5 Best Dog Foods for Cavachons (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Keeping your Cavachon fit and healthy is an essential part of your job as his pet parent and regular exercise and a healthy diet are key.  Choosing a good quality dog food is important to ensuring he maintains a happy and energetic lifestyle.  Most commercial dog foods for small breeds are designed with the optimal nutrition levels needed to maintain your Cavachon’s health — without gaining weight, as Cavachons are prone to do.

Best Dog Food for Cavachons

Here are our dog food for Cavachons reviews.

1. Blue Buffalo Freedom Adult Small Breed Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Freedom Adult Small Breed Dog Food is a grain-free recipe designed for small dogs who are sensitive to gluten.  This recipe features peas and potatoes for healthy carbohydrates and is designed to meet the energy needs of your Cavachon.

  • First ingredient is chicken
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for health skin and coat
  • Contains LifeSource bits, a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

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2. Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food, All Flavors

Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food is a great quality, economical choice for your Cavachon.  With chicken as the first ingredient, this blend combines crunchy kibble for healthy teeth and softer kibble for a satisfying meaty meal.

  • Rotisserie chicken with spring vegetable flavor
  • Contains 26 nutrients that small dogs need
  • Can serve dry or mix with coordinating Cesar wet dog food
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3. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Natural Balance L.i.d. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Grain Free

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food is a premium blend designed for small dogs like Cavachons with possible food sensitivities.  This simple recipe has duck and potato for great protein and easy digestion.

  • Small breed kibble for small jaws
  • Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Also available in fish, chicken or lamb recipes

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4. Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws For Small Breed Dogs

Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws dog food is a great choice for your little Cavachon thanks to its extra small kibble and easily digestible ingredients.  This high-protein blend is designed to maintain lean muscle mass in small breed dogs.

  • No chicken by-product meal
  • Vitamin E and Omega-6 to promote healthy skin and coat
  • Special antioxidant blend for immunity support

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5. Solid Gold Wee Bit Holistic Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold Wee Bit With Real Bison, Brown Rice & Pearled Barley Potato Free Fiber Rich With Pr

Solid Gold Wee Bit Holistic Dry Dog Food is a premium blend of real bison, brown rice and pearled barley rich in protein and fiber for your Cavachon’s overall health.  This recipe has balanced levels of protein, fat and fiber for small dogs.

  • Functional superfoods such as carrot, pumpkin and blueberries
  • Tiny kibble pieces for easy pick up
  • Added probiotics stay viable until consumed

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Dog Food for Cavachons Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right dog food for your playful, sweet Cavachon is important.  He needs a healthy diet to help him live a long and active life.  Small breeds like Cavachons need a dog food that provides the right levels of protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber for their unique energy and health requirements.  Cavachons also have some extra health considerations to make when choosing the right dog food, as they are prone to several conditions that are worth watching out for.  Make sure the food you choose has tiny kibble size, so your Cavachon can easily pick it up at meal time.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog food for Cavachons on the market so you can choose the right recipe for your dog.  The following considerations should be made when choosing which dog food is best for your Cavachon.

Food Sensitivities

Cavachons are known to develop sensitivities to corn, wheat and soy that present with skin irritation or develop into a skin allergy disease called atopic dermatitis.  So, choose a grain-free recipe with healthy carbohydrates such as pumpkin, peas or potatoes.  If your pup does have some skin sensitivity, a recipe rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E will help reduce irritation and support a healthy coat and skin.

Health Considerations

Cavachons are known to gain weight easily, so besides going easy on the treats, it’s a good idea to choose a dog food with a lean source of protein.  Good options are fish, chicken, turkey or wild game as the first ingredient.  Avoid foods with poultry by-product meals or other fillers if you can.  As Cavachons are prone to heart conditions and joint issues, choose a food that supports cardiovascular and joint health rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, selenium and potassium.  Cavachons will also benefit vitamin A for eye health, along with probiotics for digestion and antioxidants for immuno-support.

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