the nutrients that they need from the food that they hunt. That’s what you need to make sure that you are feeding to your dog, and especially for boxers because they have specific requirements that other dog simply do not have. For example, boxers need to worry more about heart health than other dogs. In addition, boxers have powerful muscles that mean they need a whole lot of protein – from a great many varied sources – in order to build up those muscles properly and maintain them.

With ingredients like deboned beef, wild boar, goat, lamb, liver, deboned mutton, mackerel, pork, lentils, pinto beans and a whole lot more completely healthy and natural stuff, your dog will be getting all the nutrition that he or she would have gotten from nature if they were still undomesticated. This dog food is completely suited to boxers and is packed full of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to stay healthy.

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Best Foods for Boxers Buying Guide

Best Dog Food For Boxers ReviewsIf you want to get the best food for your boxer, then you’re going to want to know how to choose that food. You can get your dog all of the essentials such as a dog crate, dog house, dog bed and even an outdoor dog kennel to exercise, but if you do not get them the right food, then they are still not going to be as healthy as they could possibly be. You want the best food for your boxer. In fact, you always want to choose the most well-suited food for whatever type of dog you have.

The same holds true for particular size and health conditions. You might need a dog food for allergies if your dog suffers from that particular condition. If you don’t need a specific type of food for your breed, then you might be looking for food for small dogs or food for large dogs instead. The bottom line is that you need to be aware of all of the factors that go into whatever type of dog food that you need. This buying guide will give you the information that you need to make a good buying decision.

Qualities of the Best Dog Food for Boxers

There are certain qualities that the best boxer dog food has. You want to be aware of all of the qualities that the best food has because you want to look for them whenever you buy boxer dog food. These are important qualities that are shared by all of the best dog foods on the market for boxers. They include complete nutrition, the meat content of your dog food, the presence of fillers and the presence of preservatives. Let’s take a look at each of these factors one by one so you can see exactly what to look for when you’re trying to narrow down your choices and choose the best boxer dog foods you can.

Complete Nutrition: The first is complete nutrition. Just like your own balanced diet, you need to be looking out for complete nutrition for your dog. You want to make sure that they are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that they need. That is especially true with boxers, because they have heart health issues and need more protein and other nutrients to build strong muscles. Know what nutrients your dog needs and make sure they are present in the food that you are buying.

Meat Content:  The second thing you need to be looking at is me content. Whether you’re looking for the best food for boxer puppy or the best adult boxer food, meat content needs to be one of the primary things you are concerned about. Your dog needs a ton of protein. The small amount of protein that is included in most of the dog foods on the market is simply not going to cut it. Make sure that a minimum of 25 percent of the dog food is made up of protein.

Fillers: You also want to avoid fillers in your dog food, especially low-quality grains. If grains are used in your dog food, they should be whole grains instead of glutens or processed grains. Corn and wheat should also be avoided in your dog’s food, but rice and barley should be okay. Ideally though, you want your dog food to be made up of mostly proteins and healthy vegetables.

Preservatives: Finally, you want to make sure that any preservatives are natural preservatives, but ideally you should have no preservatives at all. There are certain natural preservatives like vitamin E or vitamin C that are okay in your dog food, but if there is the presence of artificial preservatives, then you want to avoid it because it is not healthy for your dog.

Choosing Dog Food Based on Ingredients

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing dog food, but one of the best ways that you can tell whether a dog food is good for your dog or not is simply by reading the list of ingredients on the bag. If you recognize the ingredients, then you’re probably looking at some really healthy dog food, but on the other hand, if you find that the ingredients are mostly a mystery to you, you should avoid feeding into your dog.

One thing that you want to keep in mind is that dog food ingredients are listed with the item that makes up the largest percentage of the dog food first. That means that if you find natural protein sources the very bottom of the list, then it is likely that protein does not make a very much of the dog food content. You want to find a dog food that has the meat or other protein source ingredients list.

These are not the only things to keep in mind when you are trying to buy the best dog food for your boxer puppy, but it is an important consideration. Also, you want simple ingredients whenever possible. However, even if the list of ingredients is long and it is made up of natural meat sources and vegetables, then the food is okay.

Choosing Premium or Budget Dog Food for Boxers

Whether you choose Premium a budget dog food is also a consideration. For many people, budget dog food is basically the same as dog food without the advertising campaign. With many products, that is probably true, but it is actually worth it to invest in a premium brand when it comes to dog food. Premium brand usually use better quality ingredients than the generic brands do. If you by one of the budget brands, then the protein content is probably going to be a lot lower.

Premium dog foods contain somewhere between 40 to 60 percent protein. In some cases they are lower, but even at their worst, the premium brand usually contain at least 25 percent protein. However, buying generic gives you about 10 to 20 percent protein. Your dog needs that protein in order to build strong and healthy muscles.

