5 Best Dog Toys for Basset Hounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Dog toys are essential for basset hounds as they help to keep them happy and active. This activity is particularly helpful for basset hounds as they are likely to develop joint diseases when they are idle. Aside from that, dog toys for basset hounds can stimulate their minds and sharpen their instincts while defeating boredom.

A dog owner is even happier when a sad-looking basset hound is happy and playing with his toys. Moreover, who says you can’t play the fetch game within the house? Get them hound some dog toys for basset hounds and watch them kick and jump.

Best Dog Toys for Basset Hounds

Here are our dog toy for basset hounds reviews.

1. Nylabone Power Textured Ring Dog Chew Toy

Nylabone Power Chew Textured Ring, Large Durable Dog Chew Toy, Great For Aggressive Chewers

For basset hounds that are excellent chewers, a toy that would enhance its chewing abilities would be a great asset to it. Nylabone Power Textured Ring Dog Chew Toy combines all the basset hounds favorite taste in one toy. It’s a super chew dog toy that all ages of the basset hound would find entertaining.

  • Amazing flavor medley that is irresistible to basset hounds
  • Robust and would last for a long while
  • Ridges and nubs help the dental formation of basset hounds
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2. Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toy For Dogs Stimulating Interactive Dog Game For Dispensing T

Basset hounds are sniffers right from evolution and outward hound interactive puzzle toy only tends to sharpen this ability. They would feel a lot more comfortable sniffing out their game in a plush hide and seek environment. It’s a fantastic indoor dog toy that keeps the hound busy for hours trying to sniff out the hidden mice.

  • Hide and seek helps intuition and brain development
  • Boredom buster ensures the basset hounds are busy
  • Durable designed in so many shoes and sizes
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3. Dog Digging Runway Pup Plush Dog Toy

Dog Diggin Designs Runway Pup Collection Unique Squeaky Plush Dog Toys – Haute Couture Purses & H

Allow the basset hounds to exhaust their energy with this Dog Diggin Runway Pup plush Dog Toy. The dogs would toss and fetch the toy until they get tired. It also gives the owner some off duty time as the dog plays with the fetch game and is very attentive when tired and spent.

  • Muzzle friendly and super soft toy for comfort
  • Classy and bold colors draw and keep the dog’s attention
  • Sizeable and lightweight fits all mouths and squeaks
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4. PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mats for Dogs

Paw5 Wooly Snuffle Mat Feeding Mat For Dogs (12 X 18 ) Encourages Natural Foraging Skills Ea

Enhance the dog’s sniffing expertise with PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mats for Dogs. Basset hounds can’t stop sniffing, and this toy is a perfect coy to keep them engaged while doing other chores. It doesn’t help them sniff out food it also instills in them excellent foraging skills. And when they get exhausted, the mat is fluffy enough for the basset hounds belly.

  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Thick and soft blades of grass
  • Sturdy and well made, so it is very durable
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5. Kyjen Outward Hound Hegdgehogz Squeaky Dog Toy

Outward Hound Kyjen Hedgehogz Squeak Toy For Dogs

Let the hound fish out the hedgehogs with its excellent sniffing ability. Basset hounds love for hunting can get merrier with this Kyjen Outward Hound Hedgehogz Squeaky Dog Toy. Squeaky sound will only incite more enthusiasm in the hound, making the hunting process more fun and exciting.

  • Cuddly and round, basset hounds love to snuggle up to soft objects at sleep time
  • Great interactive toy keeps the hound spellbound
  • Fluffy and doesn’t cause choking hazards
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Dog Toys for Basset Hounds Buyer’s Guide

Check out factors you should consider when buying a dog toy for your basset hound.


Basset hounds don’t enjoy playing with toys way more prominent than their jaw, as this would prove difficult to control. So before going to buy a dog toy for basset hounds, consider the size of the dog and get a suitable toy for them.

Furthermore, toys that are too small for them can also be a source of danger as they could choke on it when trying to swallow them. Get to know the measurement of the dog’s jaw before buying a dog toy for basset hound to get a suitable size.


Basset hounds may try to chew roughly on their toys when playing with them. Some of these toys that are of low quality may present a choking hazard for the dog if it damages during playtime. That’s why its pertinent to get them the best variety of dog toys for basset hounds that can endure through their rough bites.

Stage of Life

Consider the basset hounds stage of life when getting them a toy. Those at the puppy stage might be going through teeth development and would need something to enhance the process. Getting them robust chew toys would help strengthen their jaws. Moreover, basset hound puppies are very active and would need a toy to help them spend much of the energy.

Basset hounds are more attentive when tired. So getting a dog toy thrown around would tire them while helping to sharpen their intuitive and discovery prowess.

Playing Style

It’s already known that basset hounds are chewing dogs, so the best toys to get them to chew toys. This also helps their feeding habits as some interactive toys help to get them acquainted with the feeding process.

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