5 Best Dog Thermometers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Dogs may run high temperature as a sign when they are feeling under the weather. A concerned owner would want to know the exact state of the dog’s body using a dog thermometer. The life-saving device can also check the surface temperature.

It’s always a great idea to check your pup’s temperature to ensure it is within a healthy range. Moreover, dog thermometers can come in handy in many other areas, like checking the hotness of dog food or clipper blades.

Best Dog Thermometers

Here are our dog thermometers reviews.

1. IProven Pet Dog Thermometer

Iproven Pet Thermometer (termometro) For Accurate Fever Detection Suitable For Cats Dogs Waterpr

IProven Pet Dog Thermometer is a rectal digital display thermometer that gives a quick read and accurate dog temperature. It comes in handy for dogs and other temperature detection reasons aided by its gentle and soft tip. It’s set in the Fahrenheit unit and showcases precise readings.

  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Works for many pets
  • Fast detection ability
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2. Keenhealth Dog and Pets Digital Thermometer

Keenhealth Digital Pet Thermometer For Rectal Use Dogs, Cats, And Other Small Pets Dog Thermomet

Keenhealth Dog and Pets Digital Thermometer has the accuracy and precision typical with rectal thermometers. The process is even made more comfortable with the soft tip that ensures most comfort for your pooch; it’s slid in and slid out. In twenty-five seconds, you have your accurate result displayed in Fahrenheit on the digital screen.

  • Waterproof for stress-free cleaning
  • Suitable for measurement in many pets
  • Comfortable for your pooch with a flexible tip
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3. Aurynns Veterinary Thermometer

Aurynns Pet Thermometer Dog Thermometer, Fast Digital Veterinary Thermometer, Pet Thermometer For Do

Aurynns Veterinary Thermometer measures the temperature of your pet’s anal walls. It features an LCD tab for easy reading and a memory function in case of irregularities. You can read the numbers either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on your location.

  • Alarm sound indicates an excessive temperature
  • Ultra-fast and accurate
  • A very high 0.2F precision range
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4. Steebcece Digital Puppy Thermometer

Stebcece Veterinary Thermometer Digital Thermometer Pet Dog Puppy Cats Rabbits Kittens

Steebcece Digital Puppy Thermometer is hands-on the safest thermometer for measuring dog temperature. With no mercury-based functioning, the device poses a higher safety process than most similar gadgets. It beeps to signal high temperature and stores the reading in memory for some time.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Figures show more readable
  • Signals you on completion of measuring process
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5. Mindpet Clinical Pet Thermometer

Mindpet Med Fast Clinical Pet Thermometer For Dogs, Cats, Animals With 3 Switchable Modes (body, Obj

Mindpet Clinical Pet Thermometer measures the temperature of your pooch and gives you accurate results in seconds. Your pooch would feel nothing as the device has an ultra-fast detection ability and an excellent design suited for pets’ ears. You could see the result in the dark as it features a backlight to enhance reading.

  • Switchable Units – Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Runs on Alkaline batteries, no worries when on the move
  • Works for body, surface and room temperatures
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Dog Thermometer Buyer’s Guide

Trying to shop for the right dog thermometer? Check out the following factors you should consider before you settle for the ideal product.

Easy Display

You won’t want to go through the stress of checking your pup’s temperature over and over because you couldn’t read the display. Some dog thermometers have a dim display tab, and that spells more stress for you. You should ensure that your dog thermometers have a digital display with a light-up option in case you are in the dark.


No one wants to act on wrong information, especially when it has to do with the temperature of your pooch. The most precise dog thermometers are the rectal dog thermometers. So ensure you check out the fine print and know-how accurate a thermostat is, before buying.

Many Measuring Units

Not much of a problem depending on your location, but you would still want to go for a thermometer with Celsius and Fahrenheit in case. For the many unit types, flip on the buttons and switch the units for a more straightforward temperature check.

Measuring Speed

Not every dog has the patience to sit and allow run the temp-checking process. That’s why you need a device that measure fast. The thermometer should be able to detect the reading within the little quiet time as movements reduce reading accuracy.


For dog owners advanced in age or with joint problems, a thermometer with an ergonomic design is best. Temperature measurement in dogs is stressful on its own, don’t add to the stress with a product without design ergonomics.

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