5 Best Dog Harnesses for Cane Corsos (Reviews Updated 2024)

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When you’re out walking your Cane Corso get maximum control of them wearing the right dog harness. They are an essential item during exercise and when you’re out together. Don’t forget your pedigree has an extra tight pull, which is forced by his strong body build. Therefore, in order for you to keep a firm, tight grip, as well as refraining from choking them, then take the time to choose the right harness.

You will need an equally strong and durable type that is made with quality-tested attachments, in order to keep your Cane Corso secure and safely strapped in. A fully functional easy-to-grab harness with double D-ring leash attachments will be the most practical style. Take care to make sure that you choose the right size for the width of their chest and height.

Best Dog Harnesses for Cane Corsos

To make your job easier when selecting the right dog harness we have found this great list of five of the very best options you can find:

1. PET ARTIST Leather Harness

Pet Artist Leather Large Dog Harness Heavy Duty Vest Thick Soft For Big Medium Breed Dogs Brown

The strong and durable dog harness made by Pet Artist, in a classic brown genuine faux leather is an ideal option for a tight-handled control. It has 3 adjustable straps that open out wide to fit large body builds. The metal buckles and D-ring leash attachments are made from a hardware nickel-plated steel.

  • 100% genuine high quality leather
  • 4 size adjustments
  • A thick leather strap at the top for extra handling
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2. EXPAWLORER Dog Harness

Expawlorer Dog Harness Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor 3m Reflective Oxford Material Vest For Dogs Ea

This ultra comfortable, all-purpose dog harness is constructed from quality-made, light-wear polyester with extra-soft padding to add maximum comfort for your Cane Corso. There are two points for adjustment and two removable pouch bags for added practicality to store poop bags.

  • Light-wear durable polyester fabric
  • Removable storage bags
  • Security name tag on the side to attach is ID
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3. PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness

Phoepet No Pull Dog Harness Reflective Adjustable Vest With A Training Handle, Name Id Pocket, 2 Met

This excellent sportive dog harness made by PHOEPET is easy to attach and take off with three quick-release buckles and an extra secure lockable catch at the neck. It is made of high-quality light weight fabric with reflective straps and a soft training handle at the top. It is available in 9 trendy colours.

  • A safety lock catch at the main buckle
  • Durable, light-weight material with reflective straps
  • Double-stitching for added durability
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4. BABYLTRL Large Dog Easy Control Harness

Babyltrl Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest For Large Dogs Easy Cont

BABYLTRL have created an excellent quality dog harness using premium tailored nylon Oxford material with a no-pull design, which is evenly spread across the chest and neck. It’s comfortably padded, secured with lockable buckles and adjusted at the chest and neck with light-reflective straps.

  • Light-weight quality-tested nylon Oxford fabric
  • Secure lockable buckle adjustments
  • Breathable and soft-padded inner lining
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5. Bestia “Bijou Genuine Leather Studded Dog Harness

Bestia Bijou Genuine Leather Studded Dog Harness For Medium To Large Breeds

The slick, classic black and red ‘Bijou’ design made especially by Bestia, is a statement, strong dog harness for your Cane Corso. The Roman Italian adornment with metal studs around the 100% genuine, durable leather straps has a beautiful red stitching to strengthen the harness’s effect.

  • Made of high-quality genuine leather
  • A unique rivet design
  • Soft padded chest plate
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Cane Corso Dog Harness Buyer’s Guide

A dog harness is designed especially for keeping a better control of your Cane Corso when you have him attached to the leash. Over all you have a better handling of him with the harness, which reaches round the chest girth and neck to evenly distribute the force of your pull stopping him from lunging forward too fast. It effectively, stops the force of your tug from choking him. In most cases you’ll find two D-ring leash attachments: one at the front for stronger control and one on the back for a more relaxed control, when your out running, cycling and hiking with your Cane Corso.


The best dog harnesses are made to attach and take off easily with multiple places, usually 2 or 3 attachment buckles at the sides of the chest and one at the back of the neck. This ensures a more secure, comfortable fit. Whether, you opt for a leather or nylon fabric, the buckles are made to attack and lock securely, as well as adjust to the correct size for your Cane Corso’s large body mass. Make sure when you’re attaching the harness and adjusting its size to evenly distribute and move the straps so that it sits on them comfortably without rubbing or creating discomfort.


Your Cane Corso dog harness is typically made out of hard-wearing, durable material like genuine leather, high-quality polyester or Oxford nylon. The stronger your harness is, the longer it will last and the more practical it will be in fully taking control of their mobility and forceful tugging. The leather types have to be 100% genuine and are visually aesthetic and smart, as well as strong and effective. The Oxford nylon and and polyester options are especially comfortable, often with extra padding and also fully waterproof and light-weight too. Generally, if you are more sporty and run with your Cane Corso the fabric-made dog harnesses with reflective straps are ideal for added safety.


Consider the large size that your dog harness has to fit, which is on average an XXL. Their chest tends to measure from 32-38” and their neck, 22-28”. So, make sure you check the size charts to purchase the right one but definitely be looking in the largest of the size ranges. A harness with a wide chest girth, or at least adjustments around the chest will be ideal for your Cane Corso, especially in the early stages too so you can go adjusting the harness to their size as they grow.

Extra Features

Dog harnesses have some great special features, which complete the functionality of them as an excellent necessity to keep your Cane Corso under control. First of all, the double D-rings will assist the walking and control facility depending on your outdoor needs. The new quick-release buckles are now made with innovative locking systems to ensure a more secure attachment. In some cases you can find all-inclusive designs that come with storage pouches, often removable, to store poop bags or anything else small. Finally, there are even harnesses with personalized ID card readers.

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