5 Best Dog Harnesses for Swedish Vallhunds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Alert and smart, Swedish Vallhunds are excellent companions, livelier than other breeds. They love long walks and enjoy the outdoors. For owners who prefer training and physical activity, these dogs will make an excellent addition to their family. However, not all dog harnesses will be the perfect fit when going for a stroll. Choosing the ideal option can be a little tricky.

Best Dog Harnesses for Swedish Vallhunds

Here are our Swedish Vallhund dog harness reviews.

1. Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Dog Vest Harness

Emotional Support Dog Vest Harness With Reflective Straps, Interchangeable Patches, & Top Mount Hand

The best T-shaped harness for absolute freedom. One of the most practical options on the market. It can fit clip-on backpacks for convenient traveling. The design is super comfy for day-to-day use. Plus, it comes with reflective padding elements to keep your Swedish Vallhund safe in the dark.

  • Fast suit-up
  • Tough framework
  • Excellent design
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2. PetSafe 3in1 Harness

Petsafe 3in1 Harness

An excellent training harness to ensure your Swedish Vallhund has a comfortable walk. It doesn’t block the dog’s shoulder and wraps comfortably on the body. This is an H-shaped basic design that features a car control strap to keep the dog safely in the backseat.

  • Discourages pulling
  • Lightweight and comfy padding
  • A handle mounted on the top for immediate control
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3. Non-Stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness

Non Stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness, Pulling, Size 7, Black, For Dogs, 1 Pack

This product is hard to match. When it comes to dog sports like mushing or canicross, this anti-traction harness makes for an ideal fit. It’s designed to make pulling and drawing a lot easier since it distributes the weight evenly.

  • Ideal for physical activities
  • Keeps the pressure off the shoulders
  • Perfectly centered
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4. Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness

Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness With Handle

The perfect option for a young Swedish Vallhund. Unlike other more restrictive harnesses, this one won’t block your puppy’s rib cage development even with regular use. It also features a handle on the back for easy pick-up.

  • Doesn’t stress the neck
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Breathable surface to keep the fur nice and cool
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5. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3m Reflective Oxford Material

A perfect fit for training. The harness wraps around the dog’s chest and back without putting any pressure on their neck. The two buckles ensure the harness stays in place, even when the dog is pulling. It’s manufactured of top-quality fabric with a non-slip lock system.

  • Ideal for long-term use
  • Maximum mobility
  • Doesn’t choke the dog
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Swedish Vallhund Dog Harness Buying Guide

Swedish Vallhunds are a lively bunch, particularly when they are young. These dogs are known for their high energy levels and playfulness. They love to play, explore, and pull the leash. However, wearing a simple collar can be risky and unpleasant. The harder the dog pulls, the more it will pressure the neck and interfere with its breathing. For long-term use, this is not a healthy option. No wonder why many professionals recommend a harness, especially for active dogs such as these. These harnesses give additional control over the leash and distribute the weight in other parts of the body. They are a safer option for training or taking long walks. But, picking out the best harness is not as simple as you’d think. There are a couple of factors you should know about.


Not every dog harness has the same shape. Each shape has its own purpose and level of comfort. Select the one best suited for your dog.

  • Y-shape: The Y-shaped option, typical for anti-pull harnesses, is best meant for training. They are fastened under the chest to avoid putting any pressure on the back.
  • H-shape: There is also an H-shaped product, which is the most common option for short walks. It’s a classic design, and dogs can easily adapt to it.
  • T-shape: A T-shaped dog harness is an ideal option for emotional support dogs. It gives the ultimate freedom and doesn’t hold back the dog’s movements in any way.


There are two main purposes for a dog harness, for sports or training. If your Swedish Vallhund is still learning the ropes and pulls too often, it’s best to get an anti-traction harness. This one is designed to discourage the dog’s pulling behaviors so that you can enjoy a stress-free walk. If your dog is already trained and joins you for sports, the traction harness will be the better option. It helps control their motion and lasts a lot longer with rough use.

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