5 Best Dog Muzzles for Border Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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It’s time to get your feisty Border Terrier a dog muzzle. It might be that he needs some extra deterrence when out walking because he gets nervous and barks a lot around other dogs. Even if it is just a trip to the vets and you want to implement more safety for your dog and bystanders, it is not a bad idea. However, we also know it is not an easy job because there are so many different options to choose from.

What’s more your Border Terrier has a selectively small otter-shaped head and slight framed body. He is also good at escaping, so one which is designed durably with extra stability is essential if you want optimum practical use.

Best Dog Muzzle for Border Terriers

Take some time to look over this great selection of dog muzzles we have found for your Border Terrier to make this job a little easier for you:

1. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

The dog muzzle by Baskerville is especially designed with a small cup crate to fit your Border Terrier’s unique otter-shaped head and petite snout. It uses a heat custom-fit design to fit to each dog’s particular shape and has a well-ventilated mouth guard for easy drinking/eating and panting

  • Heat-shaped custom fit design
  • Tough and durable comfort
  • Well-ventilated muzzle crate

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2. Proguard Softie Dog Muzzle

Proguard Softie Dog Muzzle, Medium P

This soft dog muzzle made by Proguard uses a breathable light-weight nylon with mesh at the front and sides for better ventilation. It is a nice, tame mouth guard for your Border Terrier with a tough patented design, which restricts barking, chewing and biting.

  • Made with breathable nylon and mesh lining
  • Easy size chart for measuring
  • Easily adjustable and comfortable fit
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3. Kruuse Leather / Metal Dog Muzzle

Kruuse Metal Dog Muzzle With Leather Strap

The metal dog muzzle crate created by Kruuse is a safe and secure deterrence for your Border Terrier when your out walking. It has a well-ventilated design, which allows for easy drinking and eating. The strong leather strap secures tightly at the neck with a single strap.

  • Light-weight, durable design
  • Well-ventilated quality non-toxic steel crate
  • Strong genuine tan leather strap
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4. CollarDirect 2PCS Set Soft Nylon Pet MuzzleCollardirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle Small Medium Large Dogs Set 2pcs Soft Breathable Nylon Mask Safet (1)

CollarDirect provide a 2-piece set of soft breathable nylon dog muzzles, which gently cover the small snout of your Border Terrier. They are easy to attach and clean and intended for an especially relaxed deterrence. It has a soft and flexible design.

  • Small snout circumference
  • Easy to wash
  • 2-piece set

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5. Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle

Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle

This lightweight and breathable design made by Canine Friendly is made for small snouts fit your Border Terrier ideally for any occasion that he needs to wear this durable nylon dog muzzle. It comes with an easy-catch release for a quick attach and detachment.

  • Breathable mesh design
  • Strong nylon fabric
  • Short snout muzzle cup
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Border Terrier Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

The key factors that stand out in the design of your Border Terrier’s dog muzzle it that it has to be shaped and sized, especially to fit their small otter-shaped heads and fragile snouts. Therefore, we have opted for the best range of petite muzzle cups in a variety of different styles to tailor specifically to their needs. There are the metal crate muzzles, which are especially designed for the more feisty and aggressive dogs. However, if it is a simple protection from nibbling or protection on your next visit to the vet then take a look at the range of all-over fabric muzzle covers to keep your Border Terrier’s bad habits at bay.


In consideration of the fact that Border Terrier’s can get a little nervous at times, he might not like his muzzle on. Therefore, take into consideration the strength and durability of the material when you’re opting for the right dog muzzle for a longer lasting more effective deterrence. It is advised to opt for materials, which are made with quality-tested durable fabrics like nylon and genuine leather. The metal or rubber guards should be made from a non-toxic stainless steel or rubber, which will not corrode with time or poison your Border Terrier as it will be in close contact with his mouth at all times.


Your Border Terrier’s dog muzzle is effectively attached normally at the top of the neck with a single strap. We have opted for the best range of enforced attachments to make sure that the dog muzzle you choose provides maximum security and durability. A quick catch-release with a strong metal buckle will ensure the most appropriate fit and attachment. However, the belt buckle straps are also effective, especially if they are made from a 100% leather thick, strong strap. Take care to attach the dog muzzle with care and adjust the size so it fits properly and your Border Terrier isn’t going to wriggle out of it and come loose.

Extra Features 

The dog muzzles we have selected, especially for your Border Terrier here are include a great set of extra features. You want to keep they’re comfort in mind when they are wearing their muzzle, especially as when it comes to their everyday routine like eating and drinking, or even panting. Therefore, a mouth guard, which is well-ventilated with a metal crate design or mesh lining. Features that give your Border Terrier more comfort when wearing them with a flexible design and soft material.

Shape & size

We have selected the best range of petite and strong dog muzzles with a single durable strap, which can be easily attached around their slight neck. In each design, whether it’s the metal or rubber crate cup design or a mouth cover made completely from fabric. It is important to select a design, which has a small snout form, and mouth guard. I would advise you to look at the size chart and check them measuring the circumference of your Border Terrier’s snout, mouth and neck.

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