5 Best Dog Muzzles for Komondors (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Komondor is a sheepdog and has been bred to guard flocks. These dogs have always been ferociously dedicated to their work, so it is no surprise that Komondors are overly protective and dominating. You need a sturdy muzzle to control the potential negative behavior of these dogs.

We are aware that you wish to know more about the dog muzzle for your Komondor; that’s why we thought it would be better to review some of the best ones to guide you.

Best Dog Muzzles for Komondors

Here are our dog muzzles for Komondors reviews.

1. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle helps you control your Komondor when it is too tough to manage him. It has a basket-like design, so you can give him treats while your Komondor is wearing this muzzle. Therefore, this muzzle is great for behavioral management programs.

  • It features an ergonomic design.
  • Comes with neoprene padding for additional comfort
  • Designed using weather-resistant materials

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2. Coastal Pet Products Comfort Dog Muzzle

Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle

Coastal Pet Products is designed to offer greater comfort to your Komondor while he wears it. This dog muzzle is completely designed using nylon; however, the additional nose padding makes this muzzle more comfortable to wear. This muzzle’s design offers greater flexibility in fitting, as there is a hook and chin loop at the snout for custom fitting.

  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Features a design which allows your Komondor to drink water while the muzzle is on
  • Available in multiple sizes

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3. PetSafe Dog Muzzle

Petsafe Dog Muzzle

PetSafe Dog Muzzle makes you control your Komondor’s behavior in a much comfortable way. Since it has a soft mesh chin-pad, this muzzle is easier and less stuffy to wear. The open front of this muzzle is such that it allows your Komondor to drink water and pant freely.

  • Features sturdy nylon straps
  • The fitting is completely adjustable
  • Available in various sizes

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4. Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

Four Paws Walk About Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle is typically used by professionals and is known for its durability. This dog muzzle is designed to offer great flexibility on size due to the presence of the adjustment straps.

  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Available in seven unique sizes
  • Made fully using durable nylon

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5. CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle

Collardirect Leather Dog Muzzle For Doberman & Border Collie

This CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle offers a soft yet durable accessory to control your Komondor’s negative behavior. This muzzle’s design is such that it offers greater flexibility in fitting, as you find adjustable straps here.

  • Comes with small holes for a better ventilation
  • Suitable for vet visits
  • Made using genuine leather, so it is lighter in weight.

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Dog Muzzle for Komondors Buyer’s Guide

Komondors are great herding dogs and are generally known for their loyalty and dedication. It is due to their herding instincts that these dogs have a protective nature. Such behavior often makes them destructive and adopt wary conduct towards strangers and other pets. You must train your Komondor in a way that it develops tolerance towards other pets and new people. You will need the right dog muzzle while conducting such training sessions.

The perfect muzzle for your Komondor is the one that aligns perfectly with his requirements. These requirements can be judged if you evaluate your choices under the light of certain factors. We have reviewed those factors in this buyer’s guide, so you should read them to better understand.


Since the muzzle is designed to control the excessive biting, barking, or nipping of your Komondor, it is vital that it fits your Komondor well. This can only be done if you pick the right-sized muzzle. To ensure that the muzzle is right-sized, it is better to measure your Komondor’s snout’s circumference and length. You should ensure that the snout’s circumference is measured while your Komondor is panting, as this gives him more room for flexibility and comfort while he wears the muzzle.


The adjustability of a muzzle plays a crucial role because that helps you use a muzzle for a longer-term, even when your Komondor grows older. It also helps you overcome any miscalculations which you may have made beforehand while measuring the size. So, it is always better to buy those muzzles which come with the feature of adjustability.


You often find two types of muzzles if you judge them as per the closure and control they offer. The functionality of both muzzles is quite similar, as both are designed during behavioral management programs. Nevertheless, the basket-like muzzle is designed to control the chewing habits along with biting and nipping. On the other hand, a front-open muzzle is not designed for controlling chewing but is a considerable choice for controlling barking, biting, and nipping.

Once you know the degree of control each muzzle offers, you can easily pick the one which will help you better manage your Komondor’s behavior. You should remember that the dog muzzles should always be crafted using some durable material like nylon or thermoplastic rubber.

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