5 Best Dog Shampoos for Greyhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Your active and playful Greyhound loves to get outside and run and chase, so it’s no surprise he may get dirty from time to time.  The good news is he does not get that “doggy smell” like some other breeds, so bathing your Greyhound will probably not be necessary more than once every few months.  A good bath will help him feel fresh and help reduce some shedding as well.  Keep in mind that your Greyhound’s thin coat needs a shampoo that is designed for short-haired breeds, so it does not dry out his coat and irritate his sensitive skin.

Best Dog Shampoo for Greyhounds

Here are our dog shampoo for Greyhounds reviews.

1. Pet Head Feeling Flaky Shampoo

Pet Head Feeling Flaky Shampoo

Pet Head Feeling Flaky Shampoo is a specialty shampoo for your Greyhound’s dry and sensitive skin.  This formula contains yucca and chamomile extracts with silk proteins to naturally moisturize the skin and coat.

  • Fresh long-lasting strawberry scent
  • Strawberries and yogurt to nourish dry skin
  • Leave-in conditioner available separately

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2. Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo, Green Tea & Awapuhi

Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo, Green Tea & Awapuhi

Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo is a quality formula with organic fair trade shea butter, green tea and Awapuhi.  This shampoo is designed to nourish while relieving excess shedding and dander from your Greyhound.

  • Natural conditioning agents including organic aloe vera
  • Omega-6 fatty acids and ginseng nourish and detoxify
  • No-soap formula has natural coconut cleansers

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3. FURminator deShedding Dog Shampoo

Furminator Deshedding Shampoo For Dogs And Cats, 16 Ounces

The FURminator deShedding Dog Shampoo is an economical, high-quality dog shampoo that helps reduce your Greyhound’s shedding.  This formula is enriched with omega-6 and omega-3 for healthy skin and a silky coat.

  • Also contains Calendula Extract and Papaya Leaf
  • No parabens or chemical dyes
  • Can be used in conjunction with the FURminator conditioner

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4. Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Roll Over Image To Zoom In Burt's Bees All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner For Dogs

Burt’s Bees for Dogs is a premium shampoo that soothes and conditions your Greyhound’s dry skin and contains honey for a shiny coat.  This gentle formula is made from 97 per cent naturally derived ingredients.

  • Formula is pH-balanced for dogs
  • No fragrance, colors, sulphates or chemicals
  • Green tea extract strengthens hair follicles to reduce shedding

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5. TropiClean Lime & Coconut Deshedding Dog Shampoo

Tropiclean Aloe & Coconut Deodorizing Shampoo For Pets, 1 Gal Helps Effectively Eliminate Dog And

TropiClean Lime & Coconut Deshedding Shampoo is a delicious smelling shampoo that moisturizes your Greyhound’s coat while reducing excess shedding and dander.  Colloidal oatmeal is soothing for your pup’s sensitive skin.

  • Derived from 98.3% natural ingredients
  • Detergent-free for less irritation
  • Shed Control Lime & Cocoa Butter Conditioner available

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Dog Shampoo for Greyhounds Buyer’s Guide

The Greyhound is a beautiful, noble and independent breed, known for its sleek, lean look.  This is due in part to his short, thin coat and athletic physique.  His unique coat means easy maintenance for you, but it does come with some considerations when it comes to grooming.  Greyhounds rarely need to be bathed, but when they do, it’s important to have the right shampoo to prevent irritation to his sensitive skin.  In general, a nourishing de-shedding shampoo will keep your Greyhound’s coat smooth and shiny and prevent excess shedding.  If your Greyhound has dry skin, there are conditioners that can be used to heal and nourish.  Using a cleansing mitt or curry brush while lathering will also help remove excess hairs and feels great for your Greyhound, too.  Always use warm water when bathing your Greyhound, as he gets cold easily.  A cold bath could lead to an aversion to water, which means regular baths could become a challenge with your stubborn pup.

Our buying guide reviews the dog shampoo for Greyhounds on the market so you can choose the right shampoo for your dog.  The following features are included on most dog shampoos for Greyhounds and will help you to choose which features you need for your Greyhound’s grooming and cleansing needs.

Deshedding Formula

Look for a deshedding formula that will exfoliate your Greyhound’s skin beneath, and release excess hair and dander.  A deshedding shampoo will also contain natural moisturizers such as almond oil, chamomile or coconut oil that will help prevent breakage and reduce further shedding.  A specialty shampoo will ensure the natural oils are not stripped from your Greyhound’s coat, promoting healthy hairs and skin underneath.

Nourishing and Moisturizing

Because Greyhounds have sensitive skin, it’s important to choose a shampoo with certain ingredients to prevent dryness and itchiness.  Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids from natural sources such as wheat kernel germ are a great choice and will help bring shine to your pup’s coat.  Oatmeal and aloe are common ingredients to nourish and heal dry skin and will also moisturize at the same time.  Choose a shampoo that is derived from all-natural ingredients, so you avoid any harsh chemicals, dyes or parabens.  Your Greyhound’s shampoo should have natural cleansers such as coconut and not contain any drying soap or detergent ingredients.

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