5 Best Dog Shampoos for Gordon Setters (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The byname of the Gordon Setter, ‘black and tans,’ clearly establishes their coal-black colored coat with rich mahogany patches. Belonging to the Setter family, the Gordon Setters are affectionate as well as confident species. Their long and lustrous coat requires a fair amount of grooming, including regular brushing and monthly bathing.

While cleaning them at least once in a month will keep them from dandruff and dry skin, frequent shampooing can make them lose their natural hair oil content. If you are confused about an appropriate dog shampoo for your Gordon Setter, the following reviews will help you out in the best way possible. 

Best Dog Shampoos fo/r Gordon Setters

Here are our dog shampoos for Gordon Setter reviews.

1. Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary & Mint Dog Shampoo

Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary & Mint Dog Shampoo

The two in one shampoo + conditioner, Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary & Mint Dog Shampoo, is an apt choice for your Gordon Setter. The natural ingredients of the shampoo ensure an allergy-free cleansing process. The botanical extracts like sage and rosemary, along with essential oils, make it gentle enough for puppies too.

  • This soap-free formula does not have any side effects.
  • Coconut with rosemary and mint provides a soothing formula.
  • Aloe Vera and tea tree oil prevent itchy skin.

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2. Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs & Cats

Ensure a secure formula to maintain your Gordon Setter’s hygiene with Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs. This pH balanced shampoo is formulated with plant derivatives to ensure allergy-free cleaning. The mild coconut rejuvenates their skin and acts as a deodorizer.

  • Aloe Vera and chamomile rehydrate their skin.
  • Oat protein treats dry skin.
  • Free of parabens and chemical dyes.
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3. TropiClean Medicated Oatmeal & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo

Tropiclean Medicated Oatmeal & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo

Maintain the hygiene of your Gordon Setter and rejuvenate their dry coat with TropiClean Medicated Oatmeal & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo. This cleansing formula provides the best possible treatment to your Gordon Setter’s coat, with all in one solution to itchy skin, dandruff, and flaking. The natural salicylic acid treats dandruff, and the tea tree oil retains its natural hair oil content. 

  • This soap-free formula doesn’t wash off the tick treatments.
  • It creates a rich lather and is easy to rinse.
  • Provides long term freshness.

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4. Perfect Coat Black Pearl Tres Berry Chic Dog Shampoo

Perfect Coat Black Pearl Tres Berry Chic Shampoo For Dogs
Get a refreshing cleansing formula for your Gordon Setter with Perfect Coat Black Pearl Tres Berry Chic Dog Shampoo. Created with a natural black pearlescent, this shampoo maintains the luster of their coat. The aloe vera detangles their coat and re-moisturizes their skin, while the boysenberry fragrance provides a lasting freshness to your Gordon Setter.

  • Easy to rinse with a rich lather.
  • Specifically designed to maintain the luster of your Gordon Setter’s coat.
  • Appropriate for adult dogs.

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5. Zesty Paws Oatmeal Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo

Zesty Paws Dog Shampoo With Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Natural Grooming Pet Wash For Itchy & Sensitive Skin + Dandruff & Coat Odors Gentle Anti Itch Formula Vanilla Bean Scent 16 Oz

Proffer a deep cleansing formula for your Gordon with Zesty Paws Oatmeal Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo. The ingredients like oatmeal, Vitamin E and aloe vera act as soothing elements and treat your Gordon Setter’s inflammation. The quinoa and almond extracts rejuvenate their coat with their natural oil content.

  • Vitamin E soothes hotspots, and oatmeal creates a layer of moisture to prevent your pet from itchiness.
  • Aloe vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Light vanilla scent for lasting freshness.
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Dog Shampoos For Gordon Setter Buyer’s Guide

Shampoos that are formulated for humans are not usually compatible with your dog’s coat. It can give negative results and may make their coat lose its natural luster. Their long length coat might be challenging for you to clean. Moreover, excessive shampooing can work opposite of its function. You could have few uncertainties regarding a perfect dog shampoo for your Gordon Setter. Considering those doubts, we have listed the topmost factors that should be kept in mind while buying a dog shampoo for your Gordon Setter.


A well and good product with maximum benefits can cost you some extra pennies, but it will be worth it at the end. Do not compromise with the quality to cut the cost as the low quality of the product can have an adverse effect on your Gordon Setter for longer terms. You can avail of the discounts instead.


The most appropriate shampoo is the one that is pH balanced and formulated with natural ingredients. Avoid the one with chemicals as it can have negative effects on your Setter. Ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal act as a soothing element and reduce inflammation. Coconut oil enhances the moisture content of their coat.

It is better if the chosen formula has the qualities of both shampoo and conditioner to maintain the lustrous coat of Gordon Setter. The presence of vegetable protein neutralizes their odor. Some shampoos contain ingredients like omega fatty acids for additional benefits. You can opt for certain specialized shampoos for a particular purpose, but only after consulting a veterinarian. Make sure that the shampoo doesn’t contain chemical elements like parabens or dyes.


The dull coat of your Gordon Setter might be the result of a lack of nutrition. Choose a nutrient-rich shampoo under such circumstances. Opt for a shampoo cum conditioner for the pets with a dry and frizz-prone coat. Other pets with inflammatory tendencies should be cleaned with shampoos formulated with aloe, oatmeal, and eucalyptus extracts. 


The age of your Gordon Setter is the most important criterion while selecting a shampoo for them. Any side effects caused due to chemical components at an early age can cause permanent damage. So, you need to be extra careful while choosing a formula for the puppies. The shampoos for younger pets should be gentle and have a no-tear formula to make sure that it doesn’t irritate their eyes or skin. 


Gordon Setters are not hypoallergenic. They are usually healthy but can get prone to allergies or skin infections. The reason can probably be a chemical ingredient. Therefore, you must avoid parabens and chemical dyes. While botanical extracts are less likely to cause allergies, some of them might be the reason behind it. Therefore, we suggest you consult a veterinarian to know the exact allergen.

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