30 Best Dog Strollers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A dog stroller may not seem like the most useful accessory for your pup, but there are some pretty good reasons to get one. A dog carriage can have lots of benefits for your bonding experience, and the best pet strollers for dogs can alleviate health risks as well. But how do you know which pet stroller to get and what accessories or features to look for?

That’s a pretty common question when shopping for pet supplies, and doggy strollers are no exception. In this buying guide, we will not only be looking at the top dog strollers currently on the market and why you should consider them. We will also be looking at all of the other factors that you have to evaluate when it comes to buying the best dog stroller.

Best Dog Strollers


1. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs

Pet Gear No Zip Nv Pet Stroller For Cats Dogs Product ImageThe first one on the list is this Pet Gear no-zip pet stroller. This particular stroller has a number of advantages that you will really like. It has plenty of extras that make it one of the best pet strollers to get.

One of the features that you will really love is the no-zip technology. This no-zip designs is one of the most innovative features when it comes to pet strollers. The no-zip feature means that there is a latch that locks instead of a zippered closure. The problem with pet strollers and zippers is that you can easily grab your pet’s fur and caused them pain or injury went trying to enclose them into the stroller.

In addition, zippers often get stuck and have to be cut free or torn free which ruins the stroller forever. That’s not the case with this stroller because it uses an entirely different mechanism to close up.

You will also love the wheels on this pet stroller. The wheels that are included with this stroller are able to travel along any kind of terrain including pavement, cement sidewalks and rough terrain like grass, dirt or gravel. In addition, the tires are equipped with what is called Air Ride.

Air Ride gives extra comfort and what is basically a set of shocks to prevent your pet from feeling the impact from cracks or bumps in the road. This is a terrific stroller that is going to keep your pet comfortable while you are traversing long distances with ease and it has a large interior that your pet will be comfortable in. This is perfect for small or medium-sized pets.

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2. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller

Hpz Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog Cat Pet Stroller Product ImageSecond is the HPZ Pet Rover that is one of the most convenient pet strollers currently on the market. This stroller features a simple one-handed mechanism that allows you to fold or unfold the stroller without any effort whatsoever. This means you can hold your pet in one hand while you fold or unfold the stroller.

In addition, being able to fold the stroller up to a very tight, compact state means that you can carry it around with you, strap it on your back or easily stow it in a closet or vehicle without it taking up any significant amount of space.

Some of the other features of this stroller include a complete suspension system that is so strong that it could support the weight of a human being, comfort ride wheels with front wheels that rotate 360 degrees and rear wheels that have their own individual brakes for added safety. This dog stroller also has high-quality construction going for it with stainless steel tubes and aluminum alloys so it is going to last for many years to come.

Plus, the breathable mesh cover make sure that your dog stays cool on hot days and still keeps out insects and other contaminants. There are also two pads inside the pet compartment that are made of high-density Oxford polyester fabric. They are stain-resistant and very comfortable; keeping your pet cool and you can wash them in a standard washing machine.

Another great feature is that you can change the size of the compartment to fit different sizes of pets. For example, if you have a small dog and a medium dog, you are able to adjust the inside compartment to fit your pet exactly so that he or she feels secure inside of the stroller.

You get plenty of extra storage as well including tons of it under the basket, three accessory bags and a bottle holder. When you take your pets with you they will be riding in style with this stroller.

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3. Gen7 Regal Plus Pet Stroller for Dogs and Cats

Gen7 Regal Plus Pet Stroller For Dogs And Cats Product ImageGen7 makes this Regal Plus pet stroller in an all-in-one package that can work for both dogs and cats. This is a really stylish stroller that is also extremely mobile and features a smooth, comfortable ride that your pets will not be able to get enough of. That’s due to fully convertible wheels in the front that offer 360 degree rotation and rear locks to keep the stroller from moving when you don’t want to.

Plus, this stroller looks so good that you will be proud to push your pets up and down the street, into stores or through the park.

But there are lots of other cool features to be aware of as well. For example, this stroller features a smart canopy the folds underneath the canopy hood so you never have to squeeze your pet against one side of the stroller when you open it.

Plus, you get plenty of extra storage with a smart basket underneath your pet with a large rear zipper so that you can grab things out of the storage compartment very conveniently without worrying that they are going to fall out on the trip. This stroller works for any pet up to 25 pounds and offers visibility all the way around the stroller so that your pet will be able to look out and enjoy the scenery.

