5 Best Dog Foods with Quail (Reviews Updated 2020)

Some dog breeds are allergic to the primary sources of dog food protein, which is chicken and turkey. The allergies restrict them to low nutrient meals without necessary proteinous ingredients. The best solution to this is to get the dog food with quail. Quail meat is a low-calorie protein option for dogs and contains essential vitamins and mineral.

Getting dog food with quail can provide food variety and is the best way to change up the protein source of a dog’s regular food.

Best Dog Food with Quail

Here are our dog food with Quails reviews.

1. Ketogenic Pet Foods Quail Treats Low Carb Starch Free

Ketogenic Pet Foods Keto Treats (quail) High Protein, High Fat, Low Carb, Starch Free Dog And Ca

Ketogenic Pet Foods Quail Treats Low Carb Starch Free contains no unnecessary corn syrup or artificial flavors. The mean protein quail meal provides enough flavor as well as essential vitamins and minerals that are healthy for dogs. Keto treats are unique and are a befitting reward of natural nutrition for dogs.

  • Low carbs and starch
  • A perfect solution to too much carbohydrate-based food
  • Nutritionally dense dog food
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2. Only Natural Pet High-Protein Dog Food

Only Natural Pet Dry Dog Food Canine Powerfood Formula Made In The Usa Paleo Inspired Formula Wit

Only Natural Pet High-Protein Dog Food is a fresh blend of three fantastic diets into one incredibly tasty and nutritious meal. It contains enough veggies and duck protein for and enhanced meal flavor and exceptionally nutritious dog food. The food is ultimately grain-free with GMO traces and no by-products.

  • No food preservatives or ingredients
  • Wild Feast Power Blend of quail, duck, and boar
  • No artificial colors or sweeteners
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3. CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Avian Formula

Canidae Grain Free Pure Ancestral Dry Dog Food

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Avian Formula contains a substantial quantity of defined quail, chicken, and turkey. These protein sources makeup almost 90% of the dog food and accounts for the skincare impact the food has on dogs. There is also a considerable amount of squash, parsley, and sage to beef up the vitamin and mineral requirements.

  • Raw coat kibble for amazing food taste
  • Probiotics for healthy digestion
  • Antioxidants to boost dog immune system
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4. Farmina Dog Skin Coat Quail Dog Food

Farmina N&d Functional Quinoa Skin & Coat Quail Coconut And Turmeric Dry Dog Food 5.5 Pounds

Farmina Dog skin coat quail dog food is a limited ingredient formula specially produced for food-sensitive dogs. It contains all the vital components that help boost the dog’s immune system and encourage healthy skin and hair. The food pack is a combination of the highest quality natural ingredients and techniques all making up the tasty and natural meal for a dog

  • Improve skin and hair glow
  • Palatable kibble for dogs without allergies
  • Complete and balanced food for dogs of all sizes
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5. Mosaic Ostrich All Natural Dog Food

Mosaic Ostrich Burgers Exotic Dog Treats Pumpkin And Chia Seed Gourmet Real Jerky, Novel Protein

Mosaic Ostrich All Natural Dog Food features a lean, mean protein gotten form quail and ostrich. It poses a better choice for dogs in need of high protein and low-fat dog foods.

  • Contains no growth hormone or antibiotic
  • Grain and Gluten-Free
  • Contains lean weight quail meat
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Dog Food with Quail Buyer’s Guide

Quail is a different protein source for dog foods. So there are certain things a buyer should look out for before buying a pack of dog food with quail.

Nutrition Standard

When buying dog food with quail, check out the quality of other ingredients. Indeed, no complete dog food has just quail extracts; some other necessary ingredients should be present.   Check up the ingredients standard, quality, and quantity of ingredients used alongside quail meat.

Grains and Glutens

Aside from being major sources of these sensitivities, grains and gluten would be highly unnecessary in dog food with quail. Quail contains all the healthy proteins a dog needs and would cause complications if combined with allergy-causing proteins from grains and gluten.


By-products might mean a whole lot of things, but in all its meaning, it does not spell good news for any dog. These by-products may well be parts of animals that are not needed in dog food with quail. The nutrients they provide are not comparable to the health risk they pose to dogs of all ages. Therefore, avoid packs of dog food with by-products.

Vegetables and Fruits

The best types of dog food contain a considerable amount of vegetables and fruits. They are usually listed on the lack of food, the kind of veggies it contains. These veggies improve the nutritional content of the food as they contain vital minerals and vitamin needs for a healthy dog. They also enhance the flavor of the dog food without the help of artificial flavors.

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