5 Best Dog Muzzles for Papillons (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you own a Papillon and your vet has a standing rule that all dogs must wear muzzles to their office, but you can’t find one that fits your dog’s mouth? This is a common problem with toy breeds and while the muzzles made for them are fewer than bigger breeds, they are out there. Before purchasing a muzzle I will remind you of the most important thing to do, measure your dog and compare it to that company’s sizing chart.

Many different companies have their own sizing so just because your dog is a small in one thing, does not mean it will be in another. I have compiled the top five recommended Dog Muzzles ForPapillons, with a short product summary under each item to explain why you would want to buy it. At the end of the article will be a buying guide for extra information about the various pet muzzles on the market, if you want to read it.

Best Dog Muzzles for Papillons

Here are our Papillon dog muzzle reviews.

1. The Company of Animals Baskerville Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle (4)

The Company of Animals Baskerville Dog Muzzle is designed to allow your Papillon to eat, drink and pant as needed while wearing the muzzle. With heat shaping, this muzzle can be made to custom fit to your dog’s mouth. With six different sizes, this muzzle is perfect for any breed of dog that you may have.

  • Designed to allow dog to eat, drink and pant as needed
  • Heat shaping makes for the closest to custom fit you can get in a muzzle
  • Variety of sizes to best fit any dog you may have

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2. Downtown Pet Supply Dog Muzzle

Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle With Adjustable Straps, Black Nylon, Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 3 Xl, Size 4 Xl, Or Size 5 Xl (2)

The Downtown Pet Supply Dog Muzzle is made with adjustable straps to better fit your Papillon. The fabric is a sturdy nylon to give the muzzle the durability it needs while still feeling comfortable to the touch. The design is made to keep their mouth fully closed, ensuring no risk of biting at the vet or park.

  • Adjustable straps are used to better fit the muzzle to your dog
  • Nylon is sturdy and offers a comfortable muzzle for short periods of use
  • Full closure on the mouth ensures no biting in high stress situations

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3. GoodBoy Gentle Dog Muzzle

Gentle Muzzle Guard For Dogs Prevents Biting Unwanted Chewing Safely Secure Comfort Fit Soft Neoprene Padding

The GoodBoy Gentle Dog Muzzle is made with a soft neoprene padding on the inside to ensure your Papillon’s snout doesn’t chafe. The muzzle is designed to stop biting or barking while still allowing them to breath, pant and drink freely. With a high quality buckle, this muzzle is adjustable to your dog’s snout for the best fit possible.

  • Soft neoprene material on the inside makes for a great muzzle
  • Stops biting or barking, but allows drinking and panting
  • Single buckle gives an adjustable fit for you Papillon’s muzzle
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4. Weebo Dog Safety Muzzle

Weebo Pets Breathable Nylon Cloth Safety Muzzle (1)

The Weebo Dog Safety Muzzle is made to be breathable but sturdy for your Papillon’s comfort during high stress situations. The material is a tough nylon and it is washable to make your cleaning easier. With a soft and padded interior, the muzzle protects your dog’s nose while worn.

  • Breathable but sturdy for your dog’s comfort
  • Nylon is tough and easily washable for your cleaning convenience
  • Interior is soft to the touch for your dog’s pleasure
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5. NACOCO Shaped Dog Muzzle

Nacoco Anti Bite Duck Mouth Shape Dog Mouth Covers Anti Called Muzzle Masks Pet Mouth Set Bite Proof Silicone Material

NACOCO Shaped Dog Muzzle is made with a comical design, the duck bill contains your dog’s biting while being humorous to look at. With the adjustable strap, this muzzle can be fitted to most breeds of dog. The muzzle is made with a sturdy silicone that offers the most comfort and durability for your pup.

  • Duck billed design is both funny and practical
  • Adjustable strap is made for dogs with odd head shapes to better fit any dog
  • Silicone gives durability while still being comfortable to the touch
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Papillon Dog Muzzle Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen some of the options available to you, I will go further in depth on the various features muzzles can have. Some of the features you may want to do away with, while others may be exactly what you’re looking for. There are muzzles of every type you can think of out there, once you know what you want you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your Papillon.

Heat Shaping

This is a handy feature because you can bend the muzzle to an almost custom fitting of your Papillon’s jaw. Heat shaping is simple, using hot but not boiling water you dip the muzzle into a bowl of it. Once it has sat for a bit, remove it and use your hands to shape the muzzle into the desired shape. Then you dip the finished product into a bowl of cool water and leave it until it firms again. You can easily do this multiple times to be sure of the perfect fitting muzzle for your dog.


There are many muzzles out there made of various fabrics and most of them are horrible to clean. The pet industry has seen this and in response has come out with the washable muzzle. This is a nice feature thanks to its time saving ability. When the muzzle is dirty you throw it into the washing machine and you’re done. Beware, always be sure to check that the muzzle is machine washable as some brands are only hand wash. This is still easier to clean than some muzzles but not as time efficient.


This is a vital factor for a muzzle, and you should always check that the one you plan to buy has this feature. Muzzles should never restrict the air flow of your Papillon, and the material should be breathable so they do not get over heated on hot summer days.

Able to Drink/Eat

When looking for a muzzle for your Papillon I can not stress enough how much I recommend these types of muzzles. Having the ability to eat and drink with the muzzle on can save your dog’s life if the worst were to happen and they got away while wearing the muzzle. For your dog’s safety more than anyone else’s I advise these muzzles.


Having an adjustable muzzle is always a plus, thanks to the usually loose fitting brands. If the muzzle is too loose your Papillon can easily clip out of it, but if it is too tight then it can cause chaffing and rubbing. Both of which lead to unnecessary pain. The more points of adjustment there are, the better the muzzle will fit your dog.

Light Weight

The reason a light weight muzzle is a nice feature to have is the strain a heavier one  puts on your Papillon’s head and neck. Smaller breeds especially have this problem, thanks to the thinner bones in their body. You should always be sure that whatever muzzle you are buying fits all the needs of your dog without causing them pain or injury.

Room To Pant

This is another important thing to have in a muzzle! There are a few brands that do not account for this which, if you live in a hot or humid area, is a very bad thing. The reason dogs pant is because their body heat is naturally higher thanks to their fur, and they need a way of cooling off. The panting is that way for them and if you restrict their ability to pant then they are more likely to have heat sickness problems.

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