5 Best Dog Foods with Blueberries (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Blueberries don’t just excite a dog’s appetite. It’s a good source of antioxidants. Dog food with blueberries equips the dog’s immune system with weapons to fight against free radicals. A dog’s blood will be free of harmful oxidants if it feeds on a pack of dog food with blueberries.

Best Dog Food with Blueberries

Here is our dog food with blueberries review.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food, Adult, 13 Oz Can

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food treats a pup to delicious mealtime. The pack offers healthy and tasty food to dogs across all stages. It’s suitable for the small puppy and adult pooch with enough nutrients to help nourish their coats. Hill’s Science Wet Dog Food helps to keep your pup’s body refreshed. It also contains adequate fibers from low-calorie sources like blueberries.

  • Omega-6 fatty acids to help nourish the skin
  • Vitamin E that maintains a healthy and shiny coat
  • High-quality fibers that aid in smooth digestion
  • Has enough lean muscle meat for lean proteins
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2. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Small Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food strives to grant all the pup’s nutrient requirements with an outstanding formula. It considers each breed’s jaw shape to produce a perfect shaped kibble to enable smooth chewing. This natural chew feature aid in the seamless digestion of food. All formulae strive towards achieving the specific needs of each breed, providing a nourishing diet for all dog breeds. The food keeps your dog’s calorie in check with enough blueberry vitamins.

  • Supports easy pickups and chewing
  • Laced with skin maintaining vitamins and minerals
  • Enough plant-based proteins to prevent protein sensitivities.
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3. Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food helps your pooch get perfect nutrition to promote strength and endurance. The food is spiced with adequate antioxidants from tasty blueberries, the food aids in beefing up the pup’s immune system. Putin’s Pro Plan Dog Food features only high-quality natural ingredients to enhance total body health for dogs.

  • Contains Barley and oatmeal for adequate energy pumps
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for all dog stages
  • No corn, wheat or soy; to avoid food intolerances
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4. Orijen Dry Dog Food

Orijen High Protein, Grain Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

Orijen Dry Dog Food features an exclusive protein content you get from fresh fish alone. It has an abundance of pure fish ratios that offer enough zinc and copper to the dog. Infused with large amounts of natural cod liver flavor, the food is even tastier for fussy eaters. A healthy protein mixture of meat and fish Orijen Dry Dog Food nourishes both adult and puppy dogs.

  • Features enough vitamins and antioxidants from healthy and whole blueberry sources
  • Contains 85% healthy flesh ratio for enough protein deposits
  • Pack of natural goodies no artificial components
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5. Healthy Dogma Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Healthy Dogma Human Grade Petmix Grain Free Dry Dog Food All Natural, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Healthy Dogma Grain-Free Dry Dog Food contains a mixture of healthy ingredients that nourishes all dig breeds. It’s a natural blend of blueberries, broccoli, and flaxseed that expels free radicals for the bloodstream. Enough antioxidants from these sources also help to lessen the pain in the muscles due to constant exercise. No grain content means that there is no potential incidence of grain sensitiveness in the dog.

  • Helps to reduce inflammation in the joints with blueberry content
  • Ensures long term health with a mix of healthy ingredients
  • Provides clean and perfect dog food, natural to digest
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Dog Food with Blueberries Buyer’s Guide

There are necessities that you need in a dog’s food to meet the dietary requirements of a dog feed. Here are some of the basic ingredients that should be in your dog food with blueberries.


Dog food with blueberries should contain a portion of zinc in it. Some breeds of dogs require a moderate amount of zinc in their food to avoid skin infections. Breeds like Siberian Huskies need all the zinc they can get to look pretty.

High Animal Protein

Most nutrients that a dog needs to be healthy and strong come with high protein foods. Ensure that your brand of dog food with blueberries contains enough meat-based proteins. They help combat intestinal diseases in dogs. Protein is also a vital component of dog feed for puppies with diabetes.

High-Fat Content

While blueberries cleanse the blood, it requires a high-fat content to complement the process. High-fat dog feed is necessary for dogs that are in constant work out. Hunting dogs and their likes need a high amount of fat to help prevent kidney disease or vet cancer. So, ensure that the pack of dog food with blueberries has enough fat content.

Complex Carbohydrates

Healthy dogs should frequently feed on grains, vegetables, fruits, and cereals for energy and antioxidant effect on the body. Good fibrous content in dog food with blueberries can improve healthy gastrointestinal reactions that help to keep the dog fit and kicking.

Harmful Ingredients

These are the ingredient you should always look out for so that you can avoid them. They may not be acutely lethal or cause immediate damage, but the presence of these ingredients can spell future danger. Food sweeteners and chemical preservatives are ingredients that you should try to avoid in your dog food with blueberries.

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