5 Best Dog Harnesses for English Foxhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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You will likely be spending a lot of time outside with your English Foxhound, as they love to get out and exercise as much as they can.  This hunting breed is used to running all day long, so if you plan to make your pup your hiking and running companion, that will suit him perfectly.  It is not recommended to use a collar alone for dogs that like to pull however, so you will need to get a great harness if you want your pup to join you.  Finding one that fits his huge barrel chest can be a challenge, so do a bit of research to find the perfect one.

Best Dog Harness for English Foxhounds

Here are our dog harness for English Foxhound reviews.

1. 2 Hounds Design Dog Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness With Leash, Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control For Ea

The 2 Hounds Design Dog Harness is a great choice for your athletic English Foxhound, as it provides comfort and security for extended wear.  This lightweight harness features stainless steel hardware and soft velvet lining to prevent chafing.

  • Matching leash included
  • Two leash clips for front or rear attachment
  • Available in a variety of colors
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2. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3m Reflective Oxford Material (2)

The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is perfect for training your English Foxhound not to pull, thanks to its front leash clip and rear control handle.  This very popular harness also has a rear clip for more leisurely walks or hikes.

  • Soft padded panels for comfort
  • 3M reflective strips
  • Four adjustment points for customized fit
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3. Kruz Pet Puffy Mesh Harness

Kruz Pet Fully Adjustable Step In Puffy Mesh Harness

The Kruz Pet Puffy Mesh Harness is a fully adjustable harness with a simple step-in design for quick use every day.  This lightweight harness has a double-D ring and back buckle for extra security.

  • High density puffy nylon mesh straps for comfort
  • Welded and chrome polished hardware
  • Available in four colors
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4. Embark Adventure Dog Harness

Embark Adventure Dog Harness, Easy On And Off With Front And Back Leash Attachments & Control Handle

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is perfect for your active English Foxhound.  This sporty harness is quick drying for water adventures and lightweight for all-day hikes.  Once adjusted, this sporty vest-style harness just slips over your pup’s head and clips on.

  • Lightweight military-grade nylon with reflective trim
  • Front and back leash attachments with control handle
  • Designed to protect the trachea and neck from injury
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5. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness Pet Walking Harness Car Harness For Dogs Front D Ring For No Pull Training (2)

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is a durable and lightweight harness with a broad, padded chest plate for your English Foxhound’s protection and comfort.  This harness also has both front and back leash clips for versatility.

  • Metal nesting buckles similar to rock climbing equipment
  • Five adjustment points for a perfect fit
  • Includes dog seat belt tether
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Dog Harness for English Foxhounds Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dog harness for your English Foxhound is an important investment since you will be spending a lot of time outside exercising together.  Your pup loves to hike, run and chase, and a harness is the best option for keeping him safe and under control.  This pup has a strong primal instinct for pursuit and chasing animals, so a front leash attachment is essential when training your Foxhound not to pull.  Get your English Foxhound used to walking with a harness early in his life, and he will come to love the moment you bring it out to get outside.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog harnesses for English Foxhounds on the market so you can choose the right harness for your dog.  The following features should be considered and will help you to choose which features you need on a harness for your English Foxhound.

Materials and Usage

The harness you choose should be made with lightweight materials such as webbed or dual nylon straps.  The straps should be lined with neoprene or other soft material to prevent chafing with extended use.  Some sport-style harnesses have padded chest panels, made with a mesh nylon for breathability.  These harnesses are easy to clean and weather and water resistant.  Ensure any leash attachments are either solid metal or double-looped nylon.  Adjustment clips and buckles should be high quality, so they do not easily unclip.  Keep in mind your English Foxhound has an impressive chest girth – up to 31 inches around.  This means at least four points of adjustment are needed to ensure the large harness you need is not too big around his neck.

Leash Clip Attachments

Since your English Foxhound was trained to pursue small animals for generations, it is hard to train him out of the instinct to chase.  That means that no-pull training is essential before you head out for a long hike on the trails.  Most sport harnesses have the no-pull leash clip on the front.  This is designed to pull your pup to the side when he lunges forward, training him that lunging will not get him where he wants to go.  A back-clip harness is better for more freedom of movement once your English Foxhound is trained to walk properly with a harness.  It gives you less control but is a more enjoyable walk for both of you.

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