5 Best Dog Harnesses for Basset Hounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Basset hounds are unique breeds with a heightened sense of smell. There are hunting dogs as they can sniff and hunt down hares. Due to their heightened sense of smell, it is difficult to walk them. They hardly walk in a straight line as they follow their sense of smell towards an adventure. The basset hounds are energetic too and can pull on the leash in an attempt to leap. Thus, they need a special harness and leash to make walking them fun and stress-free.

Best Dog Harnesses for Basset Hounds

Here are our dog harness for Basset Hounds reviews.

1. Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3m Reflective Oxford Material Vest For Dogs Easy Control For Small Medium Large Dogs

Rabbitgoo dog harness for basset hounds is a top of the line dog harness. It is durable as it is from the best materials. The harness works well when combined with a double-ended leash. It has a visibility advantage due to the reflective strips on the outside.

  • Two adjustable straps for convenience
  • Reliable padding for extra comfort
  • Lead attachments on the top and the chest
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2. UNHO No Pull Harness

Unho Dog Body Harness Padded Extra Big Large Medium Small Heavy Duty Vary From All Kinds Of Size

The next dog harness for basset hounds on the list is the No-pull Harness from UNHO. The harness offers excellent protection to enable smooth walks. They are pocket friendly, safe and ideal for massive duty dogs like the basset hounds. They may not be a top-end harness but will get the job done.

  • Good padding with a soft inner layer
  • Finished with a nickel-plated hardware
  • Made from a durable nylon material
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3. Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

Ruffwear Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness With Front Clip, Trail Running, Walking, Hikin

Here is another top of the line dog harness for basset hounds. The all-day dog harness comes with plenty of amazing features that make walking your basset hound a pleasure. It is stylish with proper fitting and stays strong during rough training sessions.

  • Back lead attachment designed for easy walks
  • Inner linings have chest pads with belly panels for your pet’s comfort
  • Features light nylon covering for the outer layer
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4. HALTI Premium Walking Harness

Halti Walking Harness (chest 22 30 ), Medium, Red

The HALTI dog walking harness for basset hounds is a unique harness with a different design. It has lesser coverage when paired with the traditional harness. Thus, it has less padding. What the harness lacks in padding it makes up in functionality.

  • Best for dogs that do not fancy the head harness
  • Reflective trim for better visibility at night
  • Safety clip for better collar attachment

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5. Julius-K9 16IDC P1+ IDC PowerHarness

Julius K9 16idc P1+ Idc Powerharness With Security Lock For Dogs, Size 1, Black

Julius PowerHarness is another popular dog harness for basset hounds. The harness features a security lock to keep your pet in check. The harness is strong enough to prevent your basset hound from pulling off and trying to break free. The harness offers you plenty of design options for you to choose.

  • Features a stainless steel ring for a robust lead attachment
  • Heavy-duty buckles and straps for firm attachment
  • Reflective strips for night vision

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Dog Harness for Basset Hounds Buyer’s Guide

Buying a dog harness for basset hounds requires unique features. The basset hounds are not only big dogs but have a strong sense of smell. Their sense of smell pushes them always to be proactive and seek to sneak away when walking them. Thus, there are factors you must consider when buying a dog harness for basset hounds.


Before you order a harness online for your basset hounds, you must measure your pet first. Measure your pet to find the neck size and chest size. Then you can cross-check these measurements with the manufacturer’s measurement online. Also, check your pet’s weight as it would help you find the right harness with a good pull factor.


Another essential factor you should consider when getting a harness for your basset hound is the design. The typical harness for basset hounds has a back attachment for your lead. You only need to attach the lead and take your pet for a walk.

Some harness makers are thoughtful enough to attach a double end training lead for heavy-duty training. This attachment increases your control of the pet as you can guide its movements.


You should also check out the construction of the harness and ensure its sturdy enough to contain your basset hound. Extra features like chest padding and belly panels are essential to protect your pet.

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