5 Best Dog Harnesses for Toy Fox Terriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dog harnesses are beneficial for you and your toy fox terrier for several reasons, harnesses disperse the pressure points throughout the body, which is important if you have a dog that likes to pull on their leash. We looked at harnesses specifically built for smaller dogs to prevent injuries while keeping your toy fox terrier comfortable and safe.

Best Dog Harness for Toy Fox Terriers

Here are our reviews for the best dog harnesses for toy fox terriers.

1. Gooby – Comfort X

Gooby Comfort X Head In Harness, Small Dog Harness With Patented Choke Free X Frame

Gooby’s Comfort X was designed specifically for small and toy breed dogs. Smaller breeds are more susceptible to neck injuries. The unique, patented, X shape design of this harness sits lower on the neck than most harnesses, to prevent injuries. The D-ring on the back is placed lower down, so there is no pulling on the neck.

  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight, breathable, polyester mesh
  • Great for everyday use
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2. EcoBark Classic Dog Harness

Cloak & Dawggie Mesh Step N Go Small Dog Harness Step In Teacup To 25 Lbs. Vest Easy On Adjustable.

EcoBark’s harnesses are made from recycled water bottles, so you can do your part for the environment, while also doing your part for you pup by having a no-pull, no-choke harness for them. This harness does come in several sizes, but the X-Small is designed for toy and teacup breeds. Their anti-rub technology prevents chafing of your dogs’ skin.

  • American, family owned company
  • Escape proof, with the right sizing
  • All purpose and all weather harness for everyday use
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3. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step In Air Dog Harness All Weather Mesh, Step In Vest Harness For Small Dogs And Cats By (1)

The Voyager Step-In harness comes in seven sizes and twenty-three different colors. According to their charts, your toy fox terrier will probably fall in the category of XS, but measure to be sure. These vests are made with an all-weather mesh that makes walking all year long comfortable for your dog.

  • Reflective bands for visibility in poor lighting
  • Evenly distributes pressure around chest to prevent choking
  • Safe and secure with hook and loop closure, buckle and double D-ring for leash
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4. Cloak & Dawggie Nylon Step-N-Go Small Dog Harness

Cloak & Dawggie Mesh Step N Go Small Dog Harness Step In Teacup To 25 Lbs. Vest Easy On Adjustable.

The Cloak & Dawggie harness was specifically made for small breed dogs. The largest of the five different sizes is a medium, for dogs under 25 pounds, so you can be assured they know what they are talking about. The unique style is easy to put on, and remove, with a hook and loop closure.

  • Soft, wicking, mesh lining
  • Double D-ring leash attachment
  • Reinforced stitching
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5. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Harness

Blueberry Pet 15 Colors Safe & Comfy 3m Reflective Multi Colored Stripe Collection Collars, Harnes

The Blueberry Classic Harness is different from the others on our list in that it is a strap-only harness, so there is no mesh padding on the chest. This harness is great for teaching your toy fox terrier to walk on a leash, the nylon fabric is durable enough to hold up to potential biting. With less area of your dog being covered, this is a comfortable style if you live in an extremely hot location.

  • Double D-rings above buckle closure
  • Chest and belly size adjustments
  • Available in 21 different colors
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Dog Harness for Toy Fox Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide reviews the best dog harness for your toy fox terrier.


Many dog harnesses are relatively similar and generally have three areas of materials: the straps, the hardware (rings, buckles, adjustable sliders) and the vest portion. The hardware is either plastic or metal, the straps are often made of polyester or nylon, and the vests we looked at are made of a nylon or polyester, with a breathable mesh lining, except for the strap-only version.


There are different types of harnesses on the market, ones with and without padding or vests, tactical ones, no pull ones, decorative ones, etc. The harnesses on our list are ones that will be great for toy fox terriers as we looked at style and function, great for smaller dogs without a lot of power behind them. You may find that you, and your dog, prefer one style over another based on the ease of putting it on.


There is literally a dog harness for every dog, no matter their size or shape. Each harness comes in different sizes, and each one of those sizes have adjustable straps to help with the perfect fit. We looked specifically at harnesses that would fit toy breeds to ensure we could offer a safe recommendation for you. Be sure to follow the company’s sizing guide to ensure the safety of your dog, with getting the right fit.

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