5 Best Dog Muzzles for Tibetan Mastiffs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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It sounds weird to have a dog muzzle for breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff. They’re not the slightest bit aggressive, unless of course, if you provoke them. But Tibetan Mastiffs don’t need muzzles for bite training! They’re just fiercely protective of those that are the closest to them, so it’s safe to keep a muzzle on them when they’re meeting strangers. Barking, panting, licking, and chewing are some problems that you can solve using a dog muzzle.

Best Dog Muzzles for Tibetan Mastiffs

Here are our Tibetan Mastiff dog muzzle reviews.

1. BronzeDog Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

Bronzedog Wire Basket Dog Muzzle German Shepherd Metal Leather Adjustable

A wire basket muzzle has one of the simplest and most breathable designs. This product from BronzeDog is perfect for a walk around the block, or even for longer trips abroad. Its wire mesh is ideal for large head and snout sizes.

  • Full ventilation and zero suffocation.
  • Adjustable leather straps for full comfort.
  • Durable and rustproof wire mesh.
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2. CollarDirect Leather Amstaff Muzzle

Collardirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle Leather

This one looks specifically designed for aggressive giants, but it’s actually really useful for all dogs. The leather mesh ties securely on your Tibetan Mastiff’s snout and makes behavioral training quite easy.

  • Sturdy, lined leather.
  • Doesn’t suffocate Tibetan Mastiffs.
  • Adjustable snout and headgear straps.
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3. Coastal Pet Best Fit Mesh Muzzle

Coastal Pet Products Nylon Poly Big Dog Tie Out

While most mesh muzzles aren’t durable enough, you won’t feel disappointed with this one. It has a softly padded noseband made of nylon mesh that’s fully breathable and comfortable. For a mild restriction, we recommend you give this one a try.

  • Sizes 8 and 8XL are ideal for Tibetan Mastiffs.
  • Strong and tear-resistant.
  • Adjustable straps for full flexibility.
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4. Jorvet Nylon Muzzle

Jorvet Nylon Muzzle, Small

If you need a muzzle that will help you handle tantrums at the vet’s or the groomer’s, you need something that’s extra durable. This nylon muzzle is ideal for keeping Tibetan Mastiffs under control. While most muzzles make it difficult for your Tibetan Mastiff to pant freely, this Jorvet Muzzle is much more flexible.

  • Snugly, comfortable fit.
  • Quick-release safety buckles.
  • Breathable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant nylon.
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5. UmySky Ultra Soft Basket Dog Muzzle

Umysky Soft Ultra Silica Gel Basket Dog Muzzle,adjustable Breathable Safety Mouth Mask Dog Muzzle F

Instead of a wire mesh basket, you can also try this silica gel basket muzzle. The non-toxic silicone gear is more flexible and less constricting. It’s also quite comfortable for daily and prolonged use. You can try this muzzle if you’re leaving your Tibetan Mastiff out for a nightly watch.

  • Tear-resistant.
  • Secure buckles.
  • Adjustable.
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Tibetan Mastiff Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

Dog muzzles have been demonized throughout the decades. After all, they seem like a cruel measure, especially for dogs that are total softies at heart. However, studying dogs’ psychology has revealed that even calm and composed breeds, such as the Tibetan Mastiff, need muzzles for good training.

Dog muzzles for Tibetan Mastiffs are also important because Mastiffs don’t like receiving orders directly from humans. Wearing muzzles is a useful trick to get your Tibetan Mastiff to obey you and keep itself under control. Though they don’t lose their cool easily, a dog muzzle is still an important part of training your Mastiff to stay calm.

To select a dog muzzle that your Tibetan Mastiff will love, here’s what to look for:

Muzzle Size

Tibetan Mastiffs are a breed that grows steadily right into adulthood. However, their training has to begin since they’re young, which means their muzzle size will also keep changing.

Usually, a small or medium muzzle size will fit your Tibetan Mastiff in its early years of life. Upon reaching adulthood, you can choose larger sizes. Throughout these stages, you should keep away from non-adjustable muzzles. Though you can’t find one-size-fits-all muzzles, the ones with adjustable straps and fits will go a long way and help you save bucks. Buying a muzzle that’s too tight or too loose will only add to your troubles and make it more difficult to tame a Tibetan Mastiff.

Type of Muzzle 

Choosing the right type of muzzle depends on the purpose you have in mind. Tibetan Mastiffs aren’t used to full-fledged compliance, so a muzzle that seems too intimidating is a big no for them.

Tibetan Mastiffs usually require muzzles to get rid of their chewing and licking habits. Bark prevention is another reason why you may want a muzzle for your Tibetan Mastiff. Given these requirements, you can choose:

  • A leather or wire mesh muzzle for occasional training.
  • A nylon or rubber band muzzle for regular use
  • A basket muzzle for going on walks or trips.
  • Gauze muzzles for grooming or vet visits.

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