Plus, there is a reason that the budget dog food brands are able to sell at lower prices. They use cheap fillers such as grains that allow them to price their dog food lower and appeal to buyers who do not want to pay the higher prices or think that dog food is pretty much all the same. If you want the best food for your boxer, then you probably want to choose a premium dog food brand. It is worth paying a little more to give your dog the extra nutrition, and especially the extra protein, that he or she needs.

Type of Food

The type of food that you get is also something to consider when it comes to dog food for boxers. There are three basic types of dog food, and you should be aware of what the differences are and what the benefits of each might be before you buy. Let’s take a look at each of these individually in order to find out what the benefits and disadvantages of them are.

Dry: Dry dog food is the least expensive type of dog food to buy, especially among foods that are pretty much equal in the quality that they provide. It is also fairly easy to store, but there are some pretty compelling reasons why you should at least add other types of food to your dog’s diet. When it comes to boxers, you want to make sure that they are getting as much protein as possible. They are definitely going to get more protein from some of the other types of dog food than from dry dog food for boxers.

Canned:  Canned dog food is a much better choice if you want to keep your dog as healthy as possible. One of the benefits of canned dog food is that usually contains a whole lot of meat. It also contains fewer preservatives because the canning process is meant to preserve the dog food by itself. In addition, canned dog food has a lower amount of carbs and especially is usually in some sort of gravy or moist substance which gives your dog hydration as well as food. There are number of health benefits to going with canned food, and many pet experts recommend it.

Raw: There is also the option of serving your dog raw food. Raw food is the closest thing you can get to your dog’s natural diet that they would’ve eaten in the wilderness if they were undomesticated. Raw food is great, but you have to make it yourself or buy in the store and it can get pretty expensive when you buy it. Canned food gives you pretty much the same benefits of raw food, but you are going to pay an arm and a leg for canned dog food for boxers.

Food & Canine Life Stages

The stages of life are an important consideration when it comes to the dog food that you choose as well. If your dog is still in a dog playpen and considered a puppy, then you’re going to need a very different type of dog food then if you are looking for adult boxer dog food. Understanding the stages of life is important when it comes to choosing dog food, but you do want to keep in mind that there are several stages of life that are claimed on dog food bags which you do not have to really worry about.

In fact, the only thing you need to worry about is whether your dog is a puppy or full-grown adult dog. The demarcation line for boxers is around 14 months. If your dog is below 14 months, then you want to get them dog food for the puppy life stage. If your dog is 14 months or older, and you want to go with adult dog food. You don’t have to worry about the other stages of life that are claimed by dog food companies, and you should probably avoid companies that are trying to convince you to pay more for various life stages.

Dog Food Flavors

Choosing the right flavor is also important. Each of the dog flavors out there will contain a specific type of protein and that will usually denote what flavor it is. For example, if you get a dog food that is chicken flavored, then you can bet that chicken is going to be the main type of protein that the dog food is based upon. However, that doesn’t mean that two different brands of dog food with chicken as the main ingredient are going to taste the same. The recipes are extremely different.

Most dog owners fine that they have to experiment a little bit when it comes to the flavor that their dog will eat. Some dogs are extremely picky and will not eat certain flavors while others will eat just about anything. After a while, your dog may not enjoy the same flavor anymore, and you may have to change it up to give them some variety.

In general, there are three different factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a flavor. First, does your dog like the flavor? This is the most important consideration, because without your dog liking the flavor, he or she will probably not eat it. The second thing that you want to keep in mind is whether your dog can digest that flavor easily. If your dog is having digestive problems, even if they love the flavor, then you want to switch them to a different one because you don’t want your dog feeling distress.

Finally, make sure that you understand the benefits that the flavor offers. This will depend upon the type of dog food that you get and the benefits that the brand overall offers. Chicken is a really popular brand because it’s easy digest and even dog so sensitive stomachs can eat it. Plus, chicken is also really delicious flavor for dogs. Turkey is pretty similar to chicken and most dogs love it. Each of the flavors out there has different benefits. For example, if the main ingredient in your dog’s food is oily fish, then it’s going to be a lot better for your dog’s coat then chicken. You have to determine what benefits you want and then choose the flavor that corresponds with those benefits accordingly.

Boxer Dog Food Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right dog food for boxers. Boxers are a unique breed that needs certain nutritional profiles in their food in order to get the best out of them as possible. Choosing the right food for your dog will require that you do some research and know what benefits you are looking for beforehand. You want to know what life stage therein, what flavors they will enjoy and what the factors are common with high quality dog foods. This buying guide should be able to give you the information that you need to choose high quality food that will keep your dog healthy and that they will enjoy eating.

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