This stroller is also extremely light and you can collapse it down to where it fits easily into the trunk of your car or above the hanging rack in a closet. You can even carry it with you in one hand while you take hold of your dog’s leash and walk them.

In addition, this is one of the most affordable strollers on the market offering terrific style, convenience, portability and plenty of storage space all for a price that you will be surprised at. This may be one of the budget dog strollers on this list, but that does not mean that it doesn’t come through in all the areas that it should. When it comes to your dog’s comfort and safety, this stroller really delivers.

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4. VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Vivo Four Wheel Pet Stroller Product ImageThis VIVO four wheel pet stroller is terrific in so many ways, providing a comfortable and stylish ride for your pet whether you are only going around the block or are going to be out all day. This is a durable and high-quality construction stroller with four thick wheels that make for a very smooth ride.

There are three access points to load your pet (or unload them), each with a large, easy-to-use zipper on the outside with a huge interior that measures 19 inches by 12 inches by 19 inches. In addition, these strollers have padded foam bottoms that will make sure that your pet is always comfortable the entire ride.

Breathable mesh surrounds this stroller so that your pet will be able to get plenty of air and see what is going on outside the carriage, and there is a top mesh window so that you can see what your pet is up to while you are pushing the stroller. There is even a convertible function where the top of the stroller collapses to create a large opening for when your pet needs some extra exposure to the sun.

There are two different places that you can put a cup while you’re walking your dog in the stroller as well as a tray to use for dog treats or other items. The tray is even big enough for you to carry your keys or mobile phone.

In addition, this stroller collapses down to almost nothing, allowing you to pick it up and carry under one arm or stow it in the back of your car easily. Two side latches collapse it instantly, and any pet up to 30 pounds will be comfortable in the stroller.

There is a great deal of additional storage underneath the stroller with the 16 by 12 by 7 basket to fit everything you could possibly need for your dog or for a trip out with them. This stroller offers plenty of airflow, plenty of storage space and plenty of room for your pet along with durability and performance.

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5. Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller for Dogs and Cats

Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller For Dogs And Cats Product ImageFinally, the Paws & Pals City Walk n’ Stride model stroller is a super stroller that meets all of the national safety standards for one of the lowest prices that you could find a pet stroller for. The stroller also comes in two different colors – black and red – and it allows you to take your pet with you even if they are not able to walk.

This is perfect for pets that suffer from arthritis and cannot take walks like they once did, pets that are suffering from a temporary injury or for taking your pet inside of stores that do not necessarily allow them to walk around freely. Whether you are taking a walk in the park or spending the day shopping with your pet this stroller is going to give you everything you need.

The strollers feature multiple mesh screens all the way around including a large open area at the front and a wonderful viewing area at the back. There is also visibility on the front and rear sections of the sides right at the corners.

This lightweight breathable mesh not only keeps your pet protected from insects and debris, it also gives them plenty of airflow to keep them cool and allows them to check out what is going on around them as the stroller goes down the sidewalk.

The stroller also comes with cup holders and there is plenty of room underneath for you to store everything from a phone, tablet and car keys to entire picnic basket if you want.

This stroller gives you everything you need at a rock-bottom price including portability; as it folds flat for easy transport. It also features rear security brakes, simple one-handed folding, a retractable, waterproof rain hood and both front and rear entry.

There are a lot of good reasons to go with the stroller if you have a small or medium-sized pet that enjoys riding around or is not able to keep up on walks as well as they used to.

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6. BestPet New Pet Stroller

Bestpet New Pet Stroller

The BestPet Stroller is spacious enough for any breed of medium sized dog to comfortable rest in it while walking. The storage is a good size for leash, purse, snacks or any other things you might need. The stroller comes with a removable pad for puppies who still have accidents.

  • Comes in five colors for your choice
  • Easy break down and set up design is good for on the go
  • Designed for both human and dog comfort with cup holder on handle


7. All Terrain Pet Stroller

All Terrain Pet Stroller

The All Terrain Pet Stroller is made to be both fashionable and useful with its leopard print fabric. The stroller has a rain cover included to keep your pup dry during those rainy walks. The material is high quality mesh and keeps insects out while providing air flow.

  • Front wheel rotates three hundred and sixty degrees for easier maneuvering
  • Design is foldable and nice for storage
  • Assembly is quick and easy for on the go walks


8. Best Choice Products Pet Stroller

Best Choice Products Pet Stroller

The Best Choice Products Pet Stroller is designed to cart around either a cat or a dog without issue. The stroller doubles as a bike trailer, the front hitch is secure and safe for you and your pooch. The stroller has multiple accessories to increase you and your pet’s safety.

