5 Best Dog Toys for Border Collies (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you have a Border Collie and are trying to find toys for them? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount on the market for you to choose from or maybe your Border Collie needs special ones like dental chews or teething toys? Whatever it is your dog needs, the pet industry has it for them.

Below are the top five recommended dog toys for Border Collies with short product descriptions that explain why that toy made the cut. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various dog toys and why your Border Collie would want one over the other.

Best Dog Toys for Border Collies

Here are our Border Collie dog toy reviews.

1. Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy, Made In Usa

The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy is made with bacon infused throughout it to make your Border Collie love it. The design is made to give your Border Collie an easy spot to grip the bone as they chew. The toy comes in chicken, bacon or peanut flavored for your dog’s enjoyment.

  • Infused with real meat or plants for your dog’s delight
  • Easy holding position for dogs who don’t have thumbs
  • Multiple flavor choices for you to decide between
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2. Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

Outward Hound

The Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy comes with a choice of five different animals to hide in the tree trunk for your Border Collie to find. All of the toys you hide have squeakers in them for a fun play time once your pup finds them. The toys and the trunk are made from durable but soft materials for your Border Collie to play with.

  • Five style choices for you to choose from
  • Toys have squeakers to give further incentive for your Border Collie to find them
  • Toy is made from quality materials for a tough toy
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3. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy

Starmark Bob A Lot Interactive Dog Toy

The StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy is big enough to allow you to decide how much kibble or treats your Border Collie should have. The adjustable treat door lets you customize the toy to the size of the kibbles. The weighted bottom of the toy keeps it upright as your Border Collie knocks it around.

  • Big enough to hold one meal of kibble
  • Adjustable treat door for you to customize to the treat size
  • Weighted bottom keeps it upright for your dog to play with
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4. Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Dog Toy

Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

The Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Dog Toy is made of quality materials to ensure a durable dog toy for your Border Collie. The doors are easy to hide treats or food under and easy to slide for your dog’s convenience. The toy is easy to clean, just wipe it down on the inside and you’re ready to go.

  • Made from quality materials for your Border Collie’s enjoyment
  • Hide treats in doors that your dog opens
  • Easy to clean for your convenience
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5. Eetoys Dog Chew Toy

Eetoys Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers

The Eetoys Dog Chew Toy is made nearly indestructible for your Border Collie’s chewing needs. The toy is made with a lifetime replacement guarantee,giving you the peace of mind to try their product. The nylon is non toxic and gentle on your Border Collie’s teeth.

  • Nearly indestructible for hours of chewing
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee makes it a worry free purchase
  • Non toxic nylon is safe for your Border Collie
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Border Collie Dog Toy Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products, there are many different types of dog toys on the market and they each serve a purpose for your Border Collie. Some of the most popular toys are Teething, Dental, Interactive and Treat Dispensing. Below we will go over these types and why they are nice to have for your Border Collie.


If your Border Collie is still firmly in their teething stage and your furniture or shoes are the casualties you should look into a teething chew toy. These toys are made durable to help the erupting teeth through your Border Collie’s gums. When these toys begin to show wear, you should always replace them to avoid your Border Collie chewing off pieces and swallowing them.


Does your Border Collie have bad breath or build ups of plaque and tartar? This is common and, unless you have the time to brush your dog’s teeth on a constant basis, the build ups happen quickly. An easy way to handle this is to buy a dental chew for your Border Collie. Some come with baking soda infused for their breath while others have grooves in the rubber that catch the plaque and tartar as they chew.


Interactive or Puzzle toys are some of the most interesting toys on the market. It is said that playing with them helps your Border Collie’s critical thinking skills and increases their intelligence. These toys have a wide variety of forms but they all have a single basic purpose. They are a puzzle that makes your dog think to get their treat.

Treat Dispensing

Do you have a hyperactive Border Collie that makes doing your household chores difficult? Having a treat dispensing toy can keep your pup distracted and allow you to get what you need to do done. Some even hold up to a full meal in kibbles, making feeding time more fun for your Border Collie.

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