5 Best Dog Harnesses for Sloughis (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Originated in the continent of Africa, Sloughis also go by Arabian greyhound and Levrier Marocain. Long legs and a unique curve near the loin make this Sloughi stand out from the crowd. Due to their extraordinary long legs, they perform well on the racing track. These desert dogs get along quite well with their loved ones in the family, but it is uncertain how they will react when they come across some strangers and unknown faces.

That is why it is the wisest decision to keep your Sloughi on a leash while out with it for a stroll. This makes buying a dog harness a matter of utmost necessity.

Best Dog Harnesses for Sloughis

Here are our dog harnesses for Sloughis reviews.

1. Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

Grab the chance to be a good dog parent with this Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness. According to your convenience, you can attach the leash on both the front and the back of the harness. The no-pull design of the dog harness reduces strain from your Sloughi’s delicate neck.

  • The product can withstand any extreme weather.
  • Your Sloughi remains comfortable while running and playing.
  • The cushioned handle of the harness doesn’t let the leash slip off your hand.

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2. Red Dingo Classic Nylon Back Clip Dog Harness

Red Dingo Classic Nylon Back Clip Dog Harness

The vibrant colors of this Red Dingo Classic Nylon Back Clip Dog Harness will blow everyone’s mind. Neck and shoulder strap of the harness ensures a customized fit. As this dog item is made of abrasion-resistant fabric, it lasts for several years, no matter how you use it.

  • This red dingo collar is made of nylon webbing.
  • Buckles on the side of the harness helps you quickly release the Sloughi in time of need.
  • It includes a D ring, which you can use to hang the ID and attach the leash.

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3. Coastal Pet Li’l Pals Comfort Mesh Step In Back Clip Dog Harness

Li'l Pals Comfort Mesh Step In Back Clip Dog Harness

This Li’l Pals Comfort Mesh Step In Back Clip Dog Harness comes with comfortable padding and reflective colors. As it is made of cooling mesh, your Sloughi can wear it irrespective of any weather. A ring is attached to the chest piece of the harness, and that is why no matter how much you pull it, your Sloughi won’t feel choked.

  • Adjustable components of the item ensure a perfect fit.
  • This unique dog item features durability.
  • The harness leaves some extra space inside.

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4. Downtown Pet Supply Comfort Dog Harness

Downtown Pet Supply Comfort Dog Harness

This Downtown Pet Supply Comfort Dog Harness, Pink, Large, is an excellent choice for Sloughi dog parents. This durable yet stylish dog harness provides your Sloughi control while walking on a leash. The D ring of the harness is located right in the middle of both the shoulder.

  • The belly strap ensures that the harness is well fit on your Sloughi.
  • The added pads make the harness comfortable for your Sloughi.
  • The dog product is pretty lightweight as it is made of breathable mesh.

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5. Best Pet Supplies Voyager Corduroy Dog Harness

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Corduroy Dog Harness

This Best Pet Supplies Voyager Corduroy Dog Harness facilitates the process of house training for you and your Sloughi. The padding below the legs makes it easier for your Sloughi to run while on a leash. This dog item gives your Sloughi a rest from sweating heavily.

  • This is made of ultra-plush material.
  • It is available in five different sizes covering 13 to 23 inches of chest girth.
  • You can put it on the washing machine for cleaning purposes.

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Dog Harnesses For Sloughis Buyer’s Guide

Some would-be dog parents fall in love with this Sloughi for its unique physical structure. At the same time, some like to adopt this particular breed for its noble nature and gentle attitude towards humans. Sloughi dogs know how to stay like a good kid indoors, but while taken outside, they are at their most agile and active form. As a result, to keep the dog up to the mark with social protocols, it is necessary to train your Sloughi and teach it how to behave around unknown humans. The dog harness is the best solution for behavioral training in dogs. Here are a few antics for you to keep in mind before buying a dog harness.


Material is the most vital factor in a dog harness as it decides the level of comfort for your Sloughi. The most common materials of dog harness are rubber, polyester, and nylon, and so on.  Mesh webbing ones takes your Sloughi on cloud nine with comfort. The breathability of this kind of harness is the reason behind it. Some sellers are nowadays adding padding in the front chest piece. As a result, the Sloughi feels comfortable wearing it while walking and running.


Adjustment belts are there in the harness just to ensure that it doesn’t fall off your Sloughi’s body while walking by you. With the help of the shoulder strap and belly strap, you can tighten the harness according to your Sloughi’s comfort.


Initially, there were two kinds of clips to attach the leash. The first one is the back clip. If your Sloughi walks ahead of you, this back clip can choke it as there will be pulling on the leash. The next one is the front clip one. Those dog parents who are looking for a no-pull design in harness, they should go for the ones with the front clip.


Gone are the days when there was only one color available for a dog harness. These days almost every manufacturer is bringing you five to six colors. Some of them are of vibrant and bright colors such as hot pink, lemon yellow, or orange. If you want, you can go for a floral print or digital print harness too. 


Most owners buy dog harnesses for the purpose of training. Some buy this harness so that their Sloughi don’t chase after other animals while out on the road for its morning walk. No matter what is the motive behind buying these harnesses, it shouldn’t hurt your Sloughi at all. There are so many nerves passing through the neck region. You must not want to cause your Sloughi any harm just because of pulling.

So, read these aforementioned points and purchase the right one for your Sloughi.

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