5 Best Dog Toys for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are one of the most aggressive and reclusive dogs who are not much social. These dogs have an average activity level, and if you do not provide them with enough exercise and walks, they will end up encountering joint disorders like hip and elbow dysplasia. Buying the right toys for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog is highly beneficial, as it provides you an opportunity to build a better bond with your big guy and is also an excellent way of curbing your dog’s susceptibility to encounter joint disorders.

Pet owners usually do not have much knowledge in this regard and are often confused when they have to buy a dog toy for their Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Are you one of those confused owners? Do you wish to get your hands on the best dog toy for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog? If yes, we are here at your service to assist you in making the right choice.

Best Dog Toys for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Here are our dog toys for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs reviews.

1. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc Dog Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Durable Dog Frisbee Nearly Indestructible Flying Disc Dog Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Zisc Toy is a floatable flyer Frisbee, which is the best choice on picnic trips with your Anatolian Shepherd Dog. The disc is highly buoyant and flies perfectly. If you are worried about whether it will be gentle on your doggie’s mouth, so there is no need for that as the material that is used is pliable than any average Flyer Frisbee toy.

  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • FDA Compliant
  • Can be cleaned conveniently in a dishwasher

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2. ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz Dog Toy

Zippypaws Rope Gliderz Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz dog toy has been designed to make the exercise sessions of your Anatolian Shepherd Dogs more joyous and fun-filled. This durable dog toy features a genuine mountain climbing rope attached to a disc, designed like a Frisbee.

  • Made with durable nylon
  • Helps in building a better relationship with your pat pal
  • Suitable for all breeds

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3. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Dog Toy Product Image

Specially designed for giant dogs like the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, who have the tendency to rip apart any delicate toy, KONG Extreme has a tough, sturdy structure made using durable, genuine rubber. This highly bouncy toy can be filled with scrumptious treats to surprise your pet pal.

  • Promotes positive reinforcement techniques in training sessions to make your doggie happy
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Made in the USA

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4. Frisco Fetch TPR Squeaking Ball Dog Toy

Frisco Fetch Tpr Squeaking Ball Dog Toy

Frisco has created a squeaky fetch toy ball that has an erratic bounce. This dog toy helps in planning actively engaging training and playing sessions for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog. The squeaky sound of the toy keeps your furry-friend engaged in the game. This also helps in improving your dog’s response and is an enjoyable pastime.

  • Specially designed for giant breeds
  • Reduce boredom
  • Helps in improving your Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s relationship with you
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5. Ethical Pet Skinneeez Forest Series Squirrel Stuffing-Free Dog Toy

Ethical Pet Skinneeez Forest Series Squirrel Stuffing Free Dog Toy

The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are powerful giant dogs that can easily tear any plush dog toy, so Ethical Pet introduced its Skinneeez Forest Series Squirrel to stop these dogs from creating a mess. This dog toy lacks any stuffing and can be conveniently used as a cuddling partner by your furry-buddy.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Features built-in squeaker to double the fun
  • Machine-washable

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Dog Toys for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Buyer’s Guide

The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are not much social, so to increase their human interaction and improve their relations with other pets, it is your responsibility to make their training and playing sessions more interactive. With the help of more interactive sessions, your Anatolian Shepherd Dog will become sociable and content. To make it happen, it is essential that you buy some interactive toys that make your Anatolian Shepherd Dog more active, happy, and amiable. We selected some of the best toys that promote activities and will help in making your Anatolian Shepherd Dog happier.

If you still have questions in terms of your dog’s toys, you should read our buyer’s guide, which we shared below. This guide will help in removing all your doubts and will let you buy a better dog toy for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog.


The dog toy’s size matters a lot when you are buying it for a giant dog like the Anatolian Shepherd Dog because they might swallow smaller toys and can even get chocked with any small pieces of a dog toy. Therefore, it is always better that you buy a large or extra-large sized toy. In that way, your Anatolian Shepherd will stay safe and healthy. You can always check your dog’s exact size, which is the size chart that comes with the toy.


The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are enormously powerful dogs who can literally rip apart any toy they get their hands on. To avoid any inconvenience, it is always better that you buy dog toys that are designed using sturdy, durable materials like nylon or rubber.


There are several toys that are made using toxic material. Such toys can be really harmful to your Anatolian Shepherd Dog. So, always read the pack if it tells you whether the toy is BPA-or-Phthalate-free. You should also check for its compliance with FDA. If a toy is not compliant with the FDA, you should avoid buying it.

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