  • Reflective stripes allow for safer night walks
  • Mesh windows are breathable and temperature cooling
  • Removable cushion inside is good for puppies who have accidents


9. Flexzion Pet Stroller

Flexzion Pet Stroller

The Flexzion Pet Stroller is designed to carry small to medium sized pets, with enough room inside for the to move comfortably. The four wheeled design is for the best balance possible, lowering risk of your pup rocking the stroller. The design has a sun shade for your pup’s comfort.

  • Mesh window is breathable and good to keep insects out
  • Comes in ten colors and designs for your choosing
  • Has both front and rear entry for easy load ups


10. Promenade Pet Stroller

Promenade Pet Stroller

The Promenade Pet Stroller comes in three unique colors and designs for your personal choice. The front wheel has three hundred and sixty swivel radius for easier maneuvering. The back two wheels make steering and control easier and comfortable.

  • Canopy hood blocks out sun or rain on your pup
  • Double mesh windows for breathability and to keep bugs away
  • Easy assembly and put away for storage/travel


11. Dkeli Pet Stroller

Dkeli Pet Stroller

The Dkeli Pet Stroller is designed with four wheels for the best balance and coordination. The cubby is made for small or medium sized pets, good for either cats or dogs. Made from high quality nylon materials, this stroller is sturdy while still being comfortable.

  • Stroller is designed with plenty of room in the cubby
  • Mesh fabric on front allows for breathability and ventilation
  • There is a removable pad for the inside, good for accidents


12. TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller

Togfit Pet Roadster Luxury Pet Stroller

The TOGfit Pet Roadster Pet Stroller is made to be both sturdy and comfortable for your pet. The quality fabric used is specifically picked for its durability and long lasting effects. The three wheel design allows for easy maneuvering around sharp corners.

  • Cubby is sized for medium to small pets
  • Compatible for both cats and dogs
  • Easy folding design is great for on the go traveling


13. Aosom Pet Stroller

Aosom Pet Stroller

The Aosom Pet Stroller is a two in one combo, the stroller can also be used as a bike trailer. The stroller comes in either red or light blue for your personal choosing. The fabric is high quality and weather resistant for you pup.

  • The stroller includes a sun protector which doubles as a rain cover
  • The front flap is made for easy entry and exit
  • Both rear wheels have three hundred and sixty degree turn radius


14. Dogger Stroller | Comfortable Dog Stroller

Dogger Stroller Comfortable Dog Stroller

The Dogger Stroller is both sturdy and comfortable for your dog’s enjoyment. The basket is sized for smaller breeds and is screened mesh. The mesh has an easy access zipper for putting your pup in and taking them out with little hassle.

  • Folding design is great for on the go traveling
  • Rear suspension allows for easier steering and maneuvering
  • Tires have three hundred and sixty degree movability


15. Sepnine Pet Stroller

Sepnine Pet Stroller

The Sepnine Pet Stroller is a two in one bike trailer and pet stroller. The durable fabric is great for any terrain or weather while still being comfortable for your pup. The window mesh on each side is great for breathability while keeping bugs out.

  • Comes in four varying colors for your choosing
  • The cubby is designed for medium to small sizes up to sixty six pounds
  • The dual entry allows for easy load up and let out


16. Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller

Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller

The Pet Stroller by ibiyaya is designed to hold bigger breeds of dog, or multiple medium to small dogs at once. The stroller includes a rain cover to protect your pup during those wet days. The stroller is designed to be broken down and fits easily in most car trunks.

  • Sturdy design holds up to one hundred and ten pounds
  • Design is compact while still having enough room for large dogs to move
  • The spokes of the wheels are reflective, making night walks much safer


17. Booyah Medium Dog Stroller

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller

The Booyah Dog Stroller is made for pets of medium or smaller size, the cubby has enough room for a medium sized breed to comfortably stretch out. The stroller doubles as a bike trailer for when you’re on the go. The stroller has suspension for a smoother ride for your pup.

  • Includes a bike trailer kit, if you need one
  • The bike hitch method is safer than a clasp
  • Rear wheels and handle bars are quick release


18. Bigacc 4 Wheels Dog Stroller

Bigacc 4 Wheels Dog Stroller

The Bigacc Pet Stroller is made with the highest quality fabrics and materials for long lasting use. The four wheel design is made for balance and better control while out walking. The cubby on the walker is made for small to medium sized animals that weigh under thirty five pounds.

