5 Best Dog Toys for Basenjis (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Basenjis don’t only eat and sleep; they also need to play around to burn the calories. Runs and exercises help them stay healthy and happy as well as strengthen the dog-owner bond. Playing with toys can also help the dogs stay alone when the owners are away. Make their playtime a moment of pleasure with dog toys for Basenjis.

Best Dog Toys for Basenjis

Here is our dog toy for Basenjis reviews.

1. Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Power Chew Dog Toy

Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Power Chew Dog Toy

Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Power Chew Dog Toy is the best toy for Basenjis that love to chew. It’s made with durable nylon hardy material that is robust and breaks proof. It serves a stimulating tool for dogs just before their training time. It keeps the dog gainfully engaged and happy; also, it helps to combat boredom during his lonely times.

  • Reduces anxiety with summertime flavors
  • Long-lasting dog chew toy
  • The spotted body has a soothing effect on the dogs
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2. SPOT Bungee Plush Animal Toy

Spot Bungee Skinneeez Stuffingless Plush Animal Toy For Dogs Interactive Dog Toys Raccoon Ex

Get the original and best stuffing less dog toy with SPOT Bungee Plush Animal toy. It comes with an added bungee action feature that enhances playtime as the dog pulls on it. It’s completely safe and designed without stuffing, eliminating any incidence of choking hazards in Basenjis.

  • Has a squeaker inside, a good dog stimulant
  • Excellent dog toy
  • Long enough for owner and dog
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3. Multiple Swinging Large Plush Dog Toy

Multipet Swingin 22 Inch Large Plush Dog Toy With Extra Long Arms And Legs With Squeakers

Multiple Swinging Large Plush Dog Toy gives a loud squeak when the dog squeezes it. It creates a healthy distraction for the dog when left alone by their owners. It helps them to a good exercise when used to play chase and catch. It keeps them busy and happy, which aids in improving their brain capabilities.

  • It has an exclusive teddy bear design
  • Made with plush material of the highest quality
  • Extra-long arms and legs
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4. SodaPup Dog Toy

Can Toy Rubber Dog Chew Treat Dispenser

SodaPup Dog Toy is shaped like a coffee cup with openings for inputting dog food and treats. It serves as a feeding aid for slow eating dogs. It helps them stay active and engaged while also supplying them with their favorite treats. It is made of a natural rubber compound that is strong enough to endure the daily biting from dogs. It does present any choking hazard or skin irritation threats.

  • Dishwasher safe and secure to wash
  • Safe and non-toxic dog toy
  • Cannot be swallowed
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5. Dog Diggin Runway Pup Plush Dog Toy

Dog Diggin Designs Runway Pup Collection Unique Squeaky Plush Dog Toys – Haute Couture Purses & Ha

Dog Diggin Runway Pup Plush Dog Toy is perfect for Basenjis because they love to run and chase. The pooches would chase and fetch the toy until they are spent and satisfied. It keeps the dogs busy while the owner attends to bother issues. It helps them improve their brain capabilities.

  • Muzzle friendly and super soft toy for comfort
  • Classy and bold colors draw and the dog’s attention
  • Sizeable and lightweight fits all mouths and squeaks
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Dog Toys for Basenjis Buyers Guide

Factors such as size and material, among others, help to influence the dog owners’ choice of toys. This guide would help you make an informed choice and buy of dog toys for Basenjis

Level of Difficulty

There are different levels of difficulty, which is determined by the dog’s prior exposure to the use of toys. The lowest level is for the dogs that have never played with any gadget. This level has very simple and toys that are easy to play with.

The next level is for intermediate toy users that are those pets that have used toys for a while. The advanced level includes toys for dogs that have mastered the art of toy plays. Try and get toys that match the level of your basenji’s exposure to enhance the interaction between dog and toy.


The first factor that comes to mind when you think of the interaction of dogs with toys is the size. Basenjis are not vigorous chewers but tend to hold toys with their jaws. It’s of no use buying a toy that wouldn’t fit into the mouth of the dog because it’s too big. Getting a small toy might cause choking hazards for the dog. So, it’s best you know and understand the appropriate size of dog toy for your basenji.


The material the toy is made of contributes to its durability. No owner wants to get toys that won’t last, so it’s imperative to get toys with the best material. Rubber and plastics are the most common types of material for dog toys. While plastic is more durable than rubber, the latter demands a smaller price.

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