5 Best Dog Ramps (Reviews Updated 2024)

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A dog ramp is one of the best things that you can get for your dog as they start to get older. Dog ramps are not necessary for every dog, but for dogs that have disabilities or dogs that are getting on in age, a ramp can be extremely useful. Dogs with arthritis can have problems with steps, as well as pets that you have to give a dog joint supplement to.

But a dog ramp can help a lot. The question is, how do you choose the perfect dog ramp? That’s exactly what we will be looking at in this article. We will be looking at both some of the best ramps on the market as well as information on how to choose the perfect one.

Let’s take a look at some of the best dog ramps that are currently on the market. It is extremely useful to understand how to choose the perfect dog ramp, but it is also helpful to know which ones are the best. We have narrowed down the choices and chosen five of the best dog ramps that are currently available. These will fit your needs no matter what kind of dog you have.

Best Dog Ramps


1. Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp

Solvit Petsafe Deluxe Extra Long Telescoping Pet Ramp Product ImageThe first dog ramp on the list is this Solvit PetSafe deluxe telescoping pet ramp. This pet ramp is great for large dogs, because it is quite a bit bigger than most of the other dog ramps on the market these days. Often, large dogs have problems with ramps because the limited space does not give them a gentle enough angle to climb. Small dogs can easily claim small ramps, but larger dogs have problems. However, this one is almost 50 percent longer because of the telescopic feature.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that is amazing about this ramp. There is a lot more that you will love about this product. For one thing, it only weighs about 18 pounds, which means that you can load it in and out of your car easily. But it will support up to 300 pounds. That means that you can even lead your dog up the ramp if you want. This ramp is the perfect combination of aluminum and plastic with a state-of-the-art design that makes this one of the best ramps on the market. It is the perfect size, has plenty of strength and is still lightweight enough to be handled easily.

This dog ramp is really compact when it’s closed as well, so it is easy to store inside your car or in the house, and it has a high traction walking surface that allows your pets to easily claim without losing their footing. There are four rubber feet that keep it from slipping when used and all you need to clean this ramp is a bucket of soapy water. In addition, it provides guide rails on both sides of the walking surface. This gives your pet a specific path to follow and helps them feel better about walking up the ramp. It extends to a full 87 inches and is 20 inches wide to provide plenty of space for even the biggest dog. Plus, the company offers full support at a toll-free number six days a week if you ever need help with your ramp.

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2. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

Pet Gear Tri Fold Ramp Product ImageThis Pet Gear tri-fold ramp is another advanced design that you will really enjoy using. There are several different designs that ramps come in, and tri-fold is one of the best out there. It means that you are able to fold up the ramp compactly and stored easily. A trifold ramp means that it folds in two places – essentially there are three different pieces that will fold up to create a very compact broken down ramp. When this ramp is folded up, it takes up very little space because it is completely flat and only a few inches in length and width. Plus, the way in which it is set up and torn down is as simply as it could be. You just fold each side flat against the other and you’re done.

Another great thing about this ramp is that it has a lip that easily fits on the back of your vehicle and is stable enough to not move when weight is put on the ramp. The ramp supports up to 200 pounds, and the lip that locks it into place on the back your truck is the beginning of a total of 71 inches of length which is plenty of room for your dog to be able to walk down the ramp easily without skidding or finding it too steep. It is perfect for dogs with arthritis, older dogs with stiff joints and will even support the weight of a human if you need to help your dog up the ramp.

Finally, there is a set of wheels that pop out whenever you fold the ramp up into its compact shape. This means that you don’t have to carry the ramp around with you. You can just roll it to where you need it to be. It isn’t very heavy, so this isn’t really necessary, but it is a really nice feature for anyone who doesn’t feel like picking up the ramp and carrying it. Finally, this is a carpeted ramp, which is a really nice feature because it allows your dog to grip the ramp with his claws and gives him more traction when climbing up.

