5 Best Dog Muzzles for Mastiffs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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There are several instances where you might find you need to muzzle your Mastiff.  For example, in cases where you have an aggressive dog, for visits to the vet or new places, or if your Mastiff doesn’t like to be groomed.  Ideally, you would get your Mastiff used to wearing a muzzle from a young age, but it is possible to get him comfortable wearing it as an adult, too.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the right muzzle to fit your giant Mastiff, but a good fit is essential for its safe and effective use.

Best Dog Muzzle for Mastiffs

Here are our dog muzzle for Mastiffs reviews.

1. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle (2)

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is a super durable TPR muzzle with comfortable, adjustable nylon straps.  Designed for your dog’s comfort and security, this humane muzzle allows your Mastiff to eat, drink and pant as normal.

  • Can be heat shaped for a custom fit
  • Collar attachment loop
  • Optional overhead security strap
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2. BRONZEDOG Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

Bronzedog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Great Dane Mastiff Leather Adjustable Muzzles For Large Dogs

The BRONZEDOG Metal Wire Basket Muzzle is designed for extra-large dogs such as Mastiffs.  This metal wire basket muzzle has high quality, genuine leather straps for comfort and safety.

  • Soft strap keeps basket off the nose
  • Four adjustable straps
  • Provides excellent ventilation
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3. Good Boy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

Gentle Muzzle Guard For Dogs Prevents Biting Unwanted Chewing Safely Secure Comfort Fit Soft Neo (1)

The Good Boy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs is a comfortable muzzle made from nylon straps with soft neoprene padding inside.  The convenient side release buckles provide a quick, comfortable and safe fitting.

  • Soft padding prevents chafing
  • Fully adjustable straps with strap-lock buckles
  • Extra collar with D-ring and connection strap included
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4. Heele Dog Muzzle Nylon Soft Muzzle

Heele Dog Muzzle Nylon Soft Muzzle Anti Biting Barking Secure,mesh Breathable Pets Mouth Cover For S

The Heele Dog Muzzle is a unique mesh muzzle with an adjustable strap.  The soft mouth cover is secured with thick Velcro and the reinforced knit nylon provides a strong, but comfortable muzzle for your Mastiff.

  • Buckles at the back of the neck
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Available in four colors
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5. Secure Leather Mesh Basket

Secure Leather Mesh Basket Dog Muzzle #16 Black Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Mastiff (circumference

The Secure Leather Mesh Basket by Dogs My Love is a premium muzzle made for Mastiffs and other large breeds.  The genuine leather basket has nickel-plated hardware.  This is a super durable but lightweight and comfortable choice for your Mastiff.

  • Basket design provides good ventilation
  • Riveted for extra strength
  • Safe and non-toxic
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Dog Muzzle for Mastiffs Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a muzzle for your Mastiff can be tricky due to his large size, but there are plenty of good options on the market.  Whatever you choose, always make sure your dog can eat, drink, pant and bark freely while wearing a muzzle.  Ideally, the muzzle will be comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis, but muzzles are not meant to be worn for extended periods of time.  As always, follow the manufacturers recommendations on sizing carefully, for a safe and secure fit.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog muzzles for Mastiffs on the market so you can choose the right muzzle for your dog.  The following features are included on most muzzles and will help you to choose which features you need on a muzzle for your Mastiff.

Sizing and Fit

Mastiffs have a broad snout, so you will need a muzzle that fits comfortably.  The best way to know is to measure his snout’s circumference from about one inch below his eye line.  Then, add 1.5 to two inches to the circumference when choosing a size.  The length is also important – measure from the tip of his nose to a ½ inch below his eyes.  To make things easier, choose a muzzle that is fully adjustable and has several adjustment locations.  Ideally, an over the head strap will help keep the muzzle in place, as will collar connector loops that allow the muzzle to be attached directly to his existing collar.


Muzzles can be made from a variety of materials and no one material is best for a Mastiff, as long as the materials are of a high quality.  So, it ultimately depends on you and your Mastiff’s preferences.  Wire basket muzzles can be the least comfortable, especially for laying down.  But, they may be the most durable option for aggressive Mastiffs in training or prey-driven dogs.  Leather straps and baskets are great for comfort and durability, while TPR also provides excellent strength.  Another very common material is nylon, which is effective provided it is high-quality and double-stitched.  Clasps and buckles can be metal or plastic but must be durable and good quality for long term use.

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