5 Best Dog Products for Smooth Foxingeses (Reviews Updated 2021)

The Smooth Foxingese is a mix between Smooth Fox Terrier and Pekingese. If trained well, this dog will make a very good pet. Smooth Foxingese is very possessive of its pet parents and easily gets jealous of other pets. That’s why it is not recommended for pet owners that also own other animals. Besides, it demands careful monitoring when around small kids.

The Smooth Foxingese has a very affectionate, loving, and courageous personality. This breed is smart; however, it gets a little difficult to train sometimes. It also has high levels of energy, and pet parents should continuously involve it in exercises.

Smooth Foxingese has a thick coat and should be brushed daily to maintain good coat health and looks. If you have a Smooth Foxingese, then the following mentioned products will help you better care, nourishment, and safety of your dog.

Best Dog Food for Smooth Foxingeses

Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Smooth Foxingese is Nutro Ultra Small Breed Weight Management Dry Dog Food, 8-lb bag. This dog food has great weight management formula. It is made of a protein-rich formula that includes lamb, chicken, and salmon as the main ingredients. The amino acids in the recipe promote muscle strength. While with the well-balanced fat and protein ratio, your dog will stay in good shape. 

  • Ensures a shinier coat and healthier skin with the omega fatty acids.
  • Does not include any artificial ingredients like colors, preservatives, and flavors.
  • Highly digestible recipe.

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Best Puppy Food for Smooth Foxingeses

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Puppy Recipe

The best puppy food for Smooth Foxingese is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This puppy food is made of roasted venison and bison. It is rich in protein that makes it great for the muscle health of your pup.

  • Supports bones, joints, and overall health.
  • Provides a better digestive system through prebiotics and antioxidants.
  • Equipped with omega fatty acids for superior coat and skin.

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Best Dog Crate for Smooth Foxingeses

Midwest Icrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Smooth Foxingese is the MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This carte has a strong and sturdy design that makes it extremely safe and secure.

  • Easy to relocate and travel with the fold-and-carry design.
  • Contains a durable and long-lasting plastic pan.
  • Offers higher portability with four rubber feet.

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Best Dog Bed for Smooth Foxingeses

Best Friends By Sheri Orthocomfort Sherpa Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Smooth Foxingese is Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Sherpa Bolster Cat & Dog Bed. This dog bed has been specifically designed to provide better support to your pal’s back. It has a round shape that will make your dog feel protective. 

  • Provides easy cleaning with washable and dryer-safe material.
  • Features grippers to prevent slipping.
  • PP cotton material makes it stay at a good temperature.

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Best Dog Harness for Smooth Foxingeses

Kurgo Journey Air Polyester Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Smooth Foxingese is Kurgo Journey Air Polyester Reflective No Pull Dog Harness. This super comfortable dog harness is ideal for all types of situations, including walking, running, and hiking.

  • Supports dual-clip leash attachment.
  • Provides higher visibility in darker hours.
  • Includes four release buckles for easy on and off.

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