5 Best Dog Shampoos for Alaskan Malamutes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The Alaskan Malamutes have a thick, dense coat which requires a high level of grooming. It is essential to bathe these dogs after every six weeks and the owners who do not follow this protocol, usually end up having untidy, and smelly Alaskan Malamutes. You surely, will not want that. We understand that most of you do not know which shampoo goes well with the coat of an Alaskan Malamute and are often quite confused when it comes to buying one. Therefore, we have shared our reviews for some of the renowned dog shampoos for your assistance.

Best Dog Shampoos for Alaskan Malamutes

Here are our dog Shampoos for Alaskan Malamutes reviews.

1. FURminator Deshedding Ultra Premium Shampoo for Dogs

Furminator Deshedding Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs

FURminator has created a premium solution for shedding problems which are often faced by heavy shedders like the Alaskan Malamutes, who sheds twice a year heavily. With the consultation of its expert team, they have designed a shampoo, using omega fatty acids and papaya leaf extracts, that will give a whole new refreshing look to your doggie along with minimizing the chances of shedding.

  • Free of parabens
  • Does not contain any chemical dyes
  • Made in the USA

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2. Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor Control Natural Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner

Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor Control Natural Puppy Shampoo And Conditioner

Nature’s Miracle has formulated this unique natural cocoa surfactant shampoo which leaves your dog with a clean, soft, and smooth coat and a rejuvenating smell. This 4 in 1 shampoo goes quite well with dogs like Alaskan Malamutes, as they tend to get dirt on their coat too often, while they are out for playing.

  • Free of chemical dyes
  • Soap-free formula
  • Made in the USA

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3. Paws and Pals Oatmeal, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Shampoo

Paws And Pals Oatmeal, Shea Butter, And Aloe Vera Shampoo

Paws and Pal have adopted a unique technique of utilizing 100% natural and organic ingredients like aloe vera, oatmeal, and shea butter to create a shampoo that gives your Alaskan Malamute a soft, silky and moisturized coat. This soap-free shampoo helps in treating conditions like itchy skin, dryness and dander.

  • Gives a shiny fur
  • Tear-free formula
  • Makes bath time a playful experience

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4. Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary and Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary And Mint Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

Buddy Wash has designed this 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo with a rejuvenating formula that leaves your dog with a sweet smell and makes it more relaxing for you to snuggle your furry friend. The company has used some of the cosmetic-grade ingredients like the botanical extracts and essential oils to leave your doggie with a long-lasting and refreshing smell.

  • Soap-free shampoo which gives your dog a smooth and silky coat
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Tea Tree oil to reduce itchiness
  • Manufactured in the USA

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5. CHI Gentle 2-in-1 Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Chi Gentle 2 In 1 Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

CHI has created this 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo to make it easier for you to wash your pup. It can be used for dogs like the Alaskan Malamute, as it treats the conditions of dryness and leaves your doggie with a well-toned and sleek coat. It has been made with mild surfactants to avoid causing itching of eyes or skin.

  • Ideal for dogs and puppies who are more than eight months old
  • Moisturizes coat
  • Leaves your dog with a refreshing fragrance
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Dog Shampoos for Alaskan Malamute Buyer’s Guide

Alaskan Malamutes require a high level of grooming as these dogs are heavy shedders and are known to shed twice a year heavily. You have to bathe them frequently. The use of high-quality conditioner, along with a good shampoo, is always seen as a plus. For this purpose, the 2-in-1 conditioning shampoos have an edge, and you can go for these shampoos for your Alaskan Malamute. But you should remember that excessive use of conditioner can leave a negative effect on your Alaskan Malamute’s coat. There are also certain ingredients which are seen as harmful and certain as useful. Most of the people are not aware of such information; thus, they end up picking the wrong shampoo.

In our buyer’s guide, we have discussed all ingredients which are essential as well as all those which are non-essential for an Alaskan Malamute. After reading this thorough guide, you will get a better idea as of which shampoo will be the best for you.

Essential Ingredients

There are certain ingredients which have to be there in your Alaskan Malamute’s shampoo. When you buy a shampoo for your furry friend, look at the ingredients of the bottle if it has the ingredients which we have mentioned below. We have also briefly discussed the benefits each ingredient provides so that you get a better idea of what you are dealing with.

  • Oatmeal – helps in moisturizing the skin and coat of your Alaskan Malamute
  • Aloe Vera – gives a rejuvenating fragrance along with a soft and shiny coat
  • Tea Tree oil extracts – helps in reducing itching problems often faced by Alaskan Malamutes
  • Papaya Leaf extracts – helps in controlling shedding and giving a sleek look
  • Shea Butter – helps in providing a soft and smooth coat to your Alaskan Malamute
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 – helps in maintaining a smooth and radiant coat and also reduces the chances of shedding

These are the main ingredients which should be there in your Alaskan Malamute’s shampoo. It is always better to go for the shampoo, which has more natural ingredients; they can either be botanical or vegan extracts. If you bathe your furry friend with a good shampoo frequently, the chances of shedding will significantly be reduced.

Harmful Ingredients

You should always look out for these ingredients; if they are there in a dog shampoo, you should better choose some other shampoo.

  • Parabens
  • Alcohol
  • Soap content
  • Chemical dyes
  • Artificial colors

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