5 Best Dog Harnesses for Portuguese Podengos (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Portuguese Podengos are alert dogs that are primarily used during hunting trips for their hunting instincts. However, their protective nature makes them great family pets too. It is seen that Portuguese Podengos can be active companions on long walks too, but it can be tough to handle them at times due to their hunting instincts. So, a harness enters the picture in such situations.

We know that you are also searching for a suitable harness that would help you have stress free walks, so we are happy to inform you that we are here to assist you with our reviews and guidance.

Best Dog Harnesses for Portuguese Podengos

Here are our dog harnesses for Portuguese Podengos reviews.

1. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Black Silver, Large (ewh Hc L Blk)

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is crafted to make your walking sessions easier and happier with your Portuguese Podengo. This harness has a pretty easier application as it has been designed entirely using nylon, having adjustable belly and shoulder straps. The plastic buckle enclosure at the shoulders and belly allows you conveniently adjust the harness as per the requirement.

  • This harness has a martingale loop at the chest side to discourage the twisting of the leash.
  • Comes with four adjustment points
  • Discourages leash pulling behavior

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2. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgotru Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is crafted especially for your car trips with your Portuguese Podengo, as this harness has a high-quality design. Steel Nesting buckles of this harness ensures that your Portuguese Podengo stays in your control during walks or rides.

  • Comes with a 10-inch dog seat belt
  • Features five adjustment points for a better fitting
  • The heavy-duty harness is crash tested for assuring a safer use.

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3. Copatchy No-Pull Dog Harness

Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness With Handle

Copatchy No-Pull Dog Harness is engineered to let you have stress-free walks with your Portuguese Podengo, may it be day or night. This harness is made using a breathable mesh material so that your Portuguese Podengo does not feel stuffy while wearing it.

  • Has nylon straps for durability
  • Features adjustable shoulder and belly straps, which makes it easier for adjusting the fitting
  • The mesh piece is sponge-filled to provide a more comfortable experience.

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4. Puppia RiteFit Dog Harness

Puppia Ritefit Polyester Back Clip Dog Harness

Puppia RiteFit Dog Harness is crafted for a better walking experience with your Portuguese Podengo. The harness has quick-release buckles with hook and loop straps to offer you more flexibility in fitting it around your Portuguese Podengo. It has comfortable air-mesh padding to provide a better, airier experience to your Portuguese Podengo.

  • Available in several sizes
  • Made using 100% polyester material
  • Lighter in weight

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5. Hurtta ECO Reflective Dog Harness

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Eco Reflective Dog Harness

Hurtta ECO Reflective Dog Harness is designed to provide you a comforting walking experience with your Portuguese Podengo. This harness is lined with high-visibility reflectors to help you keep track of your Portuguese Podengo at nighttime as well, so no more losing sight of your pet pal.

  • Engineered using a 100% recycled polyester, which is eco-friendly
  • The breathable mesh-lining material ensures a better, airier experience.
  • Features a front-clip design

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Dog Harness for Portuguese Podengos Buyer’s Guide

Portuguese Podengos are smart digs which are always receptive to whatever that is going on in the surrounding. So, it becomes pretty challenging when you take such a dog out for a walk. This is because a Portuguese Podengo gets startled upon the sight of any small moving animal. They may start running after any object down the block while you take them out for a walk. In such situations, when your Portuguese Podengo is not well-trained to control his hunting instincts, the use of a harness becomes necessary.

The operation of a harness can only be optimized if you buy the right one, and the selection of the right one depends upon certain aspects. We have shared the important details regarding those factors in our buyer’s guide so that you can buy the right harness.


It is important that you pick a harness of the right size. We cannot define that a particular size would be the best one for your Portuguese Podengo because their health and size vary from dog to dog. Therefore, it is better to measure them before buying a harness. The measurements which you require at this point are the circumference of your Portuguese Podengo’s chest and lower neck, which is basically the place through the shoulder straps rests.


You can classify the harnesses on the basis of the placement of leash attaching clips. There are front-clip and back-clip harnesses. Both harnesses help divide the strain throughout the body of your Portuguese Podengo, which was primarily on his neck. However, it is seen that the front-clip harness is more stress-free because it pollutes minimal strain on the chest, while the back-clip harness puts a greater strain on the chest when the leash is pulled.


You should buy those harnesses which offer better adjustment straps. This is because it is often seen that you can use a particular harness with slight changes in fitting the adjustment, but a lack of adjustability makes you buy a new harness. So, a harness with sturdy buckles and flexible adjustment features is better. You can select the harness as per your requirement, but a better knowledge of these factors help in making a decision.

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