5 Best Dog Harnesses for Norwegian Buhunds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Norwegian Buhunds are farm dogs, which play an integral role in guarding herds. These dogs naturally have herding instincts and are quite possessive towards their pet family. So, Norwegian Buhunds might get wary at times. Such behavioral problems make it tough for you to control your Norwegian Buhunds during long walks. Harnesses have become the talk of the town lately and are known to provide better control when it comes to managing a Norwegian Buhund.

We know that you are quite curious to dig deeper and learn more about the best dog harness for your Norwegian Buhund, so we decided that it would be better if you go through reviews once.

Best Dog Harnesses for Norwegian Buhunds

Here are our dog harnesses for Norwegian Buhunds reviews.

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Dog Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness is designed for providing hassle-free road trips. This harness has a rigid build, as it has used a tough nylon material, which has been crash-tested for judging its endurance. Its package also contains a 10-inch seat-belt, so you do not have to buy your Norwegian Buhund’s seat-belt once you have it.

  • Comes with five unique adjustment points to offer a better fitting
  • Has a carabiner too
  • Has chest pads for enhancing comfort

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2. OneTigris Tactical Vest Dog Harness

Onetigris Tactical Dog Harness Fire Watcher Comfortable Patrol K9 Vest

OneTigris Tactical Vest Dog Harness is an ideal option for long walks or jogs with your Norwegian Buhund. This dog harness has novel MOLLE pouches, which are there to let your Norwegian Buhund carry his accessories on his own. This dog harness has a front-clip design, so you do not have to pull the leash much, as your Norwegian Buhund would stay under your control.

  • Made entirely using nylon
  • Has adjustable plastic buckles to customize the fitting
  • Has fully adjustable straps

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3. Frisco No Pull Dog Harness

Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

Frisco No Pull Dog Harness is engineered in a way that it discourages excessive pulling and naturally gives you better control on your Norwegian Buhund without applying any pressure on his neck. This dog harness is made using durable nylon fabric, so you can be sure that this one would last long.

  • Features a sturdy front-ring attached for leash clipping
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps for a better fit
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
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4. Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness

Sporn Non Pull Mesh Dog Harness

Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness is designed to give better control on your Norwegian Buhund if he has been tough to control lately. This dog harness has a back-clip leash attachment ring, which gives you better control by discouraging your Norwegian Buhund from pulling his leash. This dog harness has soft mesh padding at the chest, so this helps assure there is no undue strain on the neck.

  • Features padded restraint sleeves for a better experience.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made using a premium quality nylon

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5. PetSafe EasySport Dog Harness

Petsafe Easysport Dog Harness

PetSafe EasySport Dog Harness is engineered to make it possible for you to carry your sporty Norwegian Buhund even in a low-light situation, as this harness is lined using a reflective material. Since the size of this harness is fully adjustable, you can use it for your Norwegian Buhund quite easily, as you will only have to slide the buckles to adjust.

  • Comes with two quick-snap buckles
  • Entirely made using nylon
  • Available in different sizes

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Dog Harness for Norwegian Buhunds Buyer’s Guide

Norwegian Buhund is impulsive and fun-loving digs, which love having a hefty routine filled with a lot of physical activities. If a pet parent fails to address that, their Norwegian Buhund faces behavioral issues and develops more destructive behavior. These dogs are filled with energy and would love to show that during long walks. So, a dog harness becomes crucial for controlling these Norwegian Buhunds. A dog collar is not appropriate for those Norwegian Buhunds, which are not well-trained for walking nicely. Harnesses are significant equipment for training sessions, so it is better to get them sooner.

Certain aspects define the functionality of harnesses. These help you buy the right harness, so we decided that it would be better to become aware of them. We have discussed their details in terms of your Norwegian Buhund’s use in our buyer’s guide, so you should go through them.


It would be best if you know the size of harness you plan to buy for your Norwegian Buhund beforehand. This is because this size defines the degree of control, functionality, and comfort which a harness offers. So, taking the right readings beforehand helps you judge whether a harness is suitable and avoid future complaints. At this point, the readings you need are the circumference of your Norwegian Buhund’s lower neck and the broader part of the chest.


The type of harnesses is basically categorized as per their functionality and the degree of control. So, you often find back-clip harnesses or front-clip harnesses. The purpose of a front-clip harness is to discourage your Norwegian Buhund from moving away by making him follow you and help keep track without any hassle. On the other hand, a back-clip harness discourages pulling by applying a strain on your Norwegian Buhund’s chest when he tries to pull himself away. Both harnesses’ quality can be judged by evaluating their stitching and adjustment features.


Adjustability makes a harness suitable for long-term use. Those harnesses that come with adjustable sliding buckles are better, as they give you an opportunity to fit the harness more perfectly. Once you evaluate these factors, you are able to buy the right harness for your Norwegian Buhund.

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