5 Best Dog Harnesses for Border Terriers (Reviews Updated 2023)

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Looking for the best dog harnesses for Border Terriers, but not sure which one to get? You will get extra control of your Border Terrier when out walking or exercising them by getting them the right dog harness. Especially if he gets excitable and likes to tug, you want to be sure he has an effective no-choke design, which eliminates any pulling or discomfort. Also, one that also ensures he is tightly secured and will not escape or come loose.

We have found you a great selection of dog harnesses that are designed, especially for your Border Terrier, with additional easy-to-fit attachments and adjustments, as well as strong and durably made from the material to the leash D-rings and buckles. We take into consideration their comfort and the soft, breathable interior as another important factor.

Best Dog Harness for Border Terriers

Take a look at this excellent selection of durable and comfortable made dog harnesses made for your Border Terrier:

1. Bolux Service Dog Harness

Bolux Service Dog Harness, Easy On And Off Pet Vest Harness, 3m Reflective Breathable And Easy Adjus

This easy on-and-off dog harness designed by Bolux offers a practical and safe secure fit made from a reflective and breathable strong nylon material. It is lightweight and durably built with two buckle attachments for adjustment, stainless steel D-ring leash attachments, and an extra-strong nylon handle on the back.

  • Reflective elements to see at night
  • Nylon handle for better handling
  • Easy, light-weight design
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2. Didog Multi-Use Escape Proof Dog Harnesses

Didog Multi Use Escape Proof Dog Harnesses For Escape Artist Dogs,reflective Adjustable Padded Sport

The multi-use and escape-proof dog harness designed by Didog is an ideal option for your Border Terrier because it has multi-point tension pads, as well as a breathable, strong mesh material with soft lining for extra comfort. It adjusts and attaches at various points to give an all-over body cover.

  • Breathable, strong mesh material
  • Secure tight-fit design
  • Reflective lining and handle
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3. Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness, Escape Proof Quick Fit Reflective Dog Strap Harness,easy

Again Didog has come up with an excellent durable, but still comfortable quality-tested design that comes in various bright colors. The strong metal D-ring is fitted especially with two leash links, one at the top and bottom, to ensure a secure no-choke and no-pulling design.

  • Comfortable fleece-padding
  • Durable nylon strap and buckle
  • Quick fit and light-weight
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4. WIGGLE TAIL Dog Harness

Wiggle Tail Dog Harness No Pull With Handle, Reflective Adjustable Vest Harness For Small Medium Lar

Wiggle Tail has made an excellent quality, durable design made from black Oxford polyester fabric that is lined with reflective stitching, as well as a thick nylon strap at the back for extra grip and better handling. The interior is lined with a sponge for extra comfort, and the metal D-rings attachments are durably enforced.

  • Made with high-quality 600D Oxford fabric
  • 2 quick-release strong buckles
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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5. Mighty Paw Dog Sport Harness

Mighty Paw Dog Sport Harness No Pull Harnesses With Two Leash Attachments, Comfortable Neoprene Pa

Finally, our sporty design made by Mighty Paw is the ultimate dog harness for taking your Border Terrier out for long walks and runs. There are two D-ring attachments for varied walking and running desires, as well as a 100% customizable fit with additional adjustment straps at the neck and chest.

  • Lined with soft-padding
  • Available in two popular colors
  • Additional attachments for a customized fit
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Border Terrier Dog Harness Buyer’s Guide

Your Border Terrier can be quite feisty at times, so a securely fitted dog harness with additional features, such as double-sided D-ring leash rings. They will allow for a more convenient walk and much better control of him when out walking. An all-over secure body fit attachment will ensure a better grip and handling, as well as an essential no-choking or pulling mechanism, which inspires better comfort for both of you if they begin tugging hard. A small design with reflective material or stitching for evening walks and made from the most durable of materials.


We have found a great selection of dog harnesses here, which are easy to put on and take off, with quick-release buckles, sometimes multiple ones, to ensure a better and more secure fit. Each one will come with adjustments so that you can fit it to their size, either at the chest, back, or neck. Make sure when you attach the dog harness to your Border Terrier. Take time to adjust the overall fit making sure that it is even and in line with their body mass and shape so that it fits comfortably and doesn’t come loose.


The strength and durability of the dog harness for your Border Terrier matter if you want to make sure it fulfills its purpose properly as well as lasts a long time. Therefore, the quality of the material, from the stitching to the attachments and accessories, like the D-ring leash attachments, as well as the adjustment and catch-release buckles, should be sturdy and strong.

The metal attachments should be made of stainless steel, and the straps of strong Oxford fabric, 100% polyester or nylon enforced with stitching that strengthens the design and wearability of the dog harness. There are great additional reflective materials for a light-up effect on evening walks.


Most dog harnesses we’ve chosen here for you are available in different sizes and come with helpful size charts to match up with the size of your Border Terrier. However, generally, you will be looking in the small size range. Most options come with customizable fit designs and multiple adjustments on different straps, which can be adjusted either the chest, neck, or back. This helps to adjust to your Border Terrier changing size as he grows and ensures you can always keep a tight, secure fit.

Extra Features 

There are some great extra-control features, as well as those that can give for more variable outdoor activities. The harnesses that come with two D-ring leash attachments will have one at the front for a more secure hold and control when walking in areas frequented by other dogs. Then the top leash loop on the back allows for a more relaxed walk, or if you’re out running or cycling.

The additional grip strap at the back, which is designed in the perfect pressure point for extra control, is a great additional feature in case of emergency. Take a time to look at the different features each harness has to offer and tailor a design, especially to your dog’s character and requirements.

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