5 Best Dog Harnesses for Norfolk Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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A variety of the Norwich Terrier, differentiated with its folded ears, the Norfolk Terriers originated from Great Britain. The smallest among working terriers, this breed is agile and active earth-dog. Their fearless but independent streak can make it hard to train them at times.

Moreover, they should not be left off-leash in the outdoors due to their strong prey drive. A harsh method may make them destructive; therefore, it is crucial to select a comfortable and secure dog harness for them, promoted through rewards. To facilitate an easy purchase for the owners, we have derived the pros and cons of the top five dog harnesses for Norfolk Terriers.

Best Dog Harnesses for Norfolk Terriers

Here are our dog harnesses for Norfolk Terriers reviews.

1. Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Chai's Choice 3m Reflective Polyester Dog Harness

Constructed to discourage pulling as well as reduce the strain over your Norfolk Terrier, the Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness is an appropriate choice for your Norfolk Terrier. The lightweight material and durable nylon straps work together to provide your pup with secure and comfortable training experience. The reflective piping keeps your Norfolk Terrier visible even during night time strolls.

  • Available in nine vibrant colors.
  • O-ring attached to the chest for better control and security.
  • Adjustable straps and padded chest area enhances their comfort.

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2. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgotru Fit Smart Harness

Get a highly durable training tool for your agile Norfolk Terrier with the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness. The steel nestling buckle system is the primary reason behind its enhanced sturdiness. This crash-tested harness, up to 70lbs, is appropriate for both cars and long walks. 

  • Added chest pad to take care of your Norfolk Terrier’s comfort.
  • It also includes a carabiner and a seat belt.
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit.

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3. Red Dingo Classic Nylon Back Clip Harness

Red Dingo Classic Nylon Back Clip Dog Harness

Ensure adorable but sturdy training equipment for your Norfolk Terrier with Red Dingo Classic Nylon Back Clip Harness. It might not be suitable for untrained pets due to its back clip placement, but soft nylon webbing makes it comfortable enough for the trained dogs. Moreover, the D-ring is designed to attach both leash and ID tags. 

  • The sturdy side release buckle makes it easy to put it on and off your Norfolk Terrier.
  • Adjustable straps and multiple size options for enhanced comfort.
  • Constructed with durable and sturdy nylon material.

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4. PetSafe Easy Walk Nylon No-pull Dog Harness

Petsafe Easy Walk Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

The attractive look, as well as the durability and comfort of the PetSafe Easy Walk Nylon No-pull Dog Harness, makes it a suitable choice for your sturdy and active Norfolk Terrier. The front leash attachment allows you to steer your Norfolk Terrier and gain maximum control over them. The nylon material is durable enough to survive the excessive pulling. 

  • The sparkly design makes it unique and attractive.
  • Quick-release buckle facilitates easy on and off.
  • Comes with four adjustment points for enhanced comfort and fit.

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5. Copatchy No-Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness

Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness With Handle

With an aesthetic appearance and cushioned chest straps, the Copatchy No-Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness is a safe choice for your Norfolk Terrier. The reflective material makes it suitable for low light conditions and increases visibility. The chest and neck buckles facilitate an easy step-in design. 

  • The harness reduces the pressure along the chest during excessive pulling.
  • Constructed with breathable mesh material.
  • Added pull-back handle to regain sudden control over your Norfolk Terrier.

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Dog Harnesses For Norfolk Terriers Buyer’s Guide

These natural hunters with a strong prey drive are most likely to be dangerous for small species like hamsters. Contrary to their toyish physique, they have all the qualities of terriers, agility, strength, and confidence. Although they are adaptable, punishment-based training may trigger them. When attached to the leash, the selected dog harness must provide enough breathability and comfort to your Norfolk Terrier, especially in the initial training days. The following factors will further help you with buying a suitable dog harness for Norfolk Terrier. 


A dog harness may be a little expensive than the dog collars but are safer than the latter when attached to the leash. Therefore, you must not compromise with the security of your Norfolk to save some pennies. However, there is always an option to take the help of the available discounts to fit the deal in your budget. 


No-pull harness- The most common choice among the pet owners, the no-pull harnesses, come with either front clip, back clip, or both for leash attachment. The placement of the clip determines the safety and efficiency of the product. This type of harness provides maximum control over your Norfolk and does not cause discomfort to them. It discourages pulling without choking your Norfolk Terrier.

Front clip harness- As mentioned earlier, the clip placement ensures that your Norfolk Terrier is secure or not after the leash is attached. The front clip puts the pressure along their back during excessive pulling. The least stress on their neck and chest reduces the possibility of choking. Moreover, the front clip drives the pet towards the owners, which prompts them to move in their direction, providing better control.

Back clip harness- Not the best option for untrained pets, but the back clip harnesses can be used for the trained ones. The clip’s placement in this type of harness is such that it puts pressure on their chest, which is comparatively less secure than the front clip harnesses. However, the harness’s intelligent construction can redistribute the pressure equally along the chest, which reduces the strain and hence, making it suitable for trained dogs.


The first and foremost task that should be considered before starting your purchase is to measure your Norfolk Terrier. If you choose a smaller size, it can cause discomfort to your Norfolk Terrier and even choke them. Further, your Norfolk can easily slip out of a larger sized harness. Even though the harnesses come with adjustable straps to ensure a custom fit, it is advised to measure your Norfolk Terrier before you initiate the purchase.


The primary motive of choosing harness over the dog collars is the safety of Norfolk Terriers. With extreme pulling, a wrong choice can trigger destructive behavior among them or even cause serious injuries. The chosen harness should have broader and padded straps to reduce the pressure. Another important aspect regarding the safety of your Norfolk Terrier includes the size of the harness. 

We suggest you opt for a front clip harness of an appropriate size to ensure the maximum safety of your Norfolk Terrier.


Whether the harness is constructed with reflective nylon material or neoprene padded straps, the extra features are meant to add on to yours as well as your Norfolk Terrier’s experience. Some dog harnesses come with an additional handle to enable the owners to regain control over their pets. Most of them come with adjustable straps to ensure a custom fit.

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