5 Best Dog Foods for Corgis (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Both Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis require a quality diet that is rich in protein and healthy fats, in order to build and maintain lean muscle mass and energy levels. As Corgi owners, we always want to provide the best nutrition for our furry friends, to make sure we are giving them the best chance at a healthy and happy life.

In our guide, we will take a look at the five best foods for Corgis and the benefits and features of each one. In the end, our buyer’s guide will simplify choosing the task of choosing food.

Best Dog Foods for Corgis

Here are our Corgi dog food reviews.

1. Taste of the Wild High Protein Dry Dog Food

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild High Protein Dry Dog Food is a premium grain-free for your Corgi. It is formulated with roasted bison as the primary ingredient, to help build and maintain lean muscle mass in your dog. In addition, it includes superfood fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

  • Includes canine-specific proprietary probiotics that thrive in your dogs GI tract and help optimize digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Does not contain any grain, corn, wheat, filler, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Balanced omega fatty acids from sustainable and natural sources, to help maintain healthy skin and a healthy and shiny coat
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2. CANIDAE Premium Dry Dog Food

Canidae All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food With Whole Grains

CANIDAE Premium Dry Dog Food is a multi-protein food that is optimized for all life stages. It is formulated with protein sourced from chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish, to provide optimal nutrition for all breeds and ages. Healthplus supplements add digestive aids, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

  • Does not contain any wheat, corn, or soy
  • Probiotics are added after cooking to help improve gut health and digestion
  • Several flavors and sizes available to suit your dogs taste and your needs
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3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Dry Dog Food is a premium limited ingredient dog food, containing only 6 main ingredients. It is formulated with lamb meal as the first ingredient and incorporates brown rice as a healthy carbohydrate and B-vitamin source. Utilizing limited ingredients may help some Corgis with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

  • Does not include any corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or fillers, to best avoid sensitivities
  • Uses dried plain beet pulp as a healthy fiber and prebiotics source for great digestion
  • Includes highly digestible ground rice as a secondary and fast-acting carbohydrate energy source
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4. Wellness Core Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness Core Dry Dog Food is complete and balanced grain-free nourishment for your dog. The recipe is protein-focused to ensure adequate amounts of healthy energy and lean muscle fuel. The premium proteins are combined with real vegetables and additional vitamins and minerals.

  • The all-natural formulation contains no wheat, corn, soy, by-products, or artificial flavors or colors
  • The high protein levels provide optimal energy and health for all life stages
  • Non-GMO ingredients are gathered and cooked in the USA
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5. ORIJEN High-Protein Dry Dog Food

Orijen High Protein, Grain Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN High-Protein Dry Dog Food is a premium quality multi-protein food for your Corgi. The recipe includes fresh, whole animal ingredients like free-run chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. The formula is based on 85% animal ingredients to nourish your corgi according to their natural needs.

  • The biologically appropriate grain-free diet uses animal ingredients including meat, organs, cartilage, and bone
  • Fresh regional ingredients from Kentucky and Appalachia are responsibly farmed, ranched, and fished
  • Contains nourishment the way dogs eat in nature, largely meat-based
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Corgi Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

When evaluating foods for your Corgi, there are a couple of factors that you should bear in mind. Firstly, you should take inventory of any food sensitivities or allergies that your dog has. You should also pay attention to you and your dog’s preferred protein source.

Allergies and sensitivities can be addressed by either choosing food that eliminates the problematic ingredients, or possibly choosing a food that is based around a limited ingredient food. With grains being the usual culprit behind allergies that cause itchy skin and sensitive tummies. If the cause of your Corgi’s allergies are unknown or stem from multiple sources, your best bet will likely be in the form of a limited ingredient food. They are created with as few ingredients as possible, while still providing complete and balanced nutrition.

Also, consider any preferences your dog has, or that you may have for your dog, in terms of primary protein sources, which are the prime providers of both nutrition and taste. Some owners prefer, for one reason or another, to avoid foods centered around poultry proteins, so there are selections that are based around red meat sources or even fish. Others prefer to specifically provide a diet that would be close to what a wild canine would eat. These often are centered around beef, bison, or lamb, while including supplements that include carbohydrates and fibers that are often found in the wild, like sweet potatoes, beets, or brown rice.

Corgi Dog Food Review Conclusion

We hope that our guide has helped you to pick the food for your Corgi. As long as you take into account your dog’s sensitivities, allergies, and your protein or taste preferences, you will be in a position to make a great decision about which food is right for you.

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