5 Best Dog Muzzles for Japanese Chins (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Dog muzzles are for every dog breed. You may think it’s inhumane to use a dog muzzle on your Japanese chin, but they are a useful tool used in breeding dogs. If you have a Japanese chin that’s too active and loves to rip things apart, then you would need a dog muzzle to train your pet. It doesn’t matter if your pet is gentle and puts on that heart-melting doggy looks; you will need a muzzle to groom your pet.

Best Dog Muzzle for Japanese Chins

Here is our best dog muzzle for Japanese chins reviews.

1. Photoiscool Dog Muzzle

Photoiscool Dog Muzzle Leather, Adjustable Anti Biting Dog Leather Muzzle, Breathable Safety Pet Pup

First on the list is the Photoiscool Dog Muzzle. The muzzle is an ideal tool to help train your Japanese chin to be calm. The muzzle allows your pet to pant and breathes comfortably. It, however, will stop him from biting or eating.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made with quality leather material
  • You can attach it to your pet’s collar to prevent it from slipping off
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2. Gentle Leader Dog muzzle

Petsafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No Pull Dog Collar (1)


If you are looking for the right dog muzzle to take your pet to walks and parks, then you should check out the Gentle Leader Dog muzzle. The muzzle is the ideal dog walk head harness that gives you full control as you walk your pet.

  • Combines a no-pull head collar to stop your dog from biting and barking
  • Adjustable straps for better comfort
  • Doesn’t slip off your pet’s face
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3. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is another impressive dog muzzle that helps train biting dogs. The dog muzzle is a basket-styled rubber muzzle. It allows your pet to pant, drink, and eat.

  • The ideal basket muzzle for Japanese chins
  • Made from a quality rubber material
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit
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4. Ewinever muzzle

Ewinever Dog Muzzles Suit, Adjustable Breathable Safety Small Medium Large Extra Dog Muzzles For Ant

Ewinever muzzle is a complete cover muzzle. The muzzle covers the mouth of your pet, and its ideal for training/grooming.  It is, however, made of a breathable nylon material for comfort. The muzzle stops your pet from biting and barking.

  • Durable nylon material
  • Great for small breeds like the Japanese chin
  • Ideal for a growing pup
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5. CollarDirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle

Collardirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle Small Medium Large Dogs Set 2pcs Soft Breathable Nylon Mask Safet (1)

CollarDirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle is a soft, breathable muzzle that keeps your pet in check. The muzzle covers your pet’s mouth, and its ideal for outdoor use.

  • Made from quality mesh material
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Japanese Chin Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

Buying a dog muzzle for your Japanese chin requires some expertise as they need soft muzzles, so it doesn’t hurt their face. Here are factors you need to consider before buying a dog muzzle for your Japanese chin.

Muzzle Type

The first thing you should consider when buying a muzzle for your Japanese chin is the type. They are two types of muzzles available in the market today. The basket muzzle is the lenient type of muzzle. It allows your pet to pant and drinks water. It works best as a long term muzzle and doesn’t restrict your pet’s face.

The soft muzzle, although looks better, restricts your dog’s face entirely. Your pet would not be able to move his mouth. The buckle system is more reliable than that of the basket muzzle and would shut your pet’s mouth. The soft muzzle is better off as a short term fix. It works best when you are moving around with your pet.

 Material Type

Another essential factor you must consider is the type of material used for the muzzle. Depending on the price, brand, and appearance, different muzzles have different materials. For aggressive and heavy-duty dogs, the basket muzzle type with wire mesh does the trick. There is the leather muzzle that’s stronger and pricy too. The ideal material for your Japanese chin is the plastic basket muzzle. There is also the soft nylon muzzle used to seal a dog’s mouth completely.


Before you search for the ideal muzzle for your pet, it is advised you measure the face and jaw to help you get the right size. Ensure to get an adjustable muzzle, so it doesn’t press to your pet’s face.


There are lots of fake sellers on the internet selling poorly finished dog muzzles. Thus, you must stick to a known brand when shopping for the right dog muzzle for your Japanese chin.

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