5 Best Dog Foods for Finnish Spitz (Reviews Updated 2021)

Your energetic and active Finnish Spitz relies on you to keep him healthy and fit with regular exercise and a great diet.  Choosing the right food is important as it needs to fuel his high energy needs and support his body and mind into old age.  Luckily, your Finnish Spitz has few restrictions when it comes to his diet, so choose a high-quality commercial brand with premium ingredients designed for active adult dogs, and you will have peace of mind knowing he is getting everything he needs.

Best Dog Food for Finnish Spitz

Here are our dog food for Finnish Spitz reviews.

1. Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural is a grain-free dry dog food that will appeal to your Finkie’s wild ancestry.  Along with 38 per cent protein, this recipe features healthy fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, cranberries and spinach.

  • Added vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition
  • L-Carnitine promotes lean muscle mass
  • No grain, corn, wheat or fillers
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2. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties is a top-quality choice for your special Finnish Spitz.  This recipe contains 95 per cent meat, organs and bones.  Available with premium meats such as venison, rabbit, duck or lamb.

  • Grass-fed meat contains no added hormones or antibiotics
  • Raw ingredients mimic diet in the wild for improved digestion and vitality
  • Wholesome fruits and vegetables added for balanced nutrition
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3. Whole Earth Farms Natural Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free, Natural Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Natural Dry Dog Food is a high-protein dog food made with pork, beef and lamb.  Your Finnish Spitz will love this delicious recipe with added peas, sweet potatoes and apples.

  • No corn, wheat, soy or by-products
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition
  • Also available in poultry or fish recipes
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4. Wellness Core Rawrev Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Rawrev Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Rawrev is a premium dry dog food with 100% real freeze-dried raw lamb bites.  This recipe with duck, turkey, wild boar and rabbit will remind your Finnish Spitz of his wild past.

  • Freeze-dried meat provides safe way to introduce raw foods
  • Grain, gluten and potato-free
  • Enriched with antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics
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5. ORIJEN High-Protein Dry Dog Food

Orijen High Protein, Grain Free, Premium Quality Meat,

ORIJEN High-Protein Dry Dog Food is a premium grain-free recipe that contains quality meat ingredients such as free-run chicken, turkey and wild-caught fish.  The fresh and raw animal ingredients contain meat, organs, cartilage and bone for added nutrition.

  • 85% premium animal ingredients
  • Enhanced with fruits, vegetables and botanicals
  • Also includes nutritious cage-free eggs, herring and flounder
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Dog Food for Finnish Spitz Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right dog food for your Finnish Spitz is important because it needs to fuel his busy day as an active and energetic pup.  Your Finkie will thrive with a premium commercial brand dog food made with high-quality protein sources with ingredients as close to nature as possible.  Added nutrients in the form of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals will round out his diet, and ensure he is getting everything he needs to stay in tip top shape.  Finnish Spitz’ will especially love recipes that mimic their wild ancestor’s diets – such as wild game, rabbit and free-run poultry.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog food for Finnish Spitz on the market so you can choose the right food for your dog.  The following should be considered for your Finkie’s specific needs and are included on most premium dog food recipes.

Protein and Energy Needs

Your Finnish Spitz loves protein from meat and fish sources, so choose high-quality real meat ingredients whenever possible.  Meat or fish should be the first ingredient on the label.  Choose a blend with at least 26 per cent protein, though this active pup can handle a recipe with more than 30 per cent protein.  Great sources include wild game, pasture-raised lamb, free-run poultry and wild-caught fish.  For optimal nutrition and taste, choose a recipe featuring wholeprey ingredients.  These blends contain all parts of the animal – meat, organs, cartilage and bone – and are considered an exceptional form of protein for your pup.

Other Health Considerations

Your Finnish Spitz will benefit from certain added nutrients in his diet to keep him healthy and fit.  Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids will keep his skin and beautiful coat healthy, along with adequate amounts of vitamin E.  For bone health, find a recipe with the right balance of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.  Foods enriched with salmon oil, glucosamine and chondroitin are great to prevent your Finnish Spitz from developing joint issues, as your pup is prone to hip and knee dysplasia.  Superfoods such blueberries and kale will provide antioxidants for immunity and probiotics and prebiotics will aid digestion.  As always, choose a blend that contains no artificial preservatives, fillers or by-product meals.

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