5 Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet and Goggles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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While motorcycle helmets and goggles look cute and/or funny on our pets, they serve a practical purpose as well. Also, they’re not just good for motorcycles, they can be used for most activities such as skiing, hiking or even sticking their head out the window of the car.

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets and Goggles

Here are our reviews for the best dog motorcycle helmets and goggles.

1. Enjoying Dog Helmets for Motorcycles

Enjoying Dog Helmets For Motorcycles, Doggie Hat For Bike, Black

Enjoying’s dog helmets are great for smaller breeds of dogs, as they only come in sizes small and medium. The helmets are safe and reliable, made with top quality ABS material. Great for motorcycles, bicycles and just going out to play.

  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Soft, detachable, sponge mat inside the helmet
  • Can also be used as a Halloween costume
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2. Enjoying Dog Goggles

Enjoying Dog Goggles Small Dog Sunglasses Waterproof Windproof Uv Protection For Doggy Puppy Cat

We can’t mention Enjoying Dog Helmets and not mention Enjoying Dog Goggles, which are sold separately. These goggles come in one size, with an adjustable chin strap, and three different styles. The goggles have a padded lining around the eyes to make for a more comfortable fit.

  • Windproof and designed to keep debris out of the eye
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof
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3. ShopTrend Dog Hat with Goggles

Shoptrend Dog Hat With Goggles Abs Hard Plastic Ridding Cap Toy 3 Sizes With 6 Colors (1 Hat + 1 Go

Chosen as Amazon’s Choice, ShopTrend’s helmet and goggle set is available in three sizes and six different colors. This helmet will not protect your beloved pooch in a collision, but combined with the goggles, he or she will be protected from the sun and wind. Padding inside the helmet makes for a better and more comfortable fit.

  • Made with ABS hard plastic
  • Double strap
  • Rainproof
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4. Rex Specs Dog Goggles

Rex Specs Dog Goggles Eye Protection For The Active Dog

If you want options, then Rex Specs Dog Goggles are the ones for you! They come in six sizes and 30, yes 30, different color combinations! In addition, the straps that go around the dog’s head and snout are adjustable, while still allowing your dog to have full jaw movement.

  • Lenses are rated UV400, blocking out 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Comes with 2 lenses, one clear and one of your choice
  • Rex Specs available for training your do to the googles
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5. PEDOMUS Dog Goggles

Pedomus Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles Adjustable Strap For Travel Skiing And Anti Fog Dog Snow Goggles

The PEDOMUS Dog Goggles are for more than just driving with your fur in the wind. While yes, they are windproof, but they’re so much more, great for swimming and skiing as well. Anti-fog lenses, with vents to prevent vapor inside, your pup will always have a clear view and no eyestrain with these goggles.

  • Filters out UV, UV400, Infra-Red and visible light intensity
  • Highly elastic strap allows comfort for different head shapes
  • Suitable for larger dogs
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Dog Motorcycle Helmets and Goggles Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide reviews the best motorcycle helmet and goggles on the market, whether you’re looking for style or function. The following features are included on most helmets and goggles and will help you decide what you might be looking for.


The majority of the motorcycle helmets are made with heavy duty ABS plastic, with a softer padding for comfort on the inside. To keep the helmets on the dogs’ head, all are equipped with adjustable nylon straps. For the goggles, all lenses are made with a UV protectant plastic, a soft padding around the eyes and either a nylon or elastic strap for around their head.


Dog motorcycle helmets and goggles are generally not made for all dogs. The sizing of them tend to lean towards smaller dogs, especially the helmets, with a certain shape head. If you are looking to purchase for your pup, make sure to check the size guides before you buy to avoid disappointment.


In addition to the UV protectant mentioned above, all of the goggle designs have been made to be windproof, waterproof and will prevent debris from getting in the eyes. The helmets offer less protection but can still protect active dogs in some situations. While they won’t protect your pooch if you are in a motorcycle collision, they can protect them if they’re on a hike and fall, and perhaps from a fall off a bicycle.

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