5 Best Dog Harnesses for French Bulldogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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A harness is one of the most important items that you can purchase for your French Bulldog. When they are a puppy, the right harness will help you and your Frenchie learn proper walking etiquette without posing any risk for injury. These harnesses will usually contain soft material and multiple D-rings, one that can control and one that offers more room for your Frenchie to run around.

And, because French Bulldogs have a unique body shape, it’s important that the harness you purchase for your French Bulldog is made for Frenchies and has multiple points of adjustment. Are you wondering what is the best harness for your pup? We’ve researched and discovered some of the top harnesses for French Bulldogs. Here are our favorites!

Best Dog Harnesses for French Bulldogs

Here are our French Bulldog dog harness reviews.

1. Eagloo Dog Harness No Pull, Walking Pet Harness

Eagloo Dog Harness No Pull, Walking Pet Harness With 2 Metal Rings And Handle Adjustable Reflective

The harness is specially built to distribute pressure around your dogs’ chest rather than sensitive neck. This prevents choking or injury. The thoughtfully designed construction would not rub your dog’s sensitive areas.

  • This dog harness with two zinc-alloy rings on your French Bulldog’s chest and back.
  • This harness features nylon webbing with reflective material to ensure good visibility when night running.
  • Quick snap buckles ensures ease of use when putting on and taking off.
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2. WALKTOFINE Dog Harness

Walktofine Dog Harness No Pull Reflective, Comfortable Harness With Handle,fully Adjustable Pet Leas

The Walktofine dog harness allows you to take your French Bulldog on an adventure. This harness prevents injury around your Frenchie’s neck. And, the harness is made so that your dog’s skin will never be irritated by the buckle.

  • Two lightweight,rust-proof metal adjustment hardware provide a safe and durable connection.
  • The front clip on the chest offers control when your French Bulldog puppy is still training, while the back clip is for more relaxed walks.
  • The harness is made from durable nylon, so it is lightweight but secure.
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3. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness Large Step In Reflective Dog Harness With Front Clip And Easy Control Ha

The Barkbay harness is specifically designed to help your French Bulldog become a better walker. With no worries about slipping out, your French Bulldog will remain secure and safe in this harness. The key to this harness is the chest area D-ring that corrects a dog’s natural urge to pull against the harness.

  • This harness is constructed from air technology mesh material that is breathable to keep your dog cool on hot days.
  • This harness evenly distributes pressure, so there is no pulling or choking.
  • Ultra reflective strips keep your Frenchie visible.
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4. Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness

Puppia Authentic Ritefit Harness With Adjustable Neck

The Puppia RiteFit is a patented design that gives your French Bulldog that ability to look luxurious while also taking a relaxing walk. With an attachment at the rear of the harness, your Bulldog will not feel the pressure from constant pulling. And, the breathable material keeps your pet cool on warm days.

  • The Puppia features an adjustable chest belt.
  • This harness has extra chest adjustability.
  • With ten colors to choose from, there’s a harness to fit your Frenchie!
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5. Pawtitas Pet Reflective Mesh Dog Harness

Pawtitas Pet Reflective Mesh Dog Harness, Step In Or Vest Harness Dog Training Walking Of Your Puppy

The Pawtitas harness surrounds your pet in the ultimate comfort. For relaxing walks or even energetic runs, Pawtitas redirects the pressure from the neck to the body, so there’s less risk of injury. And, the quick release buckle helps you pull the harness on and off.

  • Breathable mesh fabric will keep your Frenchie cool in summer and insulated in the winter.
  • Two sturdy D-rings allow for different levels of control.
  • Reflective stitching throughout helps keep your pet visible in low light.
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French Bulldog Dog Harness Buying Guide

If you plan on taking your French Bulldogs out for walks, it’s important to have a well fitting harness. The harness will prevent injury to your French Bulldog by realigning where the pressure is distributed. All too often, a French Bulldog on a collar and leash can lead to serious neck injury. But, French Bulldogs are unique pets, so not any harness will do. If you are shopping for a harness, there are a few features we recommend you considering.


Your French Bulldog is unique, and that means that he or she may have slightly different measurements than another French Bulldog. So, look for harnesses that offer multiple points of adjustment, like around the neck and chest and around the legs to ensure a proper fit.

Made for French Bulldogs and small dogs.

It’s important that your harness is sized appropriately for a French Bulldog or small dog, otherwise no amount of adjustment will make a difference. If you can find a harness that is specifically made for French Bulldogs, as we have pointed out above, this would be ideal.

Durable material

Look for harnesses that are made of durable material, like nylon or mesh, that won’t break on you when you are in the middle of a walk.  Look for harnesses that tout that they are made for wear and won’t tear; even a Frenchie can be tough on his or her harness.

Breathable material

If you are looking into harnesses that have more fabric, make sure it is not only durable, but breathable. This is important because if not, your Frenchie could get overheated and it could cause serious injury. Look for harnesses made of breathable mesh that will keep your pet insulated in the winter and cool in the summer.

Secure stitching

Durable material is worthless if it is not connected with secure stitching. Look for harnesses that offer reinforced stitching to offer an additional layer of secuti.


A reflective vest can keep you and your French Bulldog safe, especially if you are out for walks in low lighting. Even if you are taking your Frenchie out alone in the backyard, reflective material will help you spot your pet even under moonlight.

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