5 Best Dog Muzzles for Toy Fox Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Muzzles are a multi-purpose tool for your dog, they are a way to stop biting and chewing, help reduce barking, and teaching your dog not to eat unwanted items from the ground. They can keep your pup safe when meeting other dogs, and they’re often used at vet clinics and groomers when dogs are in high stress places. Contrary to popular belief, dogs who have a muzzle on, are not necessarily large and aggressive.

Best Dog Muzzles for Toy Fox Terriers

Here are our reviews for the best dog muzzles for toy fox terriers.

1. GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

Gentle Muzzle Guard For Dogs Prevents Biting Unwanted Chewing Safely Secure Comfort Fit Soft Neo

GoodBoy’s gentle muzzle is great for preventing your toy fox terrier from biting and chewing on things you don’t want them to. It is gentle and humane, as well as lightweight for your tiny pooch. The comfortable neoprene padding will prevent rubbing and chafing of their snouts, while still allowing them to breath, pant, and drink water.

  • High-quality buckles
  • Adjustable straps, with a loop to prevent flappy ends
  • Bonus collar included
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2. CollarDirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle

Collardirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle Small Medium Large Dogs Set 2pcs Soft Breathable Nylon Mask Safet (1)

CollarDirect’s adjustable dog muzzle is made nylon, making it both durable and easy to clean. Though it is built with durability in mind, it is still soft enough to be comfortable on your dog. This muzzle will still allow for panting, drinking, and receiving treats.

  • 2 muzzles come in the package
  • Side release buckle
  • Both the head straps, and snout straps are adjustable
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3. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra is rated as Amazon’s Choice, with over 7,000 feedback. This basket-style muzzle can be heat shaped, like a mouth guard, to ensure a custom fit around your dogs’ muzzle. This one in particular is great if your toy fox terrier likes to eat everything it comes in contact with. The full coverage will prevent this while still allowing them to take treats, pant and drink.

  • Great for reactive dogs and new situations
  • Built with strong TPR material
  • Soft neoprene lining
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4. Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle

Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle For Small Medium Large Dogs, Air Mesh Breathable And Drinkable Pet Muzz

Crazy Felix’s nylon muzzle is a uniquely shaped mesh muzzle, that is designed to prevent biting, licking and chewing issues and is also great for excessive barking. The muzzles are made with a breathable mesh and have reinforced stitching for extra durability. Your toy fox terrier will have no problem with panting, drinking, and receiving treats while wearing this muzzle.

  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Edges provide extra padding for dogs’ comfort
  • Head strap with ergonomically designed with safety in mind
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5. YAODHAOD Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

Yaodhaod Nylon Mesh Breathable Dog Mouth Cover, Quick Fit Dog Muzzle With Adjustable Straps,pet Mout

The high-quality, breathable mesh on the Yaodhaod dog muzzles are coated with a vinyl chloride resin, to help with the flexibility, providing a better fit for your toy fox terrier. The head straps are double reinforced with stitching and are adjustable. An added nylon loop is included so that you can attach to your dogs’ collar for added security.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Hook and loop closure around the snout enables adjustability
  • Dog is still able to pant and drink water
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Dog Muzzle for Toy Fox Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide reviews the best dog muzzles for your toy fox terrier.


Muzzles are made with durable materials, that are still comfortable enough to be on your dogs’ snout. The materials for the muzzle portion differ from rubber, to nylon, to mesh, while the straps are generally high-quality nylon. The hardware on your muzzle will also offer a choice, usually between plastic and metal.


While the concept of muzzles is mostly the same, there are some slight variations to them, depending on its purpose. Some muzzles are to prevent your dog from barking so much, so generally these ones will be more fitted to your dogs’ snout. If you need an all-around muzzle, one of the basket ones is good as it will prevent biting, licking, eating off the ground, yet they can still pant, drink, and accept treats.


Muzzle sizing is extremely important, especially for toy fox terriers due to their size, to ensure the correct fit. Having an ill-fitted muzzle could be dangerous for people, and your dog. Also, the sizing will be tied in to the style of muzzle that you will be getting, some muzzles require the circumference of the snout to be measured, while others don’t.

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