5 Best Dog Foods with Zinc (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Zinc is an essential component of a dog’s healthy diet. It combines with the proteins and enzymes to strengthen the immune system of dogs. This implies that dogs that lack zinc in their nutrition and body may have critical health issues. Dog owners often mistake zinc deficiency as a food allergy, which can be lethal to a dog’s health. They can avoid all these with a nutrition diet of dog food with zinc.

Best Dog Foods with Zinc

Here is our dog food with zinc review.

1. Open Farm Dog Food with Zinc

Open Farm Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food

Open Farm Dog with Zinc features a natural blend of fish oils that are rich in zinc. With enough vitamin E content, the dog food guarantees a sharper vision in dogs that feed on it. Healthy bones and joints are other benefits that open farm offers to dogs wits calcium and niacin components. The dog’s palate is in for a treat with the delicious Open Farm Dog Food with Zinc

  • A perfect formula for all dog’s life stages
  • Contains no grains and peas
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
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2. Victor Select Dry Dog Food

Victor Select Ocean Fish Formula, Dry Dog Food

Dog foods with peas perform better when it contains no preservative or cheap carb source. And Victor Select Dry Dog Food ticks all these boxes to make an outstanding recipe for an improved dietary recipe for dogs. It has high-quality protein and zinc-rich sources for dogs of all sizes.

  • Contains omega-3 and omega-6 acids for skin coat development
  • Produced with the best blend of natural ingredients
  • Zinc-rich excellent food for sensitive dogs
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3. Purina Pro Plan Gastroenteric Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets 1 Count Gastroenteric Fiber Balance Adult Dog Food, 18 Lb

Solve all dog stomach issues with the Purina Pro Plan Gastroenteric Formula Dry Dog Food. The food provides the dog with low fiber pellets that help the walls of the stomach. It offers enough nutritive benefits that guarantee the healthiness of your pooch. It also satisfies the dog’s craving for tasty food with its unmatched palatability.

  • Highly digestible meal formula
  • High-quality zinc-rich ingredients
  • Excellent for all breeds of dogs
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4. Only Natural High-Protein Dog Food

Only Natural Pet Dry Dog Food Canine Powerfood Formula Made In The Usa Paleo Inspired Formula Wit

Only Natural High-Protein Dog Food is a rare combination of fantastic nutrients into one exceptionally delicious and nourishing meal. It contains enough veggies and duck protein for and enhanced meal flavor and exceptionally nutritious dog food. The food is ultimately grain-free with GMO traces and no by-products.

  • Zero preservatives or by-products
  • Excellent mix of peas, veggies and duck protein
  • The food contains no artificial colors or flavors
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5. Animal Planet Ultimate Dog Food

Animal Planet Ultimate Skin And Coat Complex With Collagen Pet Supplement With Omega 3,6 And Zinc

All binding recipe Animal Planet Ultimate Dog Food contains only high-grade nutrients and multivitamins. It’s a perfect blend of collagen and salmon oil to make a fantastic dog meal formula. The multivitamin content helps to beef up the immune system of dogs and keep them active.

  • It contains no fillers, preservatives or artificial colors
  • Features rich deposits of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Provides zinc oxide an essential dog antioxidant
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Dog Food with Zinc Buyer’s Guide

Dog food with zinc should have the necessary nutrient that makes up a dog’s balanced diet. Most ingredients that yield the zinc mineral are in purely natural forms. Here are the features and ingredients that must be present in dig food with zinc.

Red Meat Content

Red meat is hands down the highest yielding source of zinc in a dog’s food. Chicken and eggs are also healthy sources of zinc but the trail in percentage composition to red meat. Some healthy red meat sources should look out when buying a pack of dog food with zinc include beef, buffalo, goat, and lamb.

White Meat Sources

White meat is a healthier source of zinc than red meat, even though it has a lesser composition. White meat sources offer better benefits and help to avoid clogging of harmful substances in the dog’s organs. Zinc-rich white meat sources include pork, chicken, turkey, and ostrich.

Other Sources of Zinc

Apart from meat, there are other healthy sources from which dogs get zinc from foods. Ensure that these sources, which are mostly animal-based, come from healthy sources. For instance, check out the origin of the eggs or fish used in the food formulation. Some farms are reputable and recommended for healthy best zinc-rich ingredients. Try to choose products from these farms.


Ensure the dog food with zinc formula is devoid of grains. Grains usually bind with zinc in the intestinal tract, and this renders the zinc thanks and void. Furthermore, grains can cause a great deal of discomfort for dogs, so try and avoid foods with grains. Grain-free dog foods with zinc are the healthiest.

Artificial Additives

Artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives can combine with zinc and make it ineffective. These chemicals can also cause intolerances and allergies in dogs when ingested. It’s best to avoid food packs with artificial flavors when buying dog food with zinc.

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