5 Best Dog Foods for Japanese Chins (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Japanese Chins are not regular dog breeds. They are from china despite the name. They originally served as royal pets to the Japanese dynasties. They are loyal, playful and affectionate breeds. However, they are small and fragile. Japanese chins are prone to several health issues. Thus, they only feed on unique formulas to stay strong and healthy.

Best Dog Food for Japanese Chins

Here is our dog food for Japanese chins reviews.

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food contains a healthy combination of fiber, fat and protein to keep your pet active and healthy all day. The formula is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. The grain-free formula is rich in protein and antioxidants.

  • Rich Omega 3 acids content that nourishes your pet’s coat and skin
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Free from meat by-products, soy or wheat
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2. Organix Small Breed Recipe

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Organic Small Breed Recipe Recipe Dry Dog Food

The Castor & Pollux Organix Small Breed Recipe has the certification of the requisite dog food regulatory bodies in the country. It contains a balanced portion of sweet potatoes, chicken and chicken meal. All ingredients are organic and grain-free.

  • Free from wheat or soy
  • Has the right probiotics content to aid digestion
  • Free from artificial flavors, preservatives and colors
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3. Taste of the Wild, Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Puppy Product Image

Taste of the Wild formula is a healthy combination of garbanzo beans, venison and lamb meal. The high protein formula keeps your Japanese chins healthy and happy all day. The food is easy to digest and offers a balanced meal for your pet.

  • Made into small nibble sizes for your pet
  • Has the right amount of fibre to support digestion
  • Provides the daily requirement for your Japanese chins
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4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection small breed

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food Product Image

Blue Buffalo Life Protection contains whole grains, fruits and veggies to keep your pet healthy. The formula is from organic deboned chicken that offers the ideal protein requirement for your pet. It contains brown rice and chicken meal.

  • Free from poultry or meat by-products
  • Free from preservatives, colors and artificial flavors
  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids for a shiny coat and skin
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5. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Small Breed

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Puppy Dry Dog Food, All Breed Sizes

If you are looking for the right combination of chicken, sweet potato and brown rice, then you should get the Nutro Wholesome Essentials formula. The formula contains organic chicken as the major ingredient. All other ingredients are organic. The formula comes in small kibbles designed for small dog breeds.

  • Small kibbles promote good dentition
  • Great for Japanese chins with skin and coat irritation
  • Free from fillers and meat by-products
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Japanese Chin Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Japanese Spaniel or Chins are picky eaters. Although they are lap dogs, they need enough calories to keep them cheerful and active every day. Buying dog food for the Japanese chins can be overwhelming as they are factors you must consider before making the right choice.

Good Protein Content

Japanese chins need a good amount of lean meat in their meals. Thus, you must include chicken, fish, venison and bison in their daily meals. Get dog food with one or more of these ingredients to keep your pet healthy

Healthy Carbs

Japanese chins are prone to carb-induced illness like hypoglycemia. Thus, they only feed on filers and bad carbs. Get dog food with sweet potatoes and brown rice. Avoid corn starch and other forms of carbs that are not complex enough for your pet.

Fat and Oil

To keep your pet’s mane healthy and shiny, you need to feed him with healthy fats. Get dog food with healthy fat sources like flaxseed, chicken fat and salmon oil.

Minerals and Antioxidants

Japanese chins need a healthy dose of minerals and antioxidants to keep them strong and help with their digestive system. Thus, you have to include a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables in their daily meals.

Quality Ingredients

Although Japanese chins have a longer lifespan when compared to other large dog breeds, the wrong food can mess up their system and leave them sick for a long time. Thus, you have to get dog food from reliable manufactures.

They need quality ingredients to boost their immune system and keep them healthy. With the right food formula, you can protect your pet from the health issues associated with Japanese chins.

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