  • Stroller is lite and foldable for easy traveling
  • Once folded it is small and easy to store
  • It has a removable pad for accidents in puppies or elders


19. Comiga Pet Stroller

Comiga Pet Stroller

The Comiga Pet Stroller is designed for quality control and smooth rides for your pooch. The three wheeled design gives you better control over the stroller while offering easy turns. The stroller is foldable and easy to take down or put up at a moment’s notice.

  • Comes in four colors for your choosing
  • Screened in cubby hole is great for ventilation and insect repellent
  • Storage is large and fits anything you’d bring on a walk


20. Elite II Pet Stroller

Elite Ii Pet Stroller

The Elite II Pet Stroller is made with the best and highest qualities materials for durability. Coming in either white or blue for your choosing, this stroller has a function design while still looking nice. The stroller also doubles as a bike trailer to take your pooch with you.

  • Fabric is completely weather resistant, rain or sun
  • The front flap allows for easy entry and exit
  • Mesh windows on all sides give great breathability


21. ROODO Escort 3 Wheel Pet Strollers

Roodo Escort 3 Wheel Pet Strollers

The ROODO Escort Pet Strollers are made for both durability and convenience. The sturdy fabrics used in the stroller guarantee long usage years while still being comfortable on your pup. It is made for small to medium pets and is good for both cats and dogs.

  • Mesh is lite and breathable while keeping bugs out
  • Stroller is easy to fold up and fold down for on the go walks
  • Comes in three colors for your choice


22. DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller

The DoggyRide Pet Stroller is made from the highest quality materials while still looking fashionable. The front flap allows for easy in and out access for you pooch and the mesh windows offer breathability while keeping the bugs out.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame is durable.
  • Wheels are quick release for your convenience
  • Large rear storage with water bottle pocket


23. Petique Pet Stroller

Petique Pet Stroller

The Petique Pet Stroller is designed to be both sturdy and stylish. The fabric is comfortable to the touch but sturdy enough for any terrain. The wheels are made from high quality materials and are good for any conditions.

  • Handle is adjustable for your comfort and has good grip
  • Fabric is removable and machine washable for convenience
  • Comes with air pump for tires and rain cover


24. Petbobi Dog Stroller

Petbobi Dog Stroller

The Petbobi Dog Stroller is made for any size of dog, from small to large. Even dogs the size of dobermans have room to lay comfortably in the stroller. The durable design holds up to one hundred and twenty pounds without breaking.

  • Storage space is decent sized for anything you may need on walk
  • Designed to be easy to step in and out of
  • Mesh windows on all sides for breathability and your pup’s visual enjoyment.


25. DODOPET – Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller

Dodopet Dog Stroller

The DODOPET Pet Stroller is made to be functional while being comfortable for your pup. The high quality materials it is made from make it strong and sturdy for long lasting use. The cubby is sized for small to medium sized pets with a weigh limit of fifty pounds.

  • Handle has a comfort grip and is reversible
  • The stroller is easy to fold and unfold on the go
  • When folded it takes up minimal space and is lite


26. KARMAS PRODUCT Pet Stroller

Karmas Product Pet Stroller

The KARMAS PRODUCT Pet Stroller is uniquely designed to take two of your pets on a walk at the same time while still giving both of them their space. The double cubby stroller is roomy and made from sturdy fabric for durability.

  • Comes in black, light blue, or red for your choosing
  • Frame is double steel and durable for long use
  • Multiple mesh windows for breathability


27. Dporticus 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Dporticus 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

The Dporticus Pet Stroller is made to seat two pets or just one with lots of room for it to move. The fabric used is high quality and durable for long lasting use. The stroller is designed for either cat or dog use, as long as they are medium size or smaller.

  • Comes in Red, Light Blue, or Black for your choosing
  • Mesh windows allow for breathability while keeping bugs out
  • Front wheel is three hundred and sixty degree swivel


28. Petzip Pet Stroller

Petzip Pet Stroller

The Petzip Pet Stroller is made for both comfort and durability. The materials used are all of the highest quality while still being comfortable. The stroller is only suitable for small breeds of pet or for puppies/kittens.

