5 Best Dog Foods for Shih Tzus (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The Shih Tzu is a remarkable dog. The breed can be traced back to ancient times and developed over centuries. Though the Shih Tzu is considered a toy breed, they will range between 9 to 16 pounds in weight.  It is critical that a Shih Tzu is fed high-quality meals because these dogs may suffer from health issues if their unique diet is neglected. The Shih Tzu is especially prone to allergies and skin issues if they consume a diet that is high in chemicals, including coloring or additives.

This may include itching, biting at their paws, rash and hives. Additives may also cause behavior issues in Shih Tzus, such as hyperactivity and restlessness. In addition, Shih Tzus also suffer from digestive issues if their diet is subpar. This may include upset stomachs, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, it is critical to select a high-quality dog food when considering what to feed your Shih Tzu. Here are our top five.

Best Dog Foods for Shih Tzus

Here are our Shih Tzu dog food reviews.

1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Shih Tzu Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Cavalier King Charles Puppy Dry Dog Food

The Royal Canin dog food is especially designed for Shih Tzu puppies ages 8 weeks to 10 months.  The kibble is especially designed for the Shih Tzu’s small small muzzle and underbite. This dog food also protects a Shih Tzu puppy’s developing immune system.

  • Contains a unique blend of natural defenses including Vitamin E and antioxidants.
  • Royal Canin supports skin health and helps maintain the Shih Tzu’s coat.
  • This specially formulated blend helps reduce the amount of stools and stool odor with the use of proteins and prebiotics.
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2. Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food, Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin (2)

Nature’s Recipe is a high-quality grain-free dog food with chicken as the first ingredient. This nutrient dense formula is easy to digest, especially important for Shih Tzus. Nature’s Recipe has been making high-quality dog food for over thirty years.

  • The small sized kibble is designed for the smaller mouths of Shih Tzus.
  • Nature’s Recipe is grain free and contains carbohydrate sources like sweet potato and pumpkin
  • There are no added fillers, including corn, wheat, soy, poultry, nor artificial colors or flavors.
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3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult 11+ For Senior Dogs

Hill’s Science Diet dog food is specially formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs, like the Shih Tzu. This highly digestible formula works to reduce stomach issues and prevent nausea and vomiting. In addition, this all natural formula is made in the USA.

  • The added omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Hill’s Science provides high quality protein to support lean muscle in Shih Tzus.
  • The antioxidant blend promotes lifelong immune support in the toy breeds.
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4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Dog Food – Natural Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs – Chicken And Brown Rice – 6 Lb. Bag

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula dog food is formulated for small breeds like Shih Tzus. This formula is made with increased protein and carbohydrates to meet higher energy needs of early adult Shih Tzu. With a unique blend of ingredients, Blue Buffalo is made of all natural ingredients.

  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection features meat as the primary ingredient.
  • This formula contains BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits, which is a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection was created to boost your Shih Tzu’s immunity and support longevity.
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5. Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Senior 7+ Adult Dog Food

Pro Plan Bright Mind Senior 7+ Adult Dog Food

Pro Plan is a premium dry dog food that features enhanced botanical oils to promote alertness and mental sharpness in Shih Tzus ages 7 and older. This highly digestible formula supports the Shih Tzus digestive needs by delivering optimal nutrient absorption. Pro Plan has formulated their recipe with an ideal protein to fat ratio to keep your senior Shih Tzu in active!

  • Pro Plan features chicken as the first ingredient.
  • The bite-sized kibble makes chewing easier for the small mouths of Shih Tzus.
  • This formula features, EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, as well as glucosamine help to support his joint health and mobility
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Shih Tzu Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Shih Tzus may have a delicate countenance, so the food that they eat is extremely important. Because Shih Tzus can suffer from allergies and dietary issues, the wrong diet can lead not only to issues with the skin and coat and internal issues within the body, but can also create bad behavior. Whether your Shih Tzu is a puppy and you want to get a good nutritional head start to build up immunity, or your Shih Tzu is a senior and needs a diet that can protect his or her joints, there are certain elements to consider before purchasing your dog’s food.

All natural, chemical free

It is important to look for formulas that are all natural and chemical free. This is because Shih Tzus are highly sensitive to the ingredients that go into dog food formulas and are prone to having allergic reactions. Dog foods that feature artificial colors and flavors and fillers like corn and what should be avoided. Look for formulas that have a nice balance of protein and carbohydrates, like chicken and sweet potatoes.

Added nutrients and vitamins

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E are two key ingredients that can take your Shih Tzu food from good to the next level. Any opportunity to add vitamins to your dog’s diet can help increase their immunity and support their joints, as well as their coat and skin. Look for natural formulas that also feature critical nutrients in order to best serve your Shih Tzu.

Appropriate sized kibble

Shih Tzus have small mouths and snouts. They also have tiny teeth. It’s imperative that the food that you buy is small and made specifically for dogs with small mouths. If the kibble is too big, your Shih Tzu stands a chance of choking on their food. Ensure that the food you buy is in pieces small enough for your Shih Tzu to safely ingest.

Meat as the first ingredient, quality protein.

As with most dog foods, look for formulas that feature meat as the first ingredient, like chicken. This will give your dog the highest boost of protein. Look also for formulas that have supplemental proteins in the form of legumes to add more of a protein punch for your shih tzu. This will help them develop lean muscle and keep their joints healthy.

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