5 Best Dog Muzzles for Cane Corsos (Reviews Updated 2024)

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A Cane Corso is your loyal best friend and they will protect you at all measures. Within the household they are most loving of family members, but their guard dog status naturally poses them as a threat to bystanders who are not part of your family pack. This has its immediate advantages and disadvantages.

However, if you look after your Cane Corso correctly and take the right measures in creating a safe and danger-free zone for everyone, then you are going to have to invest in a strong and effective dog muzzle. In fact, in many countries it will be a law for them to wear one when out in public because of their breed. So you need to make sure you are buying the right one.

Best Dog Muzzle for Cane Corso

This is where we come in to make you’re job easier by choosing a selection of the best five dog muzzles to keep your Cane Corso under safe control:

1. Bestia “Soft Padded Dog Muzzle. Made in Europe!

Bestia Eros Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle, Large Breeds, Cane Corso, Rottweiler, Boxer, Presa, Bullmas

A custom-made dog muzzle designed in classic black and red with decorative metal studs is an excellent quality perfect match for your dominant Cane Corso, which will keep him well under control. Made from 100% genuine animal’s leather it has a padded, soft interior and three buckle attachments for a secure fit.

  • 100% genuine leather made in Italy
  • Specially made for large dog breeds
  • Three thick leather straps for an extra secure attachment
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2. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle (2)

Baskerville have created an easily adjustable, comforting dog muzzle that can be worn for an extended length of time. Your Cane Corso will have space in the mouth guard to pant, drink and eat. It has a special heat-shaped design to fit to their unique head form.

  • Versatile quick-release buckle
  • Breathable and multi-purpose mouth guard
  • Heat-shaped fit with pre-holed webbed fabric
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3. Dean and Tyler DT Freedom Muzzle

Dean And Tyler Dt Freedom Muzzle

This light and secure, easy-fitted muzzle made by Dean is a simple design, which attaches round the back of the head with a single leather strap. The chrome-plated steel mouth guard is durable, but still very breathable and allows for your Cane Corso to eat and drink with ease.

  • Large steel-framed mouth guard
  • Single, comfortable leather attachment strap
  • Made especially for large dog breeds
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4. Secure Leather Mesh Basket Dog Muzzle

Secure Leather Mesh Basket Dog Muzzle #16 Brown Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Mastiff (circumference

This is an excellent genuine leather, tight-strapped and breathable dog muzzle for your Cane Corso designed for an all-over comforting mouth cover. The high-quality tan brown leather strap attaches at the top and follows round and underneath for a tight secure fit.

  • Genuine high-quality leather straps
  • Detailed with nickel-plated metal studs
  • Well-ventilated comfortable design
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5. Real Leather Dog Basket Muzzle

Real Leather Dog Basket Muzzle #115 Black (circumference 18 , Snout Length 4.7 ) Mastiff, Great Dane

This XXL dog muzzle is designed with genuine real leather and made especially for deterring and covering your Cane Corso’s large snout. It has a well-ventilated large leather mouth guard and attaches nice and easily around the head with a single strap for a nice comfortable fit

  • Well-ventilated, light and durable
  • 100% genuine faux leather
  • Trimmed and riveted for extra durability
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Cane Corso Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

Keep in mind when your shopping for this essential item for your Cane Corso that you want a high-quality and durable made design, which provides an all over cover for their mouth. When out and about you have a mouth guard on them by law, which is secure and completely deters them. In case you need to keep them on for an extended amounts of time, either for long walks or if you have guests round, then opt for a variety with a well-ventilated large basket-shaped mouth piece. They allow for your Cane Corso to go about their daily routine, eating, drinking and panting comfortably.


You are looking for a muzzle that is made from the most durable of fabrics and in some cases the metal guards are also an excellent option, which provides a breathable, yet extremely safe and secure fit. The stainless steel plated mesh baskets are durable and heavily hard wearing. The straps have to be made of high-quality nylon or even better an ultra strong genuine leather, which fits securely round the head. ‘In some cases the mouth guard is made of leather with soft inner linings for a comfortable fit


A dog muzzle is attached round the large frame of your Cane Corso’s head usually with a strap, or quick-release buckle. In some case the more secure fits will have there or more belt buckles, one on either side of their face and one along the top. There are also more simpler designs, which allow for a a faster attachment. However, they may not be so secure. You have to judge by your Cane Corso’s nature, which of the models is more appropriate. If they are stronger and more temperamental, then the muzzles with multiple thick leather straps are more advisable to use.

Extra Features 

There are some ideal dog muzzles with multiple features, which allow for a more practical. The size adjustment buckles mean that you can loosen and tighten the muzzle to particular situations. Also if your Cane Corso has a temperamental character, or your used to going out a long time with them then a large, well ventilated mouth guard that allows them space to eat and drink, as well as pant is more beneficial and efficient.

Shape and size

When you are shopping for a dog muzzle for your Cane Corso you have to tailor the design to fit for their specifically round, large head and short snout. Take care to look at the size charts and measure their head first. A female Cane Corso may wear a smaller size. However, in most cases you can adjust the size with the buckle straps at the head.

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