5 Best Dog Muzzles For Australian Terriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For a long time, people have thought dog muzzles do not provide any benefit rather harmful for the dogs. Most people make the mistake of associating dog muzzles with hostile dogs. But many experts have claimed that you have to make use of the dog muzzles under various circumstances. You need to opt for dog muzzles for the protection purpose of Australian Terrier and also for the people who are around them.

You might have a problem when purchasing a muzzle and often choose the wrong one. To make a smooth purchasing process, we have turned up with a few of the best muzzles available for Australian Terrier in the market. 

Best Dog Muzzles for Australian Terriers

Here are our dog muzzles for Australian Terriers reviews. 

1. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

If your Australian terrier gets too excited or stressed then, you can use Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. The fully adjustable head and neck strap provide extra comfort from the neoprene padded lining. It comes in two different colours and six different sizes to fit your Australian Terrier perfectly.

  • Soft and lightweight, your dog won’t mind wearing this muzzle as they can enjoy treats while having it on.
  • This muzzle consists of tough and durable, malleable thermal plastic rubber.
  • To give your Australian terrier customs fit just put the muzzle in hot water and adjust it. 

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2. PetSafe Dog Muzzle

Petsafe Dog Muzzle

To stop your Australian terrier from making aggressive and destructible move, use the PetSafe Dog Muzzle. You can restrict your Australian Terrier from nipping, biting and barking with the help of this muzzle. Choose from three different sizes to get the perfect fit for your Australian Terrier. 

  • To provide extra comfort to your Australian terrier this muzzle comes with padding.
  • The muzzle has an opening at the front which provides your dog with enough room to pant.
  • You can use this muzzle when visiting the vet, groomers or for reactive dogs. 

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3. Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Mesh Dog Muzzle

Coastal Pet Products Mesh Dog Muzzle

If you want a breathable dog muzzle, then opt for Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Mesh Dog Muzzle which provides you with the option to handle size easily. Try to use this muzzle during the summer months. During the hot summer months, your Australian Terrier can easily breathe and pant while wearing this muzzle. 

  • You can adjust the nylon strap completely.
  • Available in many sizes
  • The harness has built-in mesh fabric to provide breathability and airflow. 

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4. Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

Four Paws Walk About Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

For those who want a muzzle with a sleek design and perfect fit should choose Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle for their Australian terrier. The slim fit allows the Australian Terrier to bark but prevents them from biting anyone or anything. It has very few straps which you can adjust easily.

  • The muzzle made out of nylon last a long period of time.
  • You get the option to choose from 7 sizes to fit your Australian terrier perfectly. 
  • Most of the professional dog trainers use this muzzle. 

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5. OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle

Omnipet Italian Dog Basket Muzzle

If you want a lightweight and durable muzzle for your Australian Terrier, then choose OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle made out of polyethene. Your Australian Terrier does not have to limit their activity, as it does not weigh much. The leather straps provide extra comfort and stretchability for your Australian Terrier to stay comfortable while wearing it for a longer period.

  • When wearing this muzzle, your dog can completely open and close their mouth and also drink water.
  • Designed and produced in Italy, it features a muzzle basket design.
  • You can remove the front grill to provide extra comfort and access. 

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Dog Muzzles for Australian Terriers Buyer’s Guide

At times you need to put a muzzle on your dog for the wellbeing of the dog as well as the owner. Although you are attached with your Australian terrier a lot, they can sometimes get very excited or agitated and bite off people around them. This will cause harassment and embarrassment for you. To avoid such mishaps, you need to take the help of a muzzle. For those who want to buy a muzzle, try to choose the one which provides your dog with utmost breathability and relief. Most dogs don’t like to wear a muzzle as it restricts their movement and activity. You should pay attention when buying the muzzle and look for certain features. 


It is vital to pay attention to fitting when choosing a muzzle. You will find a variety of muzzles available with different fitting options. Do not buy the ones that create difficulty or pressure on Australian Terrier’s jaws. This can cause pain and annoyance for your Australian terrier. Try to buy a muzzle that comes with adjustable straps for a great fit. 


You need to keep comfort in your mind when purchasing a muzzle for Australian Terriers. If the muzzle does not provide your dog with comfort, then it will create a problem for them if they wear it for 30 minutes. Make sure you choose a muzzle that sits comfortably on your dog’s jaws and does not completely restrict their movement and activity. 


Try and purchase a muzzle made out of plastic or polyethene. These materials do not weigh more and won’t create a burden for your Australian Terrier. Also, if you opt for a muzzle with grill design, then your Australian Terrier can easily breathe without any obstruction. You can also find muzzles having a mesh-like design to help them pant and drink water. Try and choose from any of these options. 


Australian terriers are an alert and active dog breed. You need to take your Australian Terrier out for a walk all over the year. Your Australian terrier won’t have a problem wearing the muzzle during winter and spring as they experience cold weather. But during the summer when the weather gets really hot, it becomes difficult for the Australian terrier to wear it for 10 minutes. For this reason, try to opt for a breathable and lightweight muzzle that they can wear all year round. 

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