  • All wheels are three hundred and sixty degree swivel
  • Stroller frame is easily foldable and light weight
  • Mesh window allow easy breathing and keeps bugs out


29. SeedFuture Pet Carrier

Seedfuture Pet Carrier

The SeedFuture Pet Carrier is made with your pet’s comfort in mind, the fabric is soft to the touch while still being sturdy. The stroller is designed for your convenience with easy folding and traveling design. Once folded, it is easy to store or put in a car for traveling.

  • Three wheeled for better control and maneuvering
  • Mesh window protects from insects while letting your dog see
  • Stroller is good for either cats or dogs


30. LECWAY Dog Stroller

Lecway Dog Stroller

The LECWAY Dog Stroller stands at thirty seven inches tall and is made of the highest quality materials. The design uses its six wheels to better control where you’re going with little effort. The stroller can carry up to fifty pounds without breaking.

  • Front wheels rotate universally to best direct your stroller
  • Mesh windows are breathable and great for hot days
  • The handle bar is reversible and easy to use


Dog Stroller Buying Guide

5 Best Dog Stroller ReviewsThere are a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying the right pet strollers. Dog carriages have features just like any other product that you get for your dog like an automatic dog feeder, electronic dog door, dog ramp, dog camera and more. If you want to choose the best dog stroller, then you’re going to have to look at all of these varied factors and decide what is most important to you and what features you need. Many of the features that we will be discussing below are already present in the dog strollers reviewed here.

Whether you’re looking for a pet jogger stroller or stroller for dogs that are injured and cannot walk you will find plenty of options here including pet stroller reviews of some of the best products and all of the various features and accessories that you might find with the pet stroller. Having all of the information allows you to make the best buying decision possible, because the best pet stroller is the one that you have personalized to meet all of your needs and give you all of the features that you want. You will be able to pick a stroller that you and your dogs will love and will last for many years to come if you use the information in this buying guide to make a decision.

Reasons to Get a Dog Stroller

There are actually some pretty compelling reasons to get pet strollers. For one thing, a pet stroller makes it easier to take your dog places. For example, next time you load up your puppy in a dog crate to take him or her to the vet, consider putting them in a dog stroller instead if your vet is close enough to walk to. If you are taking a bicycle, then you might need something similar like one of the models of dog bike trailers out there. Having your dog in the stroller also helps you take your pet into stores where they may not necessarily be allowed otherwise.

In addition, dog strollers can help you go for a walk with your injured dog that is not able to keep up, and allows you to take your dog places like the park or a friend’s house without having to deal with a dog seatbelt or dog car seat cover. Another reason to have a dog stroller is that you are able to carry everything around with you. That doesn’t just mean your pooper scooper and poop bag; it means everything that root you might want with you on an outing including a jacket, your keys, your mobile devices, dog treats, your dog food container and more.

Plus, dog strollers protect your dog’s paws when it gets too hot, and keeps your dog confined if there is some sort of situation where your dog would normally run off such as a loud noise or crowd of people. There are lots of good reasons to get a dog stroller and the reasons listed here are just a few of them.

Types of Dog Strollers

You have several types of dog strollers to choose from. One of the most popular types is dog strollers for small dogs. Lots of people have small dogs, and there is no doubt that they can have trouble keeping up when you go out for a walk. Small dogs actually tend to prefer to be carried around, and that’s where this type of stroller can come in. But they also make strollers for larger dogs. Generally, the largest dogs are not going to fit in any of the strollers on the market, but medium-size dogs can fit into a stroller easily and still have plenty of room. The rule of thumb is, if your dog can turn around within the stroller compartment, then it is probably big enough for him or her.

They do make strollers that are larger than the ones for medium dogs, but they are usually not tall enough for larger dogs and instead are intended for multiple small dogs. You may be able to fit two or three dogs into your stroller at the same time and they can all hang out and relax while you push them around town. There are also strollers with all-terrain wheels that allow you to take them over asphalt, dirt, gravel and lots of other surfaces, as well as jogging dog strollers that come ready to be pushed at higher speeds. Finally, there are multifunctional strollers that are both safe and versatile and can be used in lots of different situations.

The Size of the Stroller

The size of the stroller is also a consideration that you should be looking at. The size of the stroller usually refers to the size of the compartment where your pet will fit. This is often measured in height times with times length. For example, a common small dog stroller might measure 12×17×12 inches. The size of the stroller is important because it will let you know what size of dog you can fit in your stroller.