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3. Paws & Pals Auto Dog Ramp

Paws And Pals Auto Dog Ramp Product ImageAnother great ramp comes from Paws & Pals, and it is so compact that it folds down into about the size of a couple of shoeboxes. This ramp is not quite as long as some of the other ones on this list, but it is still plenty long enough for medium or small pets. This folding pet ramp takes all of the work out of loading and unloading your pet from your vehicle. It is best for small pets, and it is made for compactness and ease-of-use rather than for length or size. This ramp will easily fit into the trunk or cargo area of an SUV and can be set up in seconds ready for your pet to climb in.

There is a lip at one end that will attach to any ledge that you have including the rear area of your cargo section or even to the edge of the seat in your car. If you want to load your dog into the backseat, you just lay down the ramp with one end on the edge of the rear seat and the other end firmly on the ground. There is four feet of length for your pet to traverse the area between the ground and wherever you have the other end set up, which is an easy enough grade for pets that have a difficult time walking or jumping.

It has slip resistant feet and ridged pads along the ramp area itself that keep it steady and secure on the ground and easily traversable by your dog because they are able to gain momentum with every step. It even comes with grip tape that you can put on the ramp as an optional extra to give your dog the easiest time going up and down the ramp as possible. Plus, when you fold it up there are side latches that keep it locked together and a carrying handle that allows you to easily move it around. It is also 100 percent washable with soap and water so you can wipe down once in a while; that’s all the maintenance that requires.

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4. Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp Product ImageIf you want something to take with you everywhere you go, then you will really love this bifold half ramp. This is not the longest ramp on this list, and it may not work very well for high places like putting your dog into the back of an SUV with large tires, but you can easily place it at the bottom of your rear door area and load your dog into your car, or help them get into the house over short steps that make up your front porch. The major benefit that this has over the competition is that it is so lightweight and easy to transport that you could simply carry it around with you if you wanted.

This is also really soft ramp that protects your pet’s paws as they transverse it, and it folds easily into a single flat unit that can be carried around with one hand. The pressure-activated gripping system allows for pet paws to hold onto the mat while they are walking on it. This ramp is 42 inches in length, which is just shy of four feet, and is designed to be used with minivans or cars or to help your dog get on the furniture in your home. It has a built-in handle so you can pick it up after it has been folded, and it only weighs seven pounds. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that this isn’t a strong ramp. This ramp can actually support up to 200 pounds. It is also 16 inches wide but just four inches thick.

When it comes to getting the perfect ramp, you have to decide how you are going to use the ramp before you start looking at ramps that you want to buy. If your goal is to simply have a ramp available to you can carry with you and set up in seconds whenever your pet needs to get onto something, then this is the perfect solution. This isn’t going to work for large dogs or for extremely high places, but you can take it with you on walks and keep it in the car for whenever you need it.

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5. Internet’s Best Small Adjustable Pet Ramp

Internet's Best Small Adjustable Pet Ramp Product Image (1)Finally, this is a really small, but still really useful, dog ramp. There are a lot of ramps on the market that claim to be portable and compact, but there is nothing like this one. This is a very short ramp that will only allow your dog to climb on the places that are about two feet in height, but it is extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is extend the brace on the bottom and your ramp is ready to go. You can push it right up against the bottom of your car door or furniture that you want your dog to climb up on and they will be able to use the carpet to climb up easily.

This ramp weighs just a few pounds and it folds almost completely flat. There is only about an inch of thickness to this ramp, even when it is folded up completely, so even if you have very limited space in your car or home, you can easily store this ramp. Plus, it is so lightweight that you can carry it with you anywhere you want or even fit it into a backpack if you need to. This is the perfect ramp for sofas, beds, couches, small stairs or ledges. It is strong enough to hold pets of up to 175 pounds – which is far more than needed but will also support the weight of a human if necessary – and is fitted with durable carpet that adds grip for your pets cause and keep them from slipping as they climb the ramp.

