5 Best Dog Shampoos for Sussex Spaniels (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Sussex spaniel is quite a valuable and rare sporting dog as it was once brought back from the brink of extinction. This British breed of dog is very energetic and sturdy. Sussex spaniel is excellent as a watchdog in spite of being relatively slow-paced. They are very friendly and they love the company of children.

If you have a Sussex spaniel at home, you must be worried about its proper grooming and care. To relieve you of such unnecessary tensions, here is the list of dog shampoos for your Sussex spaniel.

Best Dog Shampoos For Sussex Spaniels

Here are our dog shampoos for Sussex Spaniels reviews.        

1. NaturVet Hemp 2-in-1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner with Argan & Coconut

Naturvet Hemp 2 In 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner With Argan & Coconut

NaturVet’s hemp 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo and conditioner helps to keep your Sussex spaniel’s fur healthy and soft. This vet formulated shampoo is a great choice if you are confused among different brand products as it works wonder in cleaning the coat and skin of your Sussex spaniel. It contains several natural oils such as hemp seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil etc.

  • 100% organic shampoo.
  • It magically soothes the irritated skin and helps in restoring the moisture balance in the body.
  • A lemon fragrance helps your dog feel fresh for hours.

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2. CHI Gentle 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Chi Gentle 2 In 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Keeping in mind the softness of skin, CHI has brought an extraordinary product in the market for your Sussex spaniel. Presence of mild surfactants make this CHI gentle 2 in 1 dog shampoo and conditioner one of the top picks for dog owners. Rich conditioning is another quality which retains moisture in your Sussex spaniel’s skin for long hours.

  • The shampoo doesn’t irritate the eyes of your Sussex spaniel.
  • Provides a shiny appearance with a deep skin pore cleansing ability.
  • Retains the coat and skin nourished for a long time.
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3. Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Buddy wash is a big brand when it comes to choosing a shampoo and other for your Sussex spaniel.  Buddy wash has made this natural shampoo keeping in mind the soft and healthy skin of your Sussex spaniel. It contains aloe vera extract, rosemary, chamomile and other essential oils.

  • Buddy wash original lavender and mint dog shampoo is made from natural ingredients only. This shampoo is alcohol-free as well as soap-free.
  • It contains wheat protein also.
  • It provides long-lasting freshness.

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4. Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea and Bergamot Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea And Bergamot Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Buddy Wash is well known for producing the ideal grooming products for your Sussex Spaniel. Buddy wash Relaxing Green Tea and Bergamot dog shampoo and conditioner is the perfect fit for your Sussex Spaniel as there is a combination of natural products like coconut, green tea, essence of bergamot and others. The product is completely alcohol-free and soap-free which gives your dog the perfect coat.

  • Provide relief to itchy skin for your Sussex spaniel.
  • Keeps the coat moisturized and clean.
  • Contributes a big deal to hair growth.

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5. Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor Control Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor Control Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

To keep your Sussex spaniel clean and in a fresh mood, go for this Nature’s miracle supreme odor control oatmeal dog shampoo. This paraben-free shampoo provides a soft and delicate skin along with the elimination of bad odor from your Sussex spaniel. It is absolutely soap-free and free from artificial element

  • It will soften hair and fur like never before.
  • It will help your Sussex spaniel get rid of dry and itchy skin.
  • Provides a soothing fragrance of honey all over the body after thorough cleansing.

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Dog Shampoo For Sussex Spaniels Buyer’s Guide

It is needless to say how important a perfect shampoo is for proper grooming of your Sussex spaniel. It is always suggested to go for those shampoos which are 100% natural. Dogs lick their fur, so make sure there isn’t any artificial element in the composition of shampoo which can irritate their skin. Following are the factors to be taken care of before buying a dog shampoo.

Coat type

Every breed comes with a different type of coat. Some have smooth coat while some have a furry coat. Sussex spaniels are full of long coat. While shopping for your Sussex spaniel, keep in mind whether it has any issue with its coat or not. If it is perfectly healthy go for the shampoos which provide deep cleansing and rich nourishment.

PH level

pH level should be a basic concern while buying a shampoo for your Sussex spaniel. The shampoo which is perfect for your skin may not be good for dogs at all because of its different pH level. If you use human shampoo on your Sussex spaniel, it might show several skin reactions. Body of Sussex spaniel is more alkaline than that of human. So, it is highly recommended that you buy pH balanced products for your Sussex spaniel’s healthy skin.


If your Sussex spaniel loves to play, it might get dirtier than other calm dogs. It might want to sit on your lap with an undesirable smell in its body. It doesn’t care about its bad body odor, but you do. Don’t add colognes to kill the odor but give him a nice bath with a shampoo which fills its body with natural fragrance and help your Sussex spaniel feel fresh.

Skin condition

Before spending your bucks on a dog shampoo; keep two things in mind the age and skin quality of your Sussex spaniel. If it is just a puppy, it will have sensitive skin than mature one. So, choose those shampoos which will provide a soothing experience to your Sussex spaniel while bathing. Tearless shampoos are highly suggested if you have a puppy. Apart from this, if your Sussex spaniel shows a dry skin, always go for category-specific dog care products.

As a dog owner, you must be concerned about your Sussex spaniel’s healthy skin and cute look. So, make a wise choice while shopping its shampoo and conditioner.

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