5 Best Dog Muzzles for Havanese (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Is your Havanese prone to biting people, chewing things, and barking at strangers in the public? Get a dog muzzle to end this embarrassment and enjoy your outdoors with your lovely companion. Picking the right dog muzzle requires careful consideration of their features and qualities, and searching through an abundance of dog accessories on the market.

With this gear on your Havanese, people can feel more secure and confident around you and your dog, as it will stay calmer as long as possible.

Best Dog Muzzle for Havanese

These are our dog muzzles for Havanese reviews.

1. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle (4)

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is dog-friendly as it allows your Havanese to eat, drink, breathe, and pant comfortably. This dog muzzle will prevent the Havanese from licking wounds and eating rotten things as you walk or hike.  It is made for dogs of all breeds and sizes to keep them calm and happy at the same time.

  • Strong, durable, and comfortable with quick-release buckle for safety.
  • Made with soft neoprene lining and collar attachment loop.
  • Heat shaped for snug fitting on the dog.

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2. Soft Basket Silicone Dog Muzzle

Dog Muzzle,soft Basket Silicone Muzzles For Dog, Best To Prevent Biting, Chewing And Barking, Allows Drinking And Panting, Used With Collar (3)

Soft Basket Silicone Dog Muzzle keeps people and animals safe and secure around your Havanese. It helps the Havanese to undergo a medical check-up and grooming procedures without aggression. This dog muzzle is ideal to keep your pet from eating poisonous things, dead animals, and feces.

  • Made of soft and foldable silicone material.
  • Features a safety strap with points of attachment for maximum security.
  • Non-toxic, basket-style muzzle that does not cause skin irritation to the pet.
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3. Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle With Adjustable Straps, Black Nylon

Downtown Quick Fit Dog Muzzle is suitable for grooming a Havanese and prevents it from attacking you or the groomer. This dog muzzle is comfortable and can fit onto your dog easily. It comes with durable stitching to make it strong and secure on your dog.

  • Made of high-quality nylon material with a soft inside layer.
  • Fully adjustable strap with a quick-release buckle.
  • It is machine washable and tumbles dry on low heat.
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4. Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

Gentle Muzzle Guard For Dogs Prevents Biting Unwanted Chewing Safely Secure Comfort Fit Soft Neoprene Padding – No More Chafing – Included Training Guide Helps Build Bonds Pet (2)

Do you want to stop your Havanese from biting and chewing? Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs can restrain your pet from destructive traits of biting and chewing things. It comes with a secure lead attachment point that allows a Havanese to move conveniently without injuries and irritations.

  • Bonus dog collar and connection strap for enhanced security.
  • It has a comfortable neoprene padding that reduces irritation, hot spots, and chafing.
  • Adjustable using the loop fastener, straps, and hoof for snug-fitting.
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5. ewinever Dog Muzzles Suit

Ewinever Dog Muzzles Suit, Adjustable Breathable Safety Small Medium Large Extra Dog Muzzles For Ant

ewinever Dog Muzzle Suit has a versatile function of preventing a Havanese from chewing, biting, licking wounds, and barking at people. This dog muzzle is non-toxic, safe, and does not cause irritations on your pet. It is available in 5 pieces set and suitable for different sizes of dogs, or if you don’t know the size of your dog’s neck, choose ewinever Dog Muzzle Suit.

  • Made of durable nylon material.
  • Soft and breathable with a money-back guarantee.
  • Adjustable buckle with a strap for a perfect fit.
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Dog Muzzle for Havanese Buying Guide

Most times, barking is good to scare away enemies and potential threats. But nuisance barking could be eliminated using a high-quality dog muzzle for Havanese dogs. The muzzle will not prevent your dog from eating, drinking, and panting which are its habitual tendencies.

Choosing a suitable dog muzzle is a tasking exercise. This is due to different types of muzzles with varying qualities and many features associated with them.

Types of Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles are made in various types such as the basket dog muzzle and fabric dog muzzle.

Basket Dog Muzzle

If you want to embark on training, travels, and other outdoor activities, you need a basket dog muzzle. This type of muzzle prevents biting, chewing, and barking. It is breathable and does not cause irritations to the sensitive skin of a Havanese.

Basket dog muzzles are made of premium materials making them durable, comfortable, and safe on your pet. They are made with quick-release buckles with straps and attachment loops for a snug fit.

Fabric Dog Muzzle

Fabric dog muzzles are suitable to be used for short durations like visiting a veterinarian, grooming activities, etc. They are used for preventing bites and barks from Havanese dogs.

Size of the Snout of a Havanese

Choosing a dog muzzle depends on the size of the snout of a Havanese. It is advisable to measure the snout and get the exact measurement before placing an order. This will help you to get a comfortable, convenient, and snug-fitting dog muzzle.

Some brands of dog muzzles come in sets containing seven pieces or five pieces. If you do not know the size of your dog and cannot measure it, then buy a dog muzzle in a set. This type of muzzle will be beneficial if you have many dogs like puppies and adult dogs, you can easily match them to determine the appropriate sizes for each one.

Qualities of Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles are made of different materials with various features and qualities. These features include


Dog muzzles should be breathable to enhance comfort and convenience. This quality depends on the materials used in making the muzzle. Such fabrics include neoprene, nylon, and silicone.


Ensure the material used in making the muzzle is strong and durable. This quality will prevent the gear from damaging if your Havanese is very aggressive.


Purchase an adjustable dog muzzle to ensure a comfortable fitting. It should have attachment loops, straps, and buckles.

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