Even though this is a really simple ramp to use, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. For example, there are three different height adjustments that you can make to get it to the perfect place for whatever you are trying to get your pet to climb on top of. You can set it to 10 inches, 13 inches or 16 inches. It looks nice and weighs almost nothing but it will give you a much needed tool for pets that have arthritis or stiff joints that need to get onto the couch or bed at the end of the day.

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Dog Ramp Buying Guide

Best Dog Ramp ReviewsIf you need a dog ramp, then this buying guide will help you choose one. When it comes to things that you buy for your dog such as a dog crate, dog bed or dog house, you want to know all of the different factors that go into buying that particular piece of equipment. For example, with an outdoor dog kennel, you want to know how much space you need and what sort of material it is made out of. The same goes for a dog playpen. But with dog ramps, there are specific factors to keep in mind as well. This buying guide will give you all the information you need to make a decision about which one to get.

Why You Need a Dog Ramp

It can be helpful to understand why you need a dog ramp in the first place. Many experts recommend that you elevate your dog’s food bowl so they can easily get at it. But some dogs have trouble getting too high places. That’s why setting up a ramp so that your dog can easily access their dog bowl or automatic dog feeder can be helpful.

As dogs get older, they may get arthritis which can cause pain and stiff joints. You can tell when your dog is not feeling his or her best by using dog activity monitors, a GPS tracker for dogs or by observing them when they play with interactive dog toys. If your dog is older and is experiencing arthritis, then you may want to get them a ramp. You may also want to consider lowering their dog food, or getting a special dog collar or dog harness to help them get around.

Some dogs also suffer from degenerative diseases. This can cause problems when going upstairs or jumping up on top of things. Finally, dogs that have a disability such as legs that have been replaced by a set of wheels, may need a ramp to be able to perform normal activities.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Ramp

There are a few factors that you need to consider when it comes to buying a dog ramp. Often, a dog ramp is needed to get your dog into your car when you travel. A dog ramp is a good accessory to have for your vehicle in addition to things like a dog seat belt and a dog car seat cover. But there are number of factors that you want to weigh when it comes to choosing the right dog ramp. Take a look at the different aspects of dog ramps below so that you will have a much clearer idea on how to choose the right one.


The first dog bed ramp factor that you want to consider is material. This is referring to the construction material which is usually either aluminum or plastic or a combination of both. Pet bed ramps are constructed of lightweight materials so that it is easy to set up and tear down your dog ramp and folded up for storage. Either of these materials is extremely durable, and they both store heat at about the same rate. However, aluminum is probably best for larger dogs while plastic should be restricted to medium-sized and smaller dogs.

Fold Design

There are several different full designs that you have to choose from. The first is the trifold, which folds twice into a compact package and the other is the bifold which fold just once. The trifold has three parts while the bifold has two. There are also just ramps that have no folding capabilities at all but often have a leg or brace underneath to allow them to remain upright. Some ramps just rely upon the grip they have on whatever they are attached to it the highest height. The type of fold design that you choose will depend upon your personal preference and how long you need your ramp to be.

Surface Material

You also need to consider surface material. There are a lot of different surface materials for dog ramps. The type of surface material may vary whether you need a dog ramp for truck bed or a dog ramp for SUV use. Carpet is a popular material to cover dog ramps with because they allow for pets to grip with their claws and climb the ramp. Some ramps have ribbed surfaces instead, while others have no slip grip areas every so often along the ramp. Some ramps simply use whatever the surface material is that the ramp is made out of. What kind of surface material you need will depend upon whether your dog has trouble traversing the ramp with no surface covering or not.

Safety Features

You also want to look at some of the safety features for dog ramps. Whether you need a dog ramp for bed or a dog ramp for car, you should consider choosing one that has safety features like the aforementioned traction and safety rails on each side so that your dog feel secure while walking up the ramp. Choosing the best dog ramp and safety features is important because you want your dog to be as secure as possible when using it. Ensuring that the ramp is not too slippery, does not shift or move underneath their weight or have gaps where they can get pinched is very important.


