5 Best Dog Harnesses for Otterhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Otterhounds are large breed dogs, which are generally a preferable choice for hunting otters and are great for scenting games. So, these dogs are mostly loved by avid hunters. However, they are great companions due to their loyal nature as well. These witty dogs would always like overpowering their masters if they are not trained right.

A dog harness is vital in such training sessions, as you are in their need to acquire a greater control on your Otterhound. We know that you have several questions regarding selecting the right harness, as this is a tough job; therefore, we decided to review the best ones to give you a better vision.

Best Dog Harnesses for Otterhounds

Here are our dog harnesses for Otterhounds reviews.

1. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Black Silver, Large (ewh Hc L Blk)

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is the perfect harness for your Otterhound that ensures that your buddy doesn’t gag or choke with the straps equally dividing the pressure over its chest. The quick snap buckles allow swift wearing and help save your time, allowing you and your Otterhound to have a long and enjoyable walk.

  • The best option for coaching dogs to walk pleasantly when tethered to a leash.
  • Allows for a pleasant and lunge-free walking experience with your dog.
  • It provides increased comfort and wearable fitting with Martingale loops, and four adjustment ends that curb twisting.

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2. Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness

Hdp Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness

Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness is an ideal option for your Otterhound’s comfort as it’s made in a wide and padded structure that is designed to even out pressure over your buddy. It allows you to firmly handle your Otterhound while giving it the freedom of motion.

  • It is manufactured from 100% original polyester with easy-click buckles and straps, which prevent it from slipping over.
  • Consists of a bonus handle that allows you to control your dog during emergencies.
  • Prevents choking of your hard-puller and growing Otterhound.

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3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgotru Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is the best and most strong steel manufactured harness option for your Otterhound, ensuring that it’s secure while walking. It also consists of a penta-adjustment system, which allows you to fit your growing Otterhound aptly.

  • Well suited with any automobiles seat belt system.
  • Ensures safety of you and your Otterhound as it’s crash-tested with up to 75 pounds of weight.
  • Ideal for daily use as it functions both for walking and auto-traveling.

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4. Frisco Padded No Pull Dog Harness

Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

Frisco Padded No Pull Dog Harness is the pawfect harness for your Otterhound with an added D-ring, which allows the attachment of a leash to its back, making it a conventional Harness. It also reduces strain and pressure on your Otterhound’s neck with its perfectly designed Padded mesh chest piece. 

  • Available in four vibrant colors and different sizes to pawfectly fit your growing Otterhound.
  • It is manufactured from premium nylon webbing that ensures increased comfort.
  • Completely adjustable slides and straps that finely fit your Otterhound.
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5. OneTigris Tactical Vest Dog Harness

Onetigris Tactical Vest Nylon Front Clip Dog Harness

The OneTigris Tactical Vest Dog Harness is the best option to keep your Otterhound safe and sound. Wearable and durable harness are manufactured from a strong nylon webbing and smooth padding that ensures an adventurous yet snuggly experience for your Otterhound.

  • Consists of a control loop located on the front to easily control your Otterhound along with a crisscross bungee strap for increased storage.
  • Has spaces for attaching morale patches and badges to suit your Otterhound’s style.
  • Ensures a comfortable and secure fit with an adjustable neck and chest straps.

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Dog Harness Otterhounds Buyer’s Guide

Otterhounds are excited and intelligent dogs that would enjoy being a part of your family. Since Otterhounds belong to the Hound family, you can understand that these dogs have natural hunting instincts. Their innate to react to the slightest smell or the sight of any smaller running animal makes it tough and challenging to control these Otterhounds. This problem is usually faced while you take them out for a walk. A harness is possibly the most relaxing and comfortable gadget which you can use here to optimize control.

However, this is only availed if your harness is the right one for your Otterhound. This is judged based on certain factors that help you evaluate the proper functionality of a harness. We have discussed them in this buyer’s guide, so you should not worry about that. You should read this guide further to explore them in greater detail.


The foremost factor that optimizes the functionality and control offered by a harness is its size. You have to narrow down your selection to only those harnesses designed to suit your Otterhound’s size. This can be evaluated by measuring the chest and lower neck’s girth of your Otterhound. You should preferably use a measuring tape in this regard; however, a strip can also be used. It is vital to keep the tape taut while taking this reading, but you must remember that this should not be too tight that it gets uncomfortable to wear.


Harnesses can be classified based on functionality and control level, which they offer. We mean here that the placement of the leash clipping ring can work to provide a difference in the level of control and comfort you get while you tackle your Otterhound. There are primarily front-clip and back-clip harnesses. The former has its leash clipping ring at the chest piece, while the latter has it on the back. The front-clip harness generally pulls the entire body of your Otterhound towards you once you pull its leash. While the mechanism used in a back clip harness is that it applies pressure on your Otterhound’s chest if he tries to pull himself away. This eventually discourages him from pulling himself.


Comfort can be further defined by the adjustability features and design of a harness. This means harnesses that come with sliding buckles and adjustment points are better for a customized fitting, which allows you to use a harness for a longer-term. Similarly, a well-padded harness is also more comfortable for your Otterhound to wear. The harness material should be light yet durable to make it a better choice for you and your Otterhound. In this way, you can make the right choice for your furry buddy.

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