10 Best Dog Grooming Gloves (Reviews Updated 2022)

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When it comes time to brush out and groom your pooch what is the biggest problem you, the dog owner, seems to face? For many people it is getting your pup to hold still while you run the sometimes uncomfortable brush through their fur, the brushes don’t always have the best bristles which then cause discomfort. Now this is a very common problem and the dog product industry designed a solution for everyday people like us, the dog grooming glove.

There are many variations of this product but the basic idea stays the same, all you have to do is slip it on and pet your dog as normal until their fur looks combed over. It is important to get a glove that is right for your dog’s fur, you need to take into account the length and density of their fur before purchasing a glove. Below are ten products that we recommend after thorough research, the best quality for price deals you will find.

Best Dog Grooming Gloves

Here are our dog grooming glove reviews.

1. Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove

The DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves are made to make your life easier, the gloves are covered in two hundred and fifty five silicone grooming tips to mimic your touch while you brush out your dog’s fur. The gloves can be used with any hair length or style with little to no difficulties, once the glove is covered you simply pull the hair off. The glove can also be used for your dog bathing needs.

  • Two hundred and fifty five silicone tips for easy and comfortable grooming
  • Perfect for any hair length or density, easy to unclog
  • Glove can be used when bathing to massage in shampoo
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2. Pet Grooming Glove Brush for Dog and Cat

Pet Grooming Glove Brush For Dog And Cat Deshedding

The Pet Thunder Grooming Glove is made for your pet’s comfort during brushing or bathing times, the materials are all of the highest quality for your dog’s comfort. The glove is designed to work on all cat and dog breeds. The glove has an adjustable size fastener around its wrist making it a comfortable one size fits most.

  • Materials used are all highest quality for the best possible product
  • Gloves design is made to work on cat or dog fur
  • Adjustable wrist band makes gloves one size fits most
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3. Pet Hair Remover Glove

Pet Hair Remover Glove

The DELOMO Right Hand Pet Grooming Glove is the ultimate solution to your pet’s shedding problems, doesn’t matter if your cat hates brushes they will love this one. The glove is made to work for any breed of cat or dog, or any length of fur. Glove can be used during bath time for your convenience and their comfort, but keep in mind this is the right hand glove, although a left handed one is available.

  • Cats and dogs alike love being petted with this brush glove
  • Gloves work for any breed of cat or dog, and any length of fur
  • Right handed glove, left handed is available though
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4. H HANDSON – Pet Grooming Gloves

H Handson Pet Grooming Gloves Brush For Cats, Dogs, And Horses

The H Handson Pet Grooming Gloves are made to work on almost any pet, these gloves work on not only cats and dogs, but horses as well! The gloves come in three colors and six sizes to ensure the best fit and style for your taste. The non abrasive, flexible rubber noodles on the glove are designed to brush out your friend’s fur without hurting them.

  • Gloves remove fur from cats, dogs and horses
  • Wide variety of choices, three colors and six sizes
  • Rubber is high end and non abrasive for your dog’s comfort
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5. STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming Glove

Starroad Tim Pet Grooming Glove

The STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming Gloves are made from only the highest quality of ingredients, built for your pet’s comfort and your grooming ease. The gloves can be used for any length of hair, breed of cat or dog, and any fur density. The pair of gloves are one size fits all, for your convenience when buying and using on your pet.

  • Gloves are built for dog’s comfort and your grooming ease
  • Can be used on any length of hair, the density of fur or during bath time
  • Gloves are one size fits all so anyone in the family can use them
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6. True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove

True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove

The True Touch Pet Grooming Glove comes in a one pack, two pack, or a special feature of double sided glove that allows you to use it on either hand. The high quality silicone grooming tips mimic your touch as you stroke down your dog’s fur. This glove is great for any length or dog fur or any type, even curly hair bows before it.

  • Comes with many varieties for purchasing, for your choosing
  • High quality silicone tips mimics comforting touch during baths or grooming
  • Glove is great for any length, density or type of fur
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7. Pet Grooming Glove – Enhanced Five Finger Design

Pet Grooming Glove Enhanced Five Finger Design For Cats, Dogs And Horses Long & Short Fur

The Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Gloves are designed for your convenience during bath and grooming time as well as your pet’s comfort. The gloves are made to be extra gentle so it can be used in daily grooming or bath times. They are also designed to work with any length, density or type of fur your pet has whether it is a feline or a canine.

  • Grooming Gloves are designed for dog’s comfort and your convenience
  • Gloves are extra gentle, better for everyday use
  • Gloves work with any length, density, or type of pet fur
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8. MUDEELA Pet Hair Remover Glove

Mudeela Pet Hair Remover Glove,

The MUDEELA Pet Grooming Gloves are made specifically for your pet’s comfort, with the highest quality of silicone these gloves are gentle and made to last. The tips dig deeply without being rough, dragging up hard to reach under coat and gently untangling fur. The gloves are made for any breed or cat or dog, any length or type of fur will be brushed out with these.

  • Highest quality of silicone for pet glove tips
  • Tips dig under coat to pull up under coat to pull up shedding before it is airborne
  • Any length, density, or type or fur will be collected in the palm of the glove
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9. Mr. Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove

Mr. Peanut's Pet Grooming Glove

The Mr.Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove set is specially designed to make your pet’s grooming time a dream for both you and them. The gloves are made for all coat types and any length of fur, not to mention working on cats, dogs, bunnies and horses. Tips gently pull out tangles and knots from under fur without yanking on pet’s skin.

  • Gloves are designed for convenience, quick and easy groomings for most pets
  • Made for any coat type, length and most types of pets
  • Silicone tips pull tangles and knots without pain
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10. FASTDEER Pet Grooming Glove

Fastdeer Pet Grooming Glove

The FASTDEER Pet Grooming Glove is a right handed glove, but comes in left handed or a pair for your choosing convenience. The gloves are made from the highest grade of materials, silicone and mesh, to ensure your pet’s comfort during grooming times. The wrist has elastic in it for a one size fits all glove that anyone in the family can use with ease.

  • Comes in a variety of options for whatever you need
  • Made from the highest quality of materials, both silicone and mesh
  • Elastic wrist band in gloves allows for easy one size fits all convenience
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Dog Grooming Glove Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Grooming Glove ReviewNow that you’ve perused through our recommendations, I’m going to answer a few common questions and terminologies. The most asked question for this product is, “Will it hurt my pet if used daily?” The answer is no, if you research the glove and be sure you get a quality one then it will be completely safe to use on a daily basis. The second most asked question is this, “Can I use it while bathing them?” Some gloves you can while others you can’t, from what I’ve seen most gloves are made to be in the water but you should check before purchasing.

Elastic or Adjustable Wrist

This is a great feature to have for your glove due to the possibility to adjust to fit whichever size you need. Being able to adjust the size makes it one size fits all for anyone in the house who would use it. It also allows you to use the glove without worrying about it being too big and sliding off accidentally.

Silicone Brush Tips

This is something you will have noticed in the above recommendations showed itself repeatedly. There are hand grooming brushes out there that do not have this feature and here is the reason you shouldn’t buy them. Most materials are too stiff or rough to be used on a daily basis on your dog’s fur. Silicone is naturally bendable and doesn’t scrape painfully against the skin when used. Always check what material the tips of the glove are made from before you purchase, for your dog’s safety and enjoyment.

Safe/Non Irritating Materials

This is another thing you would do well to keep an eye on when purchasing a grooming glove. Some gloves are made with weak or cheap material that chafes, scratches, or irritates your pet’s skin when used commonly. Some materials can also cause allergic reactions so it is important to always check the material list on products.

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