5 Best Dog Foods for Newfoundlands (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Newfoundlands are a giant breed that’s generally known to be very strong and consistent. These dogs often take part in swimming activities, and water-based recuse operations. When it comes to their diet, things often get a bit complex. Ideally, always make sure you’re looking for food that has a substantial amount of protein. Since Newfoundlands require a lot of energy and stability for their bones, here are some options that are safe to consider:

Best Dog Foods for Newfoundlands

Here are our Newfoundland dog food reviews.

1. ACANA Protein-Rich Dry Dog Food

Acana Dog Protein Rich, Real Meat, Grain Free, Adult Dry Dog Food

If you’re looking for some fresh from the farm dog food, you must try this one from ACANA. The company grows and manufactures from its own poultry farm and has high quality, fresh ingredients for your Newfoundland’s diet.

  • Biologically appropriate.
  • 60% meat, 40% vegetables, and fruits.
  • Grain-free.
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2. Taste of the Wild Premium Dry Dog Food

Taste Of The Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe

If your Newfoundland likes a heavier diet with more red meat, you will surely find this option more feasible. The Taste of the Wild Premium Dog Food contains ancient grains and meat that has high protein content.

  • Roasted bison and roasted venison.
  • Species-specific probiotics.
  • Ancient grains like sodium, millet, quinoa, and chia seeds.
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3. Instinct Raw Food Healthy Weight Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

For Newfoundlands with weight issues and other health conditions, you can try Instinct’s Healthy Weight Formula. The high protein kibbles are freeze-fried raw and delicious in taste. You can choose from chicken, beef, and lamb meat choices.

  • Grain-free formula.
  • No GMOs included.
  • High Omegas and antioxidants.
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4. Gentle Giants World Class Nutrition Dog Food

Gentle Giants World Class Canine

As the name depicts, the product is specially designed to meet giant breed requirements. It has all the right ingredients for your Newfoundland, no matter what age or size it is!

  • Consists of real beef and bacon.
  • Poultry free ingredients.
  • Useful for young and old Newfoundlands.
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5. Diamond Naturals Salmon and Potato Formula Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food With Wild Caught Salmon

Since Newfoundlands are trained for wild waters, they often develop a taste for fish, too. This Diamond Naturals dry dog food consists of wild-caught salmon and potatoes for Newfoundlands with skin-related sensitivities.

  • Skin and Coat formula.
  • Completely grain-free.
  • High protein content and nutritional value.
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Newfoundland Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Because of their odd dietary requirements, you’ll probably find it difficult to settle on a food product for your Newfoundland. There’s no way you can risk this decision, either. Newfoundlands are generally prone to a number of skin and musculoskeletal conditions. Ideally, a dog food requiring low digestibility and comes in small kibbles is the best type of food for Newfoundlands. Before you mess up with your pet’s diet, read the guide below:

Listen to the Vet

We can’t emphasize enough on this. Whenever you get a new Newfoundland or have owned one for a while, a vet always knows what’s best for it. Newfoundlands are typically very docile and fragile creatures. Despite their apparent size and muscular strength, they’re pretty vulnerable when it comes to trying out new diets. Therefore, the key point is to always consult your vet for a personalized diet for your Newfoundland.

Protein as a Key Ingredient

Another requirement you must factor in is the protein requirement of an average Newfoundland. Being a large breed, these dogs need optimum levels of protein in order to keep their bones and muscles stable. When your Newfoundland is a young dog, it requires 22 – 24% protein in its diet. This is vital for stable growth and developing metabolism.

As your Newfoundland reaches adulthood, its metabolism starts to slow down. Like other large breeds, it also requires at least 18% protein to carry out its routine tasks throughout the day. Reaching an even older age, a Newfoundland becomes weaker and doesn’t move around too much. So, at this time, it’s best to get something that provides lower levels of protein and requires less metabolic efforts.

This is why while purchasing food for your Newfoundland, make sure to get something with protein as a primary ingredient. This includes meat such as chicken, salmon, veal, bison, beef, etc. You can choose a high-quality protein source with a minimal amount of fats and crude fiber to fulfill dietary requirements.

Mineral Requirements

Aside from protein, fat, and fiber, your Newfoundland needs a variety of other minerals to stay healthy. Dog food with glucosamine and chondroitin help in developing healthy muscle support. Calcium, phosphorus, and probiotics from premium-quality dog food meet most of Newfoundland’s requirements. These minerals from veggies, fruits, meat, and grains provide strong muscle and joint support as well as steady bone development.

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