The Maximum Weight

The maximum weight that your stroller can hold is also a consideration. You want to make sure that your stroller is not going to collapse or stop working because you put a dog in it that was too heavy. That means that you have to know how much your dog weighs and how much the stroller can support before you start your trip. Generally, the max weight of a stroller will be pretty consistent with the size of dog that is recommended to ride in it, but this is still useful stat to have and you can easily find out by looking at the manufacturer specifications.

Stroller Construction & Durability

In addition to maximum weight, you want to make sure that your dog stroller is constructed well. Just like indestructible dog beds or a dog gate, you want to make sure that your stroller is going to hold up against your dog over the long term. This is more than just the maximum weight; this is how much wear and tear is put on your stroller every time your dog gets in. You also have to think about if your dog is going to get any bigger in the near future. This will put additional wear and tear on your stroller as well.

Additional Stroller Types

There are some additional animal stroller types that you should be aware of. There are strollers out there that are intended to be hauled behind bicycles, and then there are strollers out there that could be used to transport children and pets at the same time. They have separate compartments for children and pets, so that you can go for a walk and take your baby with you while still having your beloved pet in the stroller as well. Another type that you may not have known about is the combination stroller for pets that is a stroller, dog carrier and car seat all in one. These strollers convert into each type with a little finesse.

The Price of the Stroller

How much the stroller costs is also a consideration. Whether you are purchasing a small item like a dog bowl or an outdoor dog kennel, you still want to be concerned about price. How much you pay will depend upon whether the stroller is worth it for the features that it provides. Most of the strollers out there with same features are going to be about the same price, but if you come across a stroller that is priced higher than the competition, then you want to make sure that you know what you are getting by spending that extra money.

Dog Stroller Features

Here are some of the features of dog strollers that you want to be looking at before you buy. When it comes to a dog buggy, you want to make sure that you get the features that you need and the ones listed below will give you a good idea of what is available.

Ease of Use

How easy the stroller is to use is definitely a consideration. This includes all kinds of things from how easy it is to fold it up for storage to how quickly you can get your dog loaded or unloaded. It may also include things like whether you can access the underneath storage easily or how difficult the stroller is to push.

Extra Storage

Does the stroller offer any extra storage besides the compartment reserved for your dog? That’s a question that you definitely want to answer, because you may want to bring additional things with you when you go out with your dog. For example, you may want to bring an extra jacket, a picnic lunch, all of your mobile devices or anything else that you might need while you are out and about.

Cup Holders or Phone Pockets

What about features for the humans that push the stroller? Does it have a cup holder and if so how many are there? What about a phone pockets that you can easily slip your phone in where you know will not slide out and hit the ground? These are also good questions to ask when you’re looking at the features that a stroller provides.


Whether the stroller is adjustable is certainly something that you want to be concerned about. If a stroller is adjustable, then you may be able to fit different sizes dogs in the same stroller. In addition, having an adjustable stroller can provide you with more flexibility for a dog that is just now growing up. Adjustability is probably not the number one concern for someone that already has a dog grown to full size, but it can be useful for certain dog owners.

Covers & Side Panels

Does the stroller have the option to cover up the top or put on side panels to protect your dog when it rains? The best strollers have this option, allowing you to remove or replace panels that are waterproof to keep the rain off of your dog while still providing him or her with enough breathability inside of the compartment. Make sure that the stroller provides a rain hood at the bare minimum that you can easily remove or replace if it starts to pour.

Portability & Transport

How easy or difficult the stroller is to transport is also something you want to think about. We have already discussed ease of use which includes breaking down the stroller so that it can easily be stored, but this also involves how heavy or lightweight the stroller is. Whether you can break it down and store it in the back of your car easily is something that you definitely want to consider because the best dog strollers are the ones that are the most versatile.

Wheel Brakes

Wheel brakes are also a consideration. There are actually a couple of things about the wheels that you should be looking at. Wheel brakes are typically on the back wheels and it prevents your stroller from rolling downhill or getting bumped and then taking off without you. But you also want to look at the front wheels and see if they provide a full 360 degree rotation. The best strollers provide this rotation because it allows you to easily take turns or move the stroller through a crowd without running into anyone or having trouble making turns.

Dog Stroller Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to buying a dog stroller. Besides all of the features that are listed above, you want to be concerned about things like price, durability and whether it will actually fit your dog and serve your purposes. There are plenty of dog strollers on the market, and if you use these guidelines, you will be able to narrow down the ones that are available to get to the one that you want that has everything you need. Of course, that will depend upon knowing what you want in the first place, but once you figure that out this buying guide is sure to help you with the shopping task ahead.

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