The height of the ramp that you choose is also a factor. The height will determine what sort of objects you will be able to use the ramp with. However, with most ramps, the height is adjustable. In fact, with most ramps the height can be anything you want because you place one end of the ramp at whatever height you want your dog to get to and the other end goes on the ground. There are some ramps out there that are fixed and only go up to a specific height, but even those usually have limited adjustments. The height is in direct proportion to the slope of the ramp when you compare it to the length.


Weight is also a factor when it comes to choosing the right dog ramp. You can look at weight a couple of different ways. You can either have a sturdy ramp that you know it’s going to stay in place when you set it up or you can have a really lightweight ramp that is easy to carry. Heavier ramps usually have wheels to make transportation easier, while lightweight ramps are usually only a few pounds and you can be carrying them in your hand and keep them with you when you go out on walks. Depending upon how you plan to use ramp, weight may be a factor that you will look at when buying one.


You may also want to consider the width of the ramp. Most ramps are wide enough for just about any dog to get through, but you still want to check and see how wide a ramp is before you buy. Your dog should be able to traverse the ramp easily without feeling restricted, and in some cases, you may need to step onto the ramp yourself to help your dog get to where they need to go. You need to evaluate these factors and then choose a width that is going to work for you. Ramps that are open and have no sides are going to give you more freedom than a ramp that is restrictive, but you still wanted to be wide enough for your dog to walk up without feeling claustrophobic.


The length is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a dog ramp. The length is what is going to determine what kind of slope your dog has to traverse when he or she uses the ramp. If the length is very short, then your dog is going to have a very steep climb. On the other hand, if the dog ramp is long, it will be an easy walk up to wherever your dog means to go. Some dog ramps have telescoping additions that you can pull out if you need more space. Dog ramp length usually starts at around four feet and can go all the way to 10 or 12 feet if necessary. However, four feet to about six feet is the standard length.


The durability will depend mainly upon the construction materials. For example, aluminum is going to stand up to years of use and wear far better than plastic. The durability of your dog ramp is important because you are making a significant investment in some cases, and you want your dog ramp to last for many years to come. That’s why it is best to choose heavy-duty construction materials if you think that your dog ramp could undergo a lot of wear and tear. But even plastic ramps, except for the very cheapest of them, are pretty heavy duty and will likely last you for many years to come. You will have to make a decision based upon the size of your dog and how often you plan to use the ramp whether you want to spend more money on extra durability.


The style of your dog ramp may not be all that important, but if you’re going to keep it inside your house for your dog to be able to get up on furniture or climb on the bed, then you might as well have it look nice. Of course, this does not have to be a primary concern, but it is something to consider because an ugly dog ramp sitting in the corner of your living room with all of your other nice furniture is going to contrast very plainly. Make sure that you like the look of your dog ramp before you buy it. There are lots of different styles out there to choose from, and each one is a little bit different so you will have to make a personal decision on what you like.


How much your ramp cost is also something that you want to consider. The cost is not nearly as important as some of the other factors listed here. In fact, the cost should be one of the last things that you look at. Whether your ramp is durable enough to last you for many years to come and whether or not it works for your particular patent are all considerations that should be far ahead of how much your ramp cost. However, that does not apply to everyone. Some people have a very tight budget that they have to work with, and if that is the case, then getting your dog a ramp that you can afford is more important than anything. You will have to determine whether you can afford to pay a little more to get more length, more durability or more features from the dog ramp.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are lots of things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best dog ramp. A bed ramp for dog will be an important purchase for you and your pet. If your dog has gotten arthritis or is getting on in years, then a pet ladder for bed or other furniture could be necessary. How long that ramp has to be, how durable you want it to be and how much you can spend will all be factors that you will have to consider beforehand and apply towards whatever dog ramps you are considering purchasing. However, there are a lot of good dog ramps on the market and this buying guide should be able to give you some pointers on how to narrow them down to choose the perfect one. There are numerous factors to consider, but if you do your research carefully and read customer reviews, you should be able to pick out the perfect dog ramp for